Friday, 13 October 2017

Life Lately...

Well, I always seem to be inspired to write when I am overtired and a little bit grumpy. Should I apologise to you now or at the end of this post? Maybe just a warning; This post will not be inspiring but this is our reality. ALL TIRED MUMS UNITE! (Can we make up a hand pose for that?)

So tonight; after I'd got home from work, picked up the kids from their grandmas, gone to the shops to pick up food for dinner, and then cooked us the yummy Mexican feast for dinner (with kids attached) that my lovely husband had requested that morning, he waltz's in with cheer from his new job, celebrating the end of the work week with a box of Dan Murphy's delights to make Margaritas, to go with the Mexican fiesta that I had created. Wouldn't that be a nice gesture if I could actually have a drink right??? But no, I can't drink, because I'm pregnant with our fourth child so yes, it's a Mexican fiesta, party for one. In the hormonal, overtired state that I'm in, after the exhausting, stupidly busy week I've had, I'm pissed off! I can't help it. I can't sit there happily and talk about life while he's enjoying that margarita, that I would actually love to have a glass (or 2, or 3, or 4) of! So we eat dinner, I clean up, kids go to bed, he parties on and I take myself to bed with a block of chocolate and the bachelorette to catch up on, on my lap top. YAY FOR FRIDAY! Life is awesome right???

Perfect opportunity to write a blog post yes?

Hahaha it's safe to say a lot has gone on in the past few months. Yes, we are having another baby next year which will be an interesting feat. I've just hit the half way mark this week and I'm tired... I know I should be excited, I always liked the idea of 4 kids, but it's hard to be really excited when it's also so overwhelming. I know it will be wonderful, it will be hard, but it will be great so I'm holding onto that thought, through the exhaustion, up and down ongoing morning sickness and the scary thought of the amount of washing I'm going to have to deal with when they are all teenagers. It's going be wonderful!

I'm not sure if I've mentioned before that I have a teaching degree is Dance and PDHPE; anyway, I've made some nice connections and have a job until the end of this year teaching PE and Health. It's really great and I'm loving the time at High School. It's nice to step out of the mum shoes every now and again. But it's also a major juggle; organising 3 kids into 3 different places every day,  it's crazy but we're surviving. I seriously take my hat off to all of you amazing working Mumma's! 

My husband also has a job here! I mean, he always works hard but after 2 years of working away, he has just scored a job in an area he is really passionate about and is 2 weeks in. It's really exciting for our family that he gets to come home every night. The kids are really stoked!

We renovated the kitchen and added a deck. FUN FUN FUN! Hmmmm not really that fun while we were doing it, renovating is crap but once it's done, it is so lovely. Kind of like child birth; it sucks while your going through it but when it's done, you really have created something beautiful! ;) 
I'll share some pictures with you over on Instagram. Our deck is so amazing, I just love it! And the kitchen, so bright, white and fresh now. We still have some painting, new carpet and some light fittings to update but it's all a work in progress. Give me another 2 years or so for that...

We have been here for 2 years! 2 years on the far south coast, far away from the traffic and noise. I am really loving it in this area. I never appreciated it as much as a teenager but coming back with kids it is lovely. I honestly feel so at peace living here and knowing everything we want to do here is so easy. Having little kids is a constant juggle and being in a place that feels nice and seems to simplify that craziness is really lovely. Going places and doing things just seems so much easier and less stressful and the sense of community that goes with it is amazing. I have no idea where the future will take us but for now, I am super happy just right here. 

We've started making a few of really good friends but it is hard when you've been away for so long and never kept very good connections. People have built good friendships over the years and we are kind of stepping into already well bound territory. I'm definitely meeting a lot of great people, and bumping into them a lot but we still don't get invited to a lot of stuff. It all takes time though and I'll keep getting out there and building the relationships that are forming. One of the best things I did do when we first moved here was have Mabel and go to her mothers group, new babies are definitely great ways to make new connections and this bunch of mums is pretty awesome. ;) 

One thing I'm really noticing in life lately is that having kids is busy, like uncomfortably busy. Busy is not that fun. It's fun to do fun stuff but running around to ballet, school, preschool, swimming, soccer, nippers, blah blah blah, isn't fun stuff. I love my kids so I will keep up the mothering but I'm going to try to keep the chaos to minimal where I can. Wish me luck???

Oh well, the days are long but the years fly past. We keep on going and we do the best job that we can. It's ime for an early night. 

How are you surviving these days of motherhood??? Would love to hear from you. 

Chat soon, Cass x

Monday, 26 June 2017

My favourite Motherhood moment.

Sponsored by Curash Babycare and Kids Business

Being a mum is beautiful, fun, exciting, and full of love, mixed with lots of hard work, organising, cleaning, and craziness. You could call it a rollercoaster of emotions on a daily basis.
We have been trialling some of the new and not so new products from Curash Babycare and they have asked me to share with you all, my favourite motherhood moment. To be raw and honest, when I really sit and think about motherhood, my mind goes into a bit of a muddle. Do I really enjoy it? My automatic and truthful answer to that is of course I do, I absolutely love it. But then why can’t I think of a favourite moment? It’s like I have a million good and bad moments streaming into what I would call chaos. Being a mum is living in a life of chaos but loving it anyway. It’s feeling guilty when your daughter is upset that you can’t come into reading at school this week as you are working, it’s getting excited when your 4 year old son actually wants to unpack the dishwasher for you. It’s how proud you are when your baby takes it’s very first steps. It is so many moments of every emotion jam packed into a life of trying your best to bring up little people the best way you possibly can, while wishing and hoping that you are doing it the “right” way.

There are so many amazing moments; like when your 6 year old big school kid sits in assembly so straight and you can see her little face as she prays that her name is called out for an award and then when one day it does and the joy and pride beams from her face. It's priceless and so exciting to see your kids having fun and achieving, but not only that. It's just such a great feeling when you see how proud of themselves they are. 

So I think my favourite motherhood moment can’t be timed or dated so isn’t a moment in time but I believe my favourite part of motherhood is the feelings of joy that we experience on a regular basis and the pride we have for our children daily. I love that part of being a mum, the other stuff; like the chaos and feelings of doubt, they all get drowned out when those feelings of joy and pride shine through. It's just so great being a mum and it's so special having those little people look to us for all the love in the world and we want to give it to them. There is nothing like it!!!  
Curash is also supporting mums (and dads) with a range of products to help with other motherhood moments! My favourite product of theirs are the wipes is the Simply Water Baby Wipes made with 99% water. They are at a great affordable price point. I love that they are bringing a gentle product at such an affordable price and so accessible in our leading local stores. My kids have super sensitive skin and we've never had a problem with curash products. They have been great.  

I highly recommend checking the Curash range products out. 

Curash Babycare offers a complete range of products to care for baby's skin from top to bottom. Curash have been providing expert skincare for over 35 years. Using local expertise and in consultation with Australian mums, Curash has continued to develop the range from nappy rash treatments to shampoo, soap free bath washes, baby wipes and more. 

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

GIVEAWAY : WIN TICKETS TO Disney On Ice presents Frozen


Disney On Ice presents Frozen in Australia 2 June 17 July 2017

Australian audiences will be transported to the serene and beautiful ice kingdom of Arendelle this June and July, when Disney On Ice presents Frozen tours the country. Featuring the full story of the Academy Award®-winning film, Frozen, the live ice show is the largest and most complex production ever to be staged here by Feld Entertainment, the creators of Disney On Ice.

Disney On Ice presents Frozen will commence its national tour in Perth on 2 June 2017 and travel to seven cities, transforming each of the large arenas including Hisense Arena in Melbourne, Qudos Bank Arena in Sydney and the Brisbane Entertainment Centre - into stunning winter wonderlands.
More than 300,000 Australians will be delighted by the ice skating performances of 39 world class skaters, dazzling special effects and breathtaking costumes - including Elsa’s Ice Queen Dress made from hand painted silk chiffon by world class costume designer, Parson-Meares in New York. Over 100 costumes and 650 accessories will adorn the skaters, created by a Costume Director, Dawna Oak and her creative team of 100 designers. 

As the season wows audiences across Australia, the ‘ice floor’ will be transported with the support of 16 trucks and 20 staff and crew. In each city, 20 snow machines will create the magical ice kingdom, and hundreds of lights and speakers will be erected, including a new spotlight tracking system which will be used for the first time in a Disney On Ice show.

Disney On Ice presents Frozen will enchant audiences with the beloved story of Frozen, and feature Anna, Elsa and the adorable Olaf, as well as introduce new characters, Grand Pabbie and the Trolls and the Marshmallow.

GIVEAWAY: WE ARE SUPER EXCITED TO HAVE a FAMILY PASS (4 tickets) to Disney On Ice Presents Frozen SYDNEY SHOW; 7pm Wednesday 12th June 2017. To enter, simply fill out the question in the raffle copter app. Full t&c's below. Good luck! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

OUT AND ABOUT: 2017 Kids Business Bloggers Brunch

Last week i had the pleasure of travelling up to the City to attend the Kids Business Bloggers brunch. I absolutely love this event and have attended for a while now. It is the best way for bloggers to get together and be surrounded by some amazing brands.
The brands that attended this particular event were; Caruso’s Natural Health, Curash Baby Care, Sun bites, ATO, Sakata, Medela, Lowan whole foods, Slender, Luv-a-Duck and SEBO.

My Favourite brand at the event was Caruso’s Natural Health. This as the first time I had been introduced to this brand but the nutritionists, natrurpaths and owner of the company had such a passion for natural health and shared endless tips on how we can all boost our immune systems naturally. I loved chatting with the owner, you could see that he has such a fire in his belly when it comes to helping others. I am looking forward to learning more about this brand and its products in the near future.

The highlight on my day was visiting the SEBO Vacum stall. I loved being able to try the SEBO Vaccumm’s at the event and the brand ran a super fun competition on the day and I won the SEBO FELIX vacuum valued at $1200. It was so exciting! I have been giving the vacuum a work out ever since at home and it is so good, It picks up all mess so easily and it’s so neat to store.

I love Kids Business and all they do; the way they connect brands with Mums and Bloggers is brilliant and they do it in such a fun way. I would highly recommend brands to be part of this event. It is such a great way to connect and build relationships ongoing with bloggers. There is also so much social media being used on the day, brands get great exposure.

And for Mummy Bloggers like myself, this is a must attend date on the calendar; we can really connect face to face with each brand and learn more about a product or service and how it can benefit our readers. This is the best way to form a relationship with a brand, and in turn, create some great content for our readers.

I’ve included some pictures from the day, we were fed a delicious lunch, endless nibbles being passed around and great chats between friends. It was such a nice opportunity to catch up with some friends I have met throughout my blogging journey. See you there next year!

Kids Business Communications connects brands with mums via PR and marketing to mum initiatives. Kids Business Communications hosts the Bloggers BrunchTM live, vibrant, interactive events where bloggers and brands meet and mingle. For more information

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Beating Winter Bugs with Hivita


It’s that time of year again and our waters have already been tested on the 'gross kids bugs' department. Over Miss Mabel’s first Birthday, the 3 year old brought home a not so friendly bug from preschool, right in time for school holidays. It was probably one of the most stressful times in my parenting career. It was THAT bad and it spreads like wild fire. I was screaming and going crazy on a daily basis; with don’t touch that, don’t bring that toy out, etc, etc, you get the idea.

What it did do though, was give me a big fat wake up call on how relaxed I have become on the nutrition front. Having 3 kids has thrown a whole new sense of busy into the works, from big school to preschool to baby-ville. I feel like I’m on a roller coaster ride getting from one place to the next. I’m finding myself rushing through everything and I haven’t been spending the time cooking like I had in the past. The kids eat simple, healthy food but it's hard to pack all the nutrition they need in. And having a bit of sickness in the house, has given me that boost to really focus on boosting all the kids immune systems before we are fully fledged with all the winter preschool bugs out there. We have started with a kids multivitamin and a morning super smoothie.

The multivitamin we have been trialling is Hivita Liquivita for Kids. I really like the Hivita brand, the creators of Hivita have been at the forefront of the complementary medicine industry for over 25 years, with extensive experience formulating most of Australia’s highest profile vitamin brands including Swisse and Blackmores. Now the team is bringing their passionate expertise and innovative thinking to Hivita.

Hivita is dedicated to helping every family get the most out of life by improving their wellness and vitality every day.
Their premium, Australian made products are based on the highest possible standards, the finest quality ingredients, the most stringent research and scientific evidence.
This uncompromising approach to everything Hivita does, means you can have absolute confidence that, with Hivita, you are using the best possible supplements for your family’s everyday wellbeing. Hivita may not be the biggest vitamin brand, but it’s quite possibly the best.

Like myself, many parents use multivitamins to help fill nutritional gaps in their child’s diet. But just when you think your doing the right thing, you'll be surprised by how much sugar is going into your kids in the form of a health care product. I was really surprised at these stats myself! Vitamin Gummies are incredibly popular, yet ultimately they are a poor compromise.

Did you know: One market-leading gummie contains one gram of sugar. A typical pack of 120 gummies contains 120 grams, or 30 teaspoons, of sugar. That's without mentioning the artificial ingredients and flavours... Plus where's the room to pack in the good stuff?

NB: You won’t find the sugar level featured on the packaging as, unlike food products, sugar isn’t an active ingredient so there is no requirement for sugar levels to be listed on the label of supplements. There is also no requirement to state where the product is made. Crazy!

Hivita Liquivita for Kids – a better choice

Hivita Liquivita for Kids is a complete multivitamin for kids. It is been formulated with 30 active ingredients (vitamins, minerals, amino acids and herbs) to help fill nutritional gaps and support healthy growth and development and immune function. It has a natural pineapple and mango flavour and absolutely no artificial colours or flavours. It also has no added glucose or sucrose which helps parents like myself manage their child’s daily sugar intake and ultimately make a better choice for their health and vitality.

I totally understand that life isn’t perfect. But when it comes to giving my little people the best vitamin range, I’m really happy with Hivita and the kids love it!

So BE GONE WINTER CHILDHOOD BUGS!!! We are staying strong this winter and beyond. I’m recommitting to boosting my kids immune systems naturally.

I’m super excited to let you know that the amazing people at HIVITA are giving  a hot exclusive Live It Do It  reader offer: Save 50% with code LIVEKIDS when buying online at  until 30th September 2017! 


Hivita Liquivita for Kids is available in all good chemists and health food stores and is also available to buy online (free shipping for all orders over $60.00)

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

REAL MUM REVIEW: Menorca Sandals

I'm super excited for share these beautiful shoes with you. I have had them on my girls for the past couple of months and my 6 year old tells me that they are the best shoes she’s ever worn! She loves the style and loves how soft the leather is. They are just gorgeous shoes on little feet and I can’t wait to get a pair for myself. 

I originally found these shoes on instagram. They were launched into Australia by a fabulous mum of 2; Silvia. She had a passion for great leather shoes, because good shoes are very important but especially so on those first years of their life.
Silvia had been wearing menorca sandals since she was a baby and she wanted her kids to wear them too. They are 100% leather, handmade, supportive, lightweight, comfortable and they look so cool.
After many years thinking about it, Silvia opened the online shop. She doesn’t believe good sandals need to cost the earth, so she is keeping the prices as low as she can so you can enjoy them. 

Menorca sandals are handmade in Spain, using cow leather throughout the whole shoe (upper and bottom, as well as ankle straps). They are made with the softest leather so you (or little ones) can use them straight away without any need to 'wear them in' - you will see no blisters or skin rubs. Silvia has tried and tested this thoroughly on her own kids.
They are supportive, and have light flexible yet very durable soles. Your kids will outgrow them before the sandals look too worn, as these sandals age really well and it's practically impossible to wear the soles out.

Each pair of sandals arrives wrapped up in the Menorca Sandals tissue paper, packed in their own little box and sealed with the "warranty of quality" straight from Menorca. It’s really beautiful and you can tell so much love goes into them. 

We LOVE these shoes and we highly recommend getting your little feet a pair. My Princess Pia tells me they are great for playing, jumping, running, going out for dinner, going to parties and just having loads of fun! 
I think that sounds pretty perfect to me. 

You can see the full range at . Let me know what you think too. Silvia has given us all a discount code; hooray! Just use LIVEITDOIT at check out to receive 10% off and FREE SHIPPING! 

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

3 Power-Packed Nut-Free Bliss Balls Recipes

This article was first seen on Mumtastic Australia 

Big School and preschool are well and truly back in action and my brain has been going wild with what will we put in her little lunch box every day. With the fear of my child wanting all the "packets" in her lunch box, we want to try to stay health-focused and fill her lunch box with mainly whole food, homemade goodies.

Every mother's dream right?

 A great, go-to snack that we’ve always loved in our house are bliss balls, or as my son calls them, “treaty balls”. You can pack them full of goodness and wrap them up in a little ball that tastes like a real treat. I have created three very simple nut-free bliss balls recipes for you to pack into the school lunch box.
Each recipe only needs a few ingredients, takes less than 15 mins to prepare and they are super-fun to make with your kids. When our children help in the kitchen with cooking and creating, they are more inclined to eat and enjoy their food. So give these a go; healthy balls that are portable, yummy, nutritious and importantly, school-approved!
  3 Power-packed nut-free bliss balls - APRICOT BALLS

Apricot and Coconut Balls

Prep time: 15 minutes Cook time: n/a Servings: 12 balls

  • dried apricots: 1.5 cups
  • dried coconut flakes: 1 cup
  • sunflower seeds: 1/2 cup
  • desiccated coconut for rolling

Step 1: Place all ingredients into a good quality food processor and process until mixture is broken down and sticking together well.

Step 2: Using 1 teaspoon portions, roll into balls.

Step 3: Roll each ball through the desiccated coconut and allow to set in the fridge. Enjoy 1 or 2 as a snack. Perfect for school lunch boxes.
  3 Power-packed nut-free bliss balls- CHOC BALLS

Choc Sesame Balls

Prep time: 15 minutes Cook time: n/a Servings: 12 balls

  • dried pitted dates: 1 1/2 cups
  • cocoa powder: 1/3 cup
  • sesame seeds: 1/2 cup
  • sunflower seeds: 1/2 cup
  • tahini: 2 tablespoons
  • pinch sea salt
  • more sesame seeds for rolling

Step 1: Place all ingredients into your food processor and process until all ingredients are chopped finely and mixture resembles a dough.

Step 2: Using teaspoon sized portions, roll into balls and place into fridge to set. Enjoy as a school lunch box power packed treat.
  3 Power-packed nut-free bliss balls - coconut balls

Coconut Bounty Balls

Prep time: 15 minutes Cook time: n/a Servings: 12 balls


  • dried coconut flakes: 3 cups
  • pitted medjool dates: 6
  • raw honey: 2 tablespoons


Step 1: Place all ingredient into the food processor and whizz until mixture starts sticking together well.

Step 2: Using teaspoon size portions, roll into balls. Place into fridge to set. A great addition to any lunch box.
  Nut-free bliss balls

Let me know what other fun and healthy school lunch box ideas you may have in the comments below.

 Cass x
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