Tuesday, 22 May 2012

GIVEAWAY - ENJO Face Mini Fibre

Rachel Kernaghan runs a small business from home helping people to detox their homes and reduce their chemical load. She has been very generous in offering our subscribers a FREE ENJO Face Mini Fibre valued at $15 if you book a personal consultation to try out ENJO microfibres in your home. You will learn tips to reduce the amount of chemicals you are exposing to your families too as well as reduce the time and money spent on cleaning leaving more to spend with your families!!! Sounds like a win to me!

FREE ENJO Face Mini Fibre:

Removes grease and make-up residue, cleans pores and stimulates blood circulation and supply to epidermis for a clear complexion.
Can be used with or without soaps/cleansers – the fibre alone is ideal for those whose skin is irritated by soap/cleansers

Bookings must be made before the 31st May, 2012.

CONTACT RACHEL for more details; 

Rachel Kernaghan
Your Local ENJO Consultant - 250592
Mobile: 0415 709 475

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