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Make up is now known to be a total cocktail of chemicals for the body to absorb. It is something that is meant to make you look beautiful but if you are using a chemical based brand then you will be doing detrimental damage to your skin and to your body. Click here to find out more. In saying this, make up has been a hard switch for me to make... Having dry, sensitive skin and freckles I like to wear a heavy foundation with a thick coverage. While slowly attempting to make the switch to the natural side I was sent a bundle of Zuii Certified Organic Makeup. All the natural make up that you hear about  on the market at the moment is mineral and I didn't realise that there was anything else, especially such a thing as a make up that was made out of flower petals. Doesn't that just make you feel beautiful already? I was excited.

So the run down:

“Zuii Certified Organics has embraced the essence of nature with a unique blend of Certified Organic Flora powders and ingredients to nurture protect and improve the health of your skin and the earth. Zuii’s timeless and evolving color palette is created with the benefits of certified organic floral ingredients, essential oils, vitamins and minerals to allow you to create any look you desire without the use of chemicals. Not tested on animals, No petrochemicals, No parabens, No talc, No GM ingredients is the Zuii commitment to Love of Nature and Organics.” –zuii website

My experience -

  •  - This was a bit light in skin tone colour for me so I gave it to my sister, Asha, as she has fairer skin. She loves it. It has become a staple in her morning make up routine. She says it smells amazing and it is nice because its light weight. It a great foundation for someone wanting a natural look without heavy coverage. 
  •  - The dry skin dilema. I tried wearing this powder for a few days but unfortunately due to having such dry skin; powder sits too heavy on my skin and I look a bit light a powder puff although my sister has a more oily complexion and it looks fantastic on her. It has great coverage and you can layer it on the more coverage that you want. I also had a few other older women try this and they absolutely loved it, great coverage and long lasting.
  •  - I love this blush! I have actually never been a blush girl as I have quite rosy cheeks any way, but this blush is great. I tried the colour peach and its got more of a bronzing tone rather than a pink which I love. I am using this most days now, I even use it lightly all over my face as a bronzer too.
  •  - YAY! Zuii have the most amazing range of colours! They call themselves the MAC of the natural make up world and with these eyeshadows they definitely step up to the mark. They are long lasting and very deap in colour. This is because they are natural colours they are concentrated which makes them alot deaper and sharper. They are so easy to apply and last all day. I have been using the black diamond colour on the outside crease on my eye lids to highlight my eyes and I love it. I am looking forward to purchasing some more colours soon to add to my collection!
  •  - I honestly had reserves when it comes to mascara and being natural. I always thought how could it work? How could much colour be highlighted, etc. Well don't be fooled with this one... IT IS WOW! The first time I put it on it went on so well, so dark and pumps the eyelashes up like I couldn't believe. I actually think it looks better than the chemical filled long lasting eyelash pumping mascaras that are on the market. I was truly surprised and I am definitely a convert! 
  •  - This lip tint is perfect for everyday gloss. It has a light tint and a fab glow. Remember when you are wearing anything on your lips; you are eating it as you breath, eat and talk so don't use anything with chemicals. 
  •  - I am just beginning to become a lipstick girl and I have been wearing the Zuii organics shear peach shade. It is devine. Lipstick makes you feel absolutely glamorous and this one is worth a try! It goes on very smooth and has a beautiful shimmer! I love it!

I have had a great experience using Zuii organic cosmetics. They have been amazing for everyday wear as well as glamming up for an event. I have had a lot of events to attend lately and the Zuii organics eyeshadow, mascara and lipstick have been my side kicks. Everything thing that you put on your skin is absorbed just like if you would have eaten it so its worth being kind to it and only using the most natural products. 

Try Zuii organics - Wear flowers on your face!

Cass xo


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