Tuesday, 31 July 2012


AMAZONIA RAW FOOD BARS! These super yummy bars are new to the Amazonia range and they are full of goodness. Each bar contains 6 grams of premium grade freeze dried Açaí berries. They are 100% natural made from whole food, gluten free, vegan, Omega 3,6,9, antioxidant rich, and Tastes awesome! I would defnitely recommend these as a great superfood snack. Head over to our facebook page for a chance to win some of these great bars this week. Be sure to check out the ACAI Amazonia website as they have an awesome product range.
The cocoCUT... Seriously the best piece of kitchen equipment. I love it. It is the safest way to open a coconut and its so easy to use. Its like a round saw. No strength needed, just saws down the coconut skin and opens it to make a perfectly round whole for yummy drinking and easy eating. Its awesome. You can grab yourself one by clicking here.
EAT FIT FOOD = YUMMO! This is REAL FOOD delivered straight to your door in both Sydney & Melbourne and I'm talking healthy, delicious, fresh, gourmet meals ready to eat. Nearly to no preparation required. Eat fit food are based in Bondi and they are dedicated to providing nutrition boosting food that iseasy accessable. They offer cleansing, weight loss and healthy eating programs and they do the work for you. It is totally effortless and have I mentioned delicious??? Each meal is individually packaged for your convenience, snacks and vege juices. All meals are dairy, wheat, gluten and refined sugar free. The perfect meals for busy mums and people on the go. Definitely worth checking out! Click here to the visit Eat Fit Food website.
My new found love; Dandelion rice milk latte = YUM! Dandelion tea is the best coffee substitute. Its tastes awesome, its cleansing and great liver support. I have been 3 months off coffee and am absolutely loving this stuff. I usually drink it just like tea with a dash of rice milk but brewing it just like a latte in the coffee machine is the perfect treat. You can get dandlion root tea at your local health food shop. TRY IT!
This is any MUM's must have! It is a children food bible. The first half of the book is full of information on wholefoods and feeding your growing devloping children and the second half is filled with nourishing recipes. I erge every parent to have this book on hand.


Cass xo


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