Wednesday, 25 July 2012


WOW! What an awesome weekend of delious-ness. mixed with beautiful-ness mixed with some amazingly. inspiring people! I absolutely love going to courses like this! It is a place where so many like-minded people team up for some great learning, the energy is truly beautiful. Raw foodies Georgia from Stirring Change and Omid, the founder of Botanical cuisine himself  joined forces to bring 16 of us sydney-siders a jam packed 3 days of raw food awesomeness - The botanical way course! I had such a great time and learnt so much, I cant wait to share with you guys. Here are a few great pics and creations from the weekend that was... Dont drool too much!

Getting serious - Lots of chopping!

Our first task; juliening veges.

Raw apple bread... so so so good!

Dehydrated heirloom tomatoes = so yummy!

Botanical Cuisine Chef Omid Jaffari plating up our afternoon tea - raw vegan apple bread with chocolate ganache = DELICIOUS!

Raw pea, Fennel , mint Soup at botanical Way Course = yum!

Rustic Putanesca with Truffle oil = arrrrrrh!!! Delicious!

Cream Cheese, Heirloon Cherry tomatoes and Shaved Fennel Tart = can u believe this is Raw??? Amazing!

Strawberry cashew crumble with licorice ice cream! Yes it's raw vegan goodness!

Yes you have a real botanical chef in the making here... this is my groups creation for the masterchef challenge.

Heirloom Carrots and Liquorice French Vanilla Mousse = interesting.

Raw Black Forest Cake at Botanical Way Course with Omid Jaffari = WOW!


Cass xox

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