Saturday, 28 July 2012

OUR NEW LOOK... Do you love it???

 Hope you are all having a lovely weekend! Miss P is having her nap and the REAL food chef is in the kitchen creating some delicious-ness so I have a minute to enjoy my dandelion tea and thought I would give you the low down on our new look.
I had the opportunity of meeting Mandie from Tenfive designs a couple of months ago over at the Northern Beaches Mumpreneurs facebook group. Firstly; I love working with mums in the local area. Its great to support each other. When I checked out her website I fell in love with her design work in her portfolio. I slowly got my act together and then a few weeks ago I got in touch with her to help me create something AMAZING... and that she did = Our new look!
I have to admit, going into this I was pretty nervous as to what would come out at the end as I have worked with a couple of graphic designers before for prints and it was a disaster. They never usually understand what I have in my head and its always a total disappointment. I always have a pretty clear picture of what I don't want in my head but never exactly what I do want. So my fingers and toes were crossed that Mandie and I would understand each other and have a great end product. And I am so unbelievably happy with the end product. Mandie was so amazing to work with; so so so easy.  I would definitely recommend tenfive designs. She took everything from the brief and we worked so well together to create something I love! Something thats out there, full of life, adventure and fun!

Choose life, live it, do it is all about choosing to live the life you love and achieving your dreams through conscious lifestyle choices. Its all about setting goals and making them happen. I have an amazing life and thats because I choose to live it and do it! I have so many exciting new projects to come including guilt-free cooking workshops, raw food workshops, and a top secret project I am hoping to have done by the end of the year (maybe a book, but don't tell anyone) so keep posted and in the mean time if you want to come coach with me just send me an email. Your only a click away from being AMAZING!

So what do you think? Do you love it?


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