Saturday, 28 July 2012


Calling out to all the lovely Ladies on the Northern Beaches! We have an awesome event coming up. On my fun filled journey of becoming all natural I thought my blonde hair would be coming to an end and then... I was at the farmers market and stumbled across the most amazingly passionate organic hair dresser that is just up the road. YAY! Rosanna owns and managers Organic Salon Dimensions in Terry Hills. Its a lovely little salon that is totally chemical free. My hair is quite light anyway but there is nothing like a few highlights to brighten your look huh? I have been in many salons where my scalp has been burnt, I have had to close my eyes because the fumes are so harsh that they were burning my eyes. And the worst thing was that my hair was breaking off at the root and leaving a nice little afro on the top of my head, not a good look. I was still a bit sceptical when I walked into the salon for the first time a few weeks ago but when I sat down and Rosanna asked me to smell my colour/bleach I was in shock thinking; "Does she want to get me high?" So I went in slowing for a smell and WOW it smelt like aromatherapy oils, it was beautiful! Total shock, I could actually relax and get my done instead of holding onto my seat praying that my hair wont all break off. It was so nice and the hair dressers are all so lovely. I even got a toxic free pedicure while I was waiting for my colour to set, it was bliss.

Rosanna is so passionate about keeping us all glamourous without compromise. She has researched into every product and only wants to give people the best of the best. We can all still love our make up, love getting our nails done, love getting our hair coloured... We don't have to go all hippy, we just need to know what products to start with, so I have teamed with Rosanna to bring all you lovely ladies a night of fun, pampering and education. I really hope you can join us. Details below. I cant wait!


Do you want to make the switch to a chemical-free lifestyle while staying glamorous... without compromise?

Choose life, Live it, Do it and Organic Salon Dimensions have teamed together to bring you a fun and interactive info night including:

- Make up Demonstrations
- Informative talks about all Natural Skin care, Hair care, Hair Styles and Hair colours. earn what ingredients not to put on your skin. 

- The opportunity to try some beautiful all natural products on your precious skin.

- A talk from "The Image CEO Maria Cuci.

Tuesday, 28th August 2012

TIME: 7pm

Shop 6 / 19 Yulong Avenue
Terrey Hills NSW 2084


Please RSVP by 23rd August on the facebook event page or email to confirm your place.
If you cant make it, be sure to check out Organic Salon dimensions for your next salon visit. They have heaps to offer including Hair styling, make up, pamper parties, kiddy organic pamper parties. The list is endless.


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