Monday, 13 August 2012


Well, it has been all about cleansing in our house over the last few months and we have been feeling great. My trust side kick, Asha recently took on the Urban Remedy Healthy juice detox and this is what she thought...

I’ve done juice cleanses before and I’m not going to lie, they were torture. So when I signed up to a level 3 cleanse with Urban Remedy for 3 days, which was advertised as the most “hard core”, I was terrified. I had the image in my head of holding my nose whilst sculling litres and litres of green liquids. I was so wrong!
Sunday evening my package from Urban Remedy arrived, three very pretty cooler bags. Excitedly I rushed inside to open them up. Each bag consisted of a breaky smoothie, cyan water, 2x soups, a green juice, chocolate milk, as well as six straws and a freezer pack to keep them fresh.

Day 1:
 Current weight – 62kg
I took my first sip of my breakfast smoothie and my first thought was; ‘What have I gotten myself into?!’ The texture really turned me off. Then for morning tea was the cyan water. Honestly, I wasn’t a big fan of this drink and had to hold my nose to hide the flavour. Lunch time was amazing! The soup was definitely the most delicious soup I have ever tried and was really filling. I was quite surprised that so much soup could fit in one small bottle.  Afternoon tea was a green juice and really helped to boost my energy levels. For dinner I ate another delicious soup and for desert I was able to treat myself to a chocolate coconut milk!

Day 2:
I’m starting to get used to the texture of the breakfast smoothie and the cyan water is growing on me too. I have loads more energy than what I had yesterday and all I can think about is the yummy soups I have for lunch and dinner! The straws that conveniently came with all the drinks have been a lifesaver! It’s a brilliant idea! I’m able to whip out a drink or soup wherever I am!

Day 3:
Current weight - 61kg
I woke up this morning with a completely flat stomach and so much energy! I feel great! This morning I was actually looking forward to my breakfast smoothie and cyan water. I really enjoy them both now. I didn’t get hungry at all today; I think my stomach might have shrunk. I have really enjoyed the past three days and it has motivated me to want to go to the gym and eat healthy. I feel like I could have kept going with this cleanse for weeks. Urban cleanse, you are amazing! Best soups I have ever tasted and being able to treat myself each night with a choc milk, whilst still being healthy has been divine. 

I would definitely recommend this juice cleanse for anyone who is keen to clean up their diet and kick start their health onto a healthier path.
Click here to visit Urban Remedy's Website where you can read lots of great info on cleansing and all their programs they have on offer. 

About Asha:

Asha has so much passion to change the world! She has done endless research and is a true REAL food lover.  Asha is an expert in sugar free nutrition, Chemical free living and next year is planning to study Naturopathy and nutritional medicine at Endeavour College.

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