Monday, 17 September 2012

TOXIC FREE FIND: Adorn Mineral Foundation + a GIVEAWAY


Recently I have had the opportunity to try the fab Adorn Mineral Loose foundation. I was a little unsure as to whether I would like this foundation when I first received it and to be honest with you, I kept it to the side for a few days thinking it might not work on my dry skin. I have tried a fair few natural foundations lately and they are either too sheer (no coverage) or they are too powdery leaving me with the powder puff look. Either look, I am not a fan of so I have been a little hazy when it comes to natural foundations. Anyone with dry skin knows that powders don't always give a good look. In saying this, I did not want to give up completely to find the perfect natural foundation for me so I gave this one a go; Adorn Mineral Cosmetics Loose Foundation
What a shock I got when I put it on and it looked AMAZING! When using the specialised Vegan Kabuki Brush you can apply either a light , sheer look or keep adding for maximum coverage. NO POWDER PUFF LOOK! YAY! I am serious when I say it gives the most amazing glamourous moisturised sheen to the skin... Its beautiful!  It is only made from natural ingredients so it is good for your skin. It has a 15+ sunscreen and it is even known to cover pigmentation, scars, rosacea, bruising, blemishes, veins and even birth marks! 
I would highly recommend it to anyone that needs a bit of an up lift in their day or wants flawless coverage for the glamourous look for a night out dancing! 
Here is a bit of info about Adorn Cosmetics
"Adorn is 100% natural,TOXIC FREE, pure mineral and organic make-up suitable for women of any age, ethnicity or skin type. Our formulations are calming to the skin, making them ideal for women prone to sensitivities; and being fragrance-free, they are particularly compatible with delicate skin, giving a sheer, natural, flawless coverage. Adorn's eco-friendly and sustainable cosmetics are of the highest quality, celebrated by make-up artists, stylists, celebrities, dancers and models. Once Adorned you will never go back to using your old make-up again!" 
Go here to check out Adorn Mineral Cosmetics Great product range. 
Adorn Mineral Cosmetics has generously given me a fabulous Loose Foundation to gift to one CHOOSE LIFE, LIVE IT, DO IT reader. For your chance to win tell us in the comments below why toxic free foundation is important for your skin. Plus ‘like’ Adorn’s Facebook page leaving the following quote “I love that Adorn’s foundation is both Toxic Free and protects the health of my skin!.” 
The winner will be announced in next wednesday's newsletter, so make sure you’re on the list to find out if you’ve won.

Cass xo

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