Sunday, 9 September 2012

We had a fun night out at GLAMOUR... WITHOUT COMPROMISE

What a wonderful night we had Organic Salon Dimensions in Terrey hils! 
It was a great night full of informative talks, with lots to learn, lots of samples and lots of fun! We were all served beautiful Organic Bubbly from the lovely Owner of the Salon; Rosanna. There were make up demonstrations, mini facials, Massages and an inspiring talk from the fab holistic style Coach Maria, from "The Image CEO". It was lovely to get out with an awesome bunch of women with likeminded veiws and enjoy a night of pampering. 

All the lovely ladies walked away with Salon Discounts, 
Skincare Samples and a FREE Facial Voucher (I hade mine last week and I am telling you it was AMAZING!!! I would highly recommend treating yourself to one of these).

The ladies also received a gift bag from us, at Choose life, live it, do it with my favourite natural and organic products that I believe a woman cant live with out, including; the MUST-HAVE Fresca Natural Deodorant, T.O.M Organics Tampons and a Loving Earth Raw coconut mylk chocolate.

Below are a few photo's from the night; ENJOY!

The lovely Rosanna talking about reducing Chemical Load on our bodies.

Make Up Demo

Loving the Fresca Natural Deodorant

Loving the Fresca Natural Deodorant

Trying the great Juniper Skincare Range

Loving the Choose, life, live it do it Gift Bags

Asha from Coast Organic Tanning just had her make up done. GLAMOUROUS!

Holistic Stylist Maria from THE IMAGE CEO 

The Lovely Organic Salon Dimension Ladies

Rosanna loving the Fresca Natural Wild Lavender Deodorant

Loving the Choose, life, live it do it Gift Bags

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