Friday, 28 September 2012

What is an ADDITIVE?


Guest Post by Tanya Winfield - Additive Free Expert

What is an additive?

As a mother of three living in Australia I thought in this day and age we would be safe to consume foods here. WRONG!!!

There is a standard board known as Food Standard Australia & New Zealand (FSANZ), though I do not believe they have the health and wellbeing of our children at the top of their list. If this was true there would be NO harmful additives allowed within ANY Australian foods.

So what is an additive? Additives are known as colours, flavour enhancers, gelling agents, emulsifiers, stabilizers, sweetening agents, bulking agents, glazing agents, humectants, Flour treatments, anti caking agents, antioxidants, preservatives and more.

These are used to change the taste, colour, texture and use by dates.  You will find additives in any product food type. It is just learning what brands to buy that are made by manufacturers who care about their consumer and stand behind the products they sell. When I make a chocolate cake I certainly do not use 15 to 20 ingredients, like you will find in any standard supermarket bakery.

 Removing additives from your diet is easy to do.  Firstly you need to be angry, annoyed and fed up with what is really going on. Next you just need the tools, it is that simple! There are some super easy to use resources available on my website . It is about becoming supermarket savvy, knowing what to look for and READING the labels.

Look if I can do it you can do it!

All it takes is for you to say enough is enough and to no longer support the companies that provide an inferior product. SIMPLE really!

Tanya x

Tanya Winfield
Tanya is an expert in the field of addive free living and has been featured on Today Tonight, Women’s Health and Wellbeing magazine and Woman’s Day.
Tanya is inspiring change throughout Australia. Having a child with asthma movated Tanya to look at what type of foods were going into her young son’s body. Shocked at the number of chemicals added to the food he was consuming, Tanya cleaned her pantry out and never looked back. 
Tanya believes everyone can choose to eat addive free foods, you just need to know how, why and where to start.

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