Tuesday, 2 October 2012

10 Tips for Living Additive Free!

Guest Post by Tanya Winfield - Additive Free Expert

Practical Tips
10 Tips for Living Additive Free!
1. Shop regularly
Whether you shop weekly or fortnightly it helps to have your pantry stocked with all of the foods that you know are a healthy choice for your family.
2. Get organised
Being organised with recipes, ideas and shopping makes for an easy life. Think ahead to meals and functions that you will be attending. Know what you are cooking and the ingredients needed to make the meal.
3. Be prepared
If you know you are going to be out all day, take some healthy options for your family. Think ahead to the kind of foods available to you at your destination and if you are not sure of the quality, then take your own. I always take food or snacks for my kids where ever we go…then there is no excuse to buy foods that may create little monsters for the rest of the day.
4. Have a meal in the freezer
There is always a frozen dinner in my freezer for days where I have no desire or time to cook. These meals are something that I have cooked and had leftover or made just for the purpose of freezing for a later date. This can make life a lot easier when you have had an extremely hectic day with errands, work and after school activities.
5. Talk to your children
Have an open conversation with your children about why you have chosen to feed them food without nasty additives. At the time I sat down my then 6 year old to explain why he would no longer eat Cheerios for breakfast. He was sad for a bit, but understood that I wanted to protect him from the additives that can cause him to have an asthma attack. My children know that I do what I do because I want them to be as healthy as they can be and to understand that knowledge is power. You can only do better if you know better.
6. Teach your family
Teach your family to read the labels on food items. Help them understand what to look for when reading a label. Reading the ingredient listing is key. Printing “No Added Colours and Flavours” on the front of a label does not make it a product free of preservatives or free of nasty “natural” colours and flavours.
7. Know your products
Know the products that are safe to buy or to make your shopping experience a little easier why not purchase Additive-Free Pantry Shopping Guide. This guide was created to help make a grocery trip a little less painful. Additive Free Shopping Guide can be purchased via this website.
8. Stay focused
Stay focused; keep your eye on the prize…healthy children. Remember why you started an additive free diet. I started because I had a child with asthma, then I learnt so much more. The benefits defiantly outweigh the obstacles. To raise children that are calm, happy and healthy is so much more important to me than throwing my hands up and saying this is too hard. It is for the love of my children that I choose feed our family additive free foods.
9. Newsletters
Join up to websites that are like minded that have newsletters. Knowledge is power and there is so much to learn in life. When you are receiving information from businesses or companies that share
similar interests there is an unlimited amount of knowledge and resources at your fingertips.
10. Support
Gather your support from family and friends that are doing the same thing. Invite like minded people over for BBQ’s and dinner parties. Having friends and family that support your choices make for an easy transition. Most of all remember to be proud of yourself – only the committed will make such a change to their lifestyle.

Tanya x

Tanya Winfield
Tanya is an expert in the field of addive free living and has been featured on Today Tonight, Women’s Health and Wellbeing magazine and Woman’s Day.
Tanya is inspiring change throughout Australia. Having a child with asthma movated Tanya to look at what type of foods were going into her young son’s body. Shocked at the number of chemicals added to the food he was consuming, Tanya cleaned her pantry out and never looked back. 
Tanya believes everyone can choose to eat addive free foods, you just need to know how, why and where to start.

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