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Scary Food Additive you need to know about: MSG


Guest Post by Tanya Winfield - Additive Free Expert
MSG also known as flavour enhancer is found in thousands and thousands of products. Here is some information that will hopefully make to stop and read the ingredient listing when making your next purchase at the supermarket.

Additives that always contain MSG

Monosodium glutamate                   Calcium caseinate
Hydrolysed vegetable protein         Hydrolysed protein
Hydrolysed plant protein                  Autolyzed yeast
Plant protein extracts                       Sodium caseinate
Yeast extracts                                    Textured protein
Potassium Glutamate                           Hydrolysed oat flour
Hydrolysed (anything else)                                    

Additives that may frequently contain MSG

Malt extracts                                             Malt flavour
Bouillon                                                     Broth
Stock                                                         Flavouring
Natural flavouring                                    Seasoning
Natural beef or chicken flavouring        

The effects of consuming MSG are:

Asthma, hyperactivity, depression, mood changes, sleeplessness, nausea, migraine, linked to infertility, teratogen, convulsions and abdominal discomfort.

Since consumers are becoming aware of MSG, manufacturers are cleverly using other non-regulated ingredients. These ingredients allow manufacturers to still get the MSG effect on the flavour of their product, but these ingredients are still high in the excitotoxic processed free glutamate. One of the most popular ingredients used as a substitute for MSG is Hydrolysed Vegetable Protein.

Hydrolysed Vegetable Protein (HVP) is a concentrated form of natural MSG that is now often used by manufacturers instead of MSG as a way around consumer concern. Often, products with high amounts of HVP boldly market themselves as “MSG free” to attract consumers who are unaware that HVP contains high concentrations of glutamates & has the same effects as MSG.
HVP is made from junk vegetables selected for their high quantity of excitotoxcins (glutamate). The vegetables are boiled in a vat of sulphuric acid for several hours then the acid is neutralised with caustic soda. The brown sludge is scraped off the top & dried into a powder. The powder contains known carcinogens & dicarboxylic acid, the safety of which is unknown. MSG is often added to this powder. Finally, the powder is put in our food, including baby food, and we eat it.

Information sourced from Additive Alert by Julie Eady

Tanya x

Tanya Winfield
Tanya is an expert in the field of addive free living and has been featured on Today Tonight, Women’s Health and Wellbeing magazine and Woman’s Day.
Tanya is inspiring change throughout Australia. Having a child with asthma movated Tanya to look at what type of foods were going into her young son’s body. Shocked at the number of chemicals added to the food he was consuming, Tanya cleaned her pantry out and never looked back. 
Tanya believes everyone can choose to eat addive free foods, you just need to know how, why and where to start.

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