Tuesday, 1 January 2013


HAPPY 2013!!! It is the start of a fresh, vibrant, energetic, fun filled year! Whatever it is that makes you happy, manifest it for 2013!!! It's going to be AMAZING and I look forward to sharing it with you!!!! 

IT'S A NEW YEAR!!! I plan on recycling more, composting more and creating less waste!!! What are your plans to better yourself or the environment in the new year???

Cass x x x

And this one is for all the mums out there... HAHA! I think the 5 mins alone in the bathroom would be bliss!

And if your planning on detoxing your life this new year then make sure you take advantage of our boxing day sales!!! Ends this Saturday! Use coupon code: BOXINGDAYSALE at checkout to grab the big bargains! Enjoy!!! x x x x x x

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