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I am very excited to introduce you to Libby! I met Libby towards the end of last year at the CanToo Cancer Fundraising event where we were both major sponsors and absolutely fell in love with her work! Libby is a Northern beaches girl and her art is full of fun and shows such free spirit and colour it just makes you happy when you look at it! So read on and learn more about Libby Watkins art and where you can get your hands on some of her stuff! I am a very proud owner of a big Blue bottle that hangs in my lounge room and some surf board fins in our bedroom, they are just awesome! 

Q: Hi Libby. Tell us a bit about yourself and your company. How did it all start?
Since I was a young child I have carried an excessive amount of luggage around with me. Crayons, watercolours, paper, glue, scissors, for whatever little project I had on my mind even to my brother’s Saturday sporting comps. From here it was a natural evolution into creativity. A small space in the home for inspiration and creating has been in my life. From sewing, to drawing and painting, these things have been my rock, passion and, expression.
9 years in the fashion industry working with brands and conforming to an existing creative identity can be restrictive. A need to colour my world has kept me sane. Out of these skills and passions grew my brand and colour. Freelance fashion and textile design and creative consultancy is a strong element to my company as the commercial side of the business collaborating with brands purely in creative consultancy.
Start up in the home environment is always inspiring, but an enjoyable milestone is the first payment when I was younger. It was a commission artwork but very exciting as materials were now paid for and not another late night or extra shifts to pay for materials. This was the beginning of something very natural and rewarding for me.
I love sharing my artworks and enjoy the occasional “POP UP” market store to exhibit and show case artworks with people. These can be found in the Events section of my Facebook page.
I have started working with store fronts. Collections can only be found in Byron Bay’s Pompidou, a beautiful store on the corner of Lawson & Fletcher street.

Q: All your artwork is so upbeat and fresh, where do you get your inspiration?
Always inspired, playing with colour and spaces, and how these make you feel and respond. SO many things inspire and I am always on the hunt for adventure and inspiration, either sitting in a cafĂ© watching people go by, packing the car with essentials and just jetting off somewhere and when I don’t feel like that a day at the gallery or somewhere I have never been before re vitalises my mind.

Q: What’s your favourite piece of artwork you have created so far?
That is hard! I don’t have a favourite! I can look at artworks and laugh sometimes or appreciate and understand the moods or feelings I was in at various times I worked on artworks. I am a light hearted person and colourful, I like people to appreciate these elements of my art, and understand the balance between colour and the blank spaces I left untouched, and why I have done this. My art is delicate, created over time. Layering up colours working areas and the different mediums seeing how they react, I know how they will react, I have seen it before but I like to explore and show the naivety of colour colliding with one another.
I love artwork reminding us of human behaviour and reaction, excepting mistakes and the elegance of collision with recovery. I hope people feel my artworks and respond feeling refreshed enthused, inspired and uplifted, with their own opinion of what things may or may not be.

Q: Do you have any advice or inspiration to send out to any of our readers that are thinking about starting their own business or doing more of something they love???
No day is better than today to start!! If you have heard it before then by now you are living and breathing this mantra. If this is new to you, then make this the moment to start. Doing what you want and love is everything rewarding and more. Most importantly experiment with a work life balance, set daily goals and reward yourself, and have a business black out rule. Black outs are the best, you learn to shut down and shut off and refocus.
Flourishing in an supportive environment and surrounded by supporting family and friends makes all the difference to any person taking this step.

Q: What’s your favourite juice or smoothie?   
Coconut water is SOOO refreshing. I am a little obsessed with green teas,  So when I am in the studio working away I find a glass of fresh coconut water neutralises me to keep me going.

Q: Lastly, anything you want to share with us about your business?
Lastly I would like to share my new project with Live Life members and express my thanks in sharing and spreading the word about this project. I am calling for all supporters to help me launch my new project, in AID of Charity. “Paint for a cause”
Online art auction run monthly. You can participate by bidding online at this live auction on artwork with all proceeds going to this month’s Red Cross and the “Disaster across the nation relief”
Details and links are on my website and facebook page.
This is my own little way of reaching and helping, in my “Paint for a cause” project.
Please contact me if you have a charitable cause and would like to work with me within this 12 month project.
I can be contacted through my website. or on social media platforms; facebook & instagram @ Libby Watkins art.


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