Thursday, 28 March 2013

Blissful weekend in Bowral!

It's not often as a mum that you get a night away from home... Hell, its not often as a mum you get a full nights sleep AT home!!!

Last weekend was a weekend I will cherish for the next gosh-only-knows-how-long, it was a weekend with my "book club mums" at one of their beautiful farms down in Bowral. It was amazing! Not only was the location enough to make us all go "ohhhhhhhhh", but it was oh-so-quiet and we had time to be.

I met my "book club mums" through a pre-natal yoga friend and since then we have share many fun play dates, playgroup dates, park dates, tantrums, smiles, dinners, books and lots of wine! We started off as a netball team and after winning a season we decided to leave on a high and start a monthly book club. I wont lie, I never read the book, but the laughter, the food and the fun that comes from each monthly night at our homes is something we will treasure forever!
We are all from different places, yet we all get together and get along so well! They are just fun to be around.

So here are a few snaps from our peaceful child-free weekend where we slept without interruption, read books, caught up on trashy magazines, chatted, laughed, listened to the birds chirp, the cows moo and dined exclusively... IT WAS BLISS!

Let's face it, us mums need a bit of "me time" so we can all be better mums!

Cass xoxo
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