Thursday, 27 June 2013

The Secret To Fighting Colds This Winter


Colds are the most common form of illness known in adults and children. There are more than 200 viruses that can cause the common cold which are spread through hand contact, sneezing and coughing. Common symptoms include sore throat, headaches, coughing, sneezing, tiredness and a build up of mucus in the nose.

Now that i've let you know about the illness that will haunt the majority of people this winter, I thought I would let you in on a little secret of mine....
Garlic is my winter wonder food!!
It's amazing! Whenever I feel a cold or flu coming on I either chew on a clove of garlic or cut it into fours and swallow it like tablets and within minutes my headache starts to fade, my nose clears and my throat stops hurting. I'm not making this up. During the 18th century gravediggers in France drank crushed garlic to reduce the risk of catching the plague and in both World Wars soldiers were given garlic to prevent gangrene. It is pretty cool stuff and its clinically proven to help with the common cold. A study done in the UK proved that taking a garlic supplement lowered the severity of cold and flu symptoms. Whilst a study done by the University of Florida concluded that garlic reduced the chances of an individual catching the common cold.

So the next time you wake up with a blocked nose and sore throat think twice about reaching for those cold and flu tablets and try eating some garlic instead.


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About Asha:
I was born on the far south coast of NSW into the most amazing, fun, loving, crazy family.
Growing up on the coast there was always incredible places to explore and many adventures to have with my amazing friends.Being quite a shy child, In my later teens I gained a new found confidence and a love for health, food and fitness.
After living in a tiny beach town for 17 years I moved to the big smoke (Sydney) where I am currently studying a Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy) and I love it. You can find me blogging here and on The diary of a naturopathic student

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Monday, 24 June 2013

Smoothie Recipes for Everything – 18 Recipes to Make You More Awesome

Just found this awesome infographic and had to share it with you. What your favourite smoothie???

WEARING: Family, Friends and Sunset nights

Well, we are on our little family holiday break down on the far south coast. We are being blessed with having a few sleep-ins; having my lovely mum around to help. Life is good.

Not coming down here for a while, we have lots of friends and family we want to catch up with and show off our brand new addition; the boy. This particular night, we were off to a friends house that I hadnt seen since uni for homemade pizza and wine. Times have sure changed since then; its not just me I have to get ready and out the door... It's me and my entourage and I'm in bed by 9pm.
It's freezing down here to say the least so I wore my favourite boots, a pair of tights I picked up in Kmart*, a blazer from my mums* wardrobe, a must-wear-something-to-cover-my-huge-boobs scarf and carried my new favourite KINTINKANTAN tote* full of tricks that I cant leave the house without.
It was a fun night!!!

Cass xox

*Yes, i shop at Kmart... sometimes.
*Yes, i still wear my mums clothes... sometimes.
*This is the best bag EVER!!! You can win one on the blog this week. Just click here for more details.

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Beating Mastitis... Naturally!

As if babies and breastfeeding isnt hard enough!!! Then throw a blocked duct and being run down into the mix and there you have it; the low and far from belovered "Milk fever"... It hits you like a sledge hammer, and once it sets in, its tricky to bounce back.

The trick to beating mastitis naturally is catching it, at the very beginning, in the act.This doesnt mean that if it does set in, you have to run straight to the doctor for antibiotics. There are things you can do to rid yourself of the infection and feel as good as gold soon after.

Just as I arrived down at my mums* for our little family break at the beginning of last week, I was unlucky enough to come down with a bout of this dredded new mums fun. I got the lot; one minute the chills, the next the fever, body aches, sore throat, headaches, its not fun at all! You could call me some what of a pro on this topic; I had it five or more times in the early weeks of breastingfeeding little P*. And I also thank you for all your great adivce over on our facebook page. It CAN be beaten in the act so if you feel a little under the weather and you feel a blocked duct or inflamation on your breast; try these things before you run to the doctor:

- REST! REST! REST! We arent super hero's and sometimes as mums, we forget this. To heal, we need to let our bodies rest and do its thing.

- Use coconut oil to gently massage the blockage towards the nipple. Do this when ever you remember; most importantly when you are feeding and when you are in the bath or shower.

- Apply warmth to the blockage before you feed your baby and then apply cold straight after.

- EAT GARLIC! I love this stuff! I't's trully a real wholefood antibiotic. An article on Livestrong says; "Garlic can work much like a broad spectrum antibiotic, fighting infection without causing a yeast infection or thrush as some antibiotics can. The breastfeeding professionals at KellyMom recommend between 2 and 5 cloves of raw garlic daily for mastitis, in addition to other treatment measures."

- INCREASE YOUR FLUIDS! Drink lots of nourishing teas and coconut water. Hydrate yourself.

- Empty the breasts; feed baby often and change babies position so he/she is draining the breast.

- Cabbage leaves - A very old fashioned remedy but placing cabbage leaves on an inflamation has been known to clear an infection within 24 hours. You can read more about using cabbage leaves for mastitis here.

- Drink Fresh Juices - Give yourself a nutrient hit with a fresh vegetable juice with lots of ginger.

- PROBIOTICS - Probiotics are a must everyday and especially when feeling under the weather.

Thats it; if it hits you, dont be too disheartened, rest up and get well!

Cass xoxo

*Its like my body just new I would have my mum to look after me... and my kids.
* Big boobs, cracked nipples and a baby with a small mouth that bites is the perfect home for mastitis.

Saturday, 22 June 2013

REVIEW: 14 day Tiny Tea Teatox


Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock it is almost impossible to be unaware of the latest craze to hit instagram; detox and weight loss teas. To be honest when I first heard about them I didn’t trust them at all. So, when I tried the 14 day Tiny Tea Teatox from Your Tea, to say I was surprised with the results is an understatement. Your tea uses chinese medicine principles to blend organic herbs to make some amazing tea blends to aid in digestion, weight loss, bloating, and more. You can read more about Your tea here.

The instructions advised to drink the tea 30 minutes before each main meal. This meant that my meals for the day had to be planned and organized. I couldn’t walk past a shop and think ‘ooooh that looks yum. I might just buy that.’ I had to use self-control, which I’m not very good at. Knowing that I couldn’t eat my dinner until I had drank the tea 30 minutes before severely reduced my snacking. I am fortunate that usually eat pretty healthy so whilst on the teatox I didn’t have to change my diet too much at all. I found that the tea worked really well as an appetite suppressant. I usually eat a lot! But after drinking this tea I wasn’t really hungry at all.

Day 1 and day 14
I started seeing results after the first day! I could see my stomach shrinking. The first few days after drinking the tea I did feel quite nauseous as my body was starting to detox and de-bloat but that is the only bad thing I can say. The tea has an earthy taste and is easy to drink. I didn’t feel the need to add lemon or honey. The tea didn’t affect my energy levels until the last couple of days of the teatox, when I noticed myself jumping around the house. I felt great!
Over the 14 days I lost 5cm from my waist and 2 cm from my hips, I gained so much body confidence and I just felt fabulous! I would definitely recommend this tea for anyone that wants more energy and a flat stomach. I will definitely be ordering this tea again in the future.

I have done some research and below is a list of ingredients from Tiny Tea and what they do so here they are:
  • Hawthorn Berry – Improves cardiovascular health and releases water retention by expelling excess sodium from the body.
  • Adzuki Bean – Reduces blood pressure and supports kidney and bladder function.
  • Alismatis Rhizome – Alleviates water retention.
  • Indian Bread – Causes dieresis, supports spleen functioning and calms the mind.
  • Tangerine Peel – High in antioxidants. May also aid digestion, balance blood sugar levels and activate liver detoxification.
  • Germinated Barley – Assists in digestion by eliminating retention of food and harmonizes the stomach.
  • Prunella Spike – Detoxicant and antimicrobial agent.
  • Cassia Seed – Relieves constipation by moisturizing the intestine and easing the bowls.
  • Semen Phascoli – Reduces water retention and dispels toxins.
  • Chrysanthemum – Reduces skin conditions such as acne and boils, aids in the digestion of oily food and restrains the growth of some bacteria’s in the body.
  • Semen Raphani – Eliminates food retention.
  • White Tea – Contains a great amount of antioxidants.
  • Herba Agastachis – Relieves bloating, indigestion, nausea and vomiting
You can purchase your tea teatox's from

About Asha:
I was born on the far south coast of NSW into the most amazing, fun, loving, crazy family.
Growing up on the coast there was always incredible places to explore and many adventures to have with my amazing friends.Being quite a shy child, In my later teens I gained a new found confidence and a love for health, food and fitness.
After living in a tiny beach town for 17 years I moved to the big smoke (Sydney) where I am currently studying a Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy) and I love it. You can find me blogging here and on The diary of a naturopathic student

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Wednesday, 19 June 2013

RECIPE : Coconut, banana and honey chia pudding

This is by far, the most delicious chia pudding I've ever had!

This is a terrible picture, I know... SORRY! But this baby tastes amazing and we devoured them before we could grab a camera!


Ingredients :
1.5 cups coconut cream
1.5 cups nut milk of choice
9 Tbls chia seeds
1.5 Tbls raw honey
1/2 cup shredded coconut
1 banana

1. Place coconut cream, nut milk, shredded coconut and chia seeds in a bowl, mix mix mix !
2. Separate mix into 3 cups. Leave in fridge to set over night. 
3. Serve with chopped sliced banana!

Makes 3

Cass xo
PS. I would love to know I'm not just talking to myself all the time so leave me a comment!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, 15 June 2013

When my day starts at 5am...

New mums know that when you have a new baby, being up half the night is a given. Every few hours*, you hear a cry, you get up, you feed, change a nappy, then resettle and back to sleep you go... This process can take up to an hour or more each time so many moments are spent scrolling the Internet and checking Facebook on your phone (don't know what our mums did in the past without iPhones!). Just as you settle in back to sleep, you hear that cry again to start all over. It goes on all day and all night, but in the day time we are expected not to go back to sleep but to get things done, feed our other children, entertain them and get more things done! Those little moments you had to yourself dont exist. It just doesn't seem fair on our tired bodies, but its the way of life as a new mum and you have to make the most of it! Babies can wake any time, it can be so unpredictable and the cry to wake up again at any time of night is painful, I attempt to put the dummy in and cover my ears in the hope baby might send himself back to sleep again, just one more moment before i have to get out of my warm snuggly bed onto the cold floor boards would be bliss. It's true, waking to get up through the night in winter is not fair, it's freezing!!! 

Although when H baby wakes at 5am it's a good day; by the time I have fed and changed his nappy it could be 5.30- 6am, the house is quiet and it's morning. Did you hear me ? It's quiet! There's a full hour* for me to have a cup of tea BY MYSELF ! No toddler , no bouncing around, no noise... So today, it's happened, I'm up and I'm not going to try to fit in another half an hour of interrupted sleep, I will sit here and enjoy a coffee* while its hot... Because I deserve it !!!! 

*if your lucky
*if I'm lucky
*I will also put a load of washing on, because that never stops! 

Cass x x


I. LOVE. THIS. BAG! Seriously!

I have been searching for my old nappy bag and am yet to place my eyes on it so this bag couldn't of been dropped on doorstep at a better time! Being a mum, we always have a big bag full of tricks; nappies, wipes, snacks, spare clothes, more nappies, life gets heavy! Shoulders and backs get sore, we get tired, we get cranky! Can you imagine a bag that is so light you only feel the weight of what you put in it, it fits heaps and it looks good? win! yes! 
I am so in love! I really am! 
KINTINKANTAN genuine leather bags and wallets are designed by a beautiful mummy friend of mine; Bridget. She is an artist, a wife and a mum with a passion for life and I thought it would be fun for Bridget to share with you her story of how her biz began and what she is giving a very lucky blog reader a chance to win. 


Bridget: On a trip to see my parents-in-law in Bali I found a little workshop in Seminyak that sells samples and also does custom made designs for tourists and expats. 
I started out just getting small samples made for myself and my sisters every time I went over to Bali with my husband and daughter. 
I loved the feeling of designing something new and unique and the bags and wallets got such a great response from family and friends that I was encouraged to get some designs made in bulk and set up a business to share my newfound love with others. 

Cass: Please tell us what you are giving one lucky blog reader the chance to win?

Bridget: This 'antik' black leather tote that I'm giving away is a soft, genuine goat leather, with a beautiful black suede lining valued at $160. It is handmade in Bali, by leather artisans who love what they do and are paid for the time and energy they put into their work, as opposed to some workers who work in sweat shops and are paid next to nothing. This bag is our most popular piece, a must have!

I am giving rafflecopter a go with this giveaway so it should be pretty self explantory. If you have any trouble entering, just let me know!!! Winner will be announced the Wednesday 26th June night; 8pm. Good Luck! 

Terms: This giveaway is open to all Australian followers of Choose life, live it, do it. All entrants must provide a first name along with your comment entry and ensure I can contact you via your blog/social media or email (you can subscribe via email if you don't want to list your contact details publicly) . Once the giveaway has ended and winner is chosen they will be contacted via email and put in touch with the sponsors. Giveaway items are not distributed by Choose life, live it, do it, alot of them are directly distributed to the winners by the sponsors themselves. 

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Nappies - toxic free tots!

In a magical world I would love babies not to have to wear nappies!!! Partly for the selfish reason that we wouldn't have to change them or wash them or find space in the rubbish bin for them. Also for the reason that we wouldn't have so much waste and lastly and of cause most importantly to let our little babies bottoms breath!!! There would be no more nappy rash. Nappies can be cheap and by cheap, I mean cheap and nasty; we, as a society don't want to spend a whole heap of money on something that most people just throw out but in doing this we are putting a cheap and nasty product on one of the most sensitive parts of our little tiny babies body. It doesn't seem right to me! Standard nappies are filled with chemicals, you just have to read this article to NEVER want a standard nappy to touch your baby.

So what are our options? 
I use a mixture between cloth nappies and toxic free disposables (they do exist). In a perfect household I would love to only use cloth nappies as they are clearly the greener option but I am not the greatest housewife and sometimes I don't keep up with the washing so thats the way it goes. I use the disposables when out and about or if I dont have any clean cloth ones.
Let's face it, disposables are the easiest and so convenient. Thats why they were created, people have less time than they ever have with work, etc people like to make life easier and why wouldn't they? Its all about finding the best option for you and your family. My favourite disposable nappies are the MOLTEX ECO NAPPY, it was the first eco nappy in aus. It has a 100% biodegradable outer lining, is 100% chlorine-free bleached, has a 40% biodegradable inner lining, has Tea leaf extract in absorbent core to help neutralise odours, was Awarded the FSC tick of approval for responsible forestry, is Made with more than 50% renewable resources from controlled cultivation and is Free from TBT, antioxidants, lotions or perfumes. It is the clear winner for me and you can get them here.

I LOVE using cloth nappies as I really truly don't like buying nappies constantly, they are expensive and they fill the rubbish bin. There are some super super super cute and fancy modern cloth nappies around now and they are really easy to use and baby wears them just like a disposable. They are easy to wash and once you have them there will be no late night trips to the supermarket because you have ran out of nappies.
I used, and still do for nap time, this brand of modern cloth nappy on little P simply because they were the best fit and the prettiest! With H baby I am currently using the essentials Pack for newborns from Real nappies, I couldn't recommend them more. They are super affordable, soooooo simple and wash really well.

Thats where we are at the moment; changing nappies every 2 to 3 hours... Whether it be cloth or disposables, have a look into which nappies are best for your babies.

Cass x x x

Exercise - 2 steps forward, 1 step back...

We all know that exercise is so important, for your body, insides and out! It pumps you full of the good stuff! With the Great endorphins it gives to you, add some fresh air, a view and it's better than any councillor!
6 weeks post child birth and in my case, major surgery I am so keen to get moving again. It's so hard to feel so unfit and not to get down about the post baby body that I can't even recognise as mine in a mirror and getting out and moving helps to budge some bulge, motivate me to stay focused on eating the right things and makes me feel good. I have always been an active person!!!!! I need it!

My tummy was feeling good so last week I began some walking, light walking and as I got more confident I started on some hills. One day with the big pram and the babies, another day I left the kiddies at home with Andrew and went by myself (amazing)... It was so so good to be out in the fresh air moving my butt again! It was exactly what my mind and body needed. 
The thing is, after having a baby, your body becomes quite weak and you need to build it back up slowly. And having a c-section, you can think your better but when you start doing more you realise you need a little more time. That's me, my mind wants now but my body wants to go slower... What I thought was light exercise has now left me with a tender, very swollen belly that is not letting me do much at all without pain. My tummy muscles need more time to mend and I need not to push it that hard. 
So it's back to the beginning; short flat walks, increasing a little each time... As someone said to me today; "Take the time to let your body recover, no need to rush it, you have the rest of your life to be running!"
Too true...

Cass x x

Sunday, 9 June 2013

The new local...

I write this post as little P and daddy are off playing at our new local! It's amazing! It's a scene of the perfect exciting childhood adventure. It is a fun park because it has a bit of danger, none of those boring slow slides, only the really quick metal ones, the fast ones, also a rocket ship that is so high that any kid would get a little nervous climbing to the top and coming down the super slippery slide ends with the biggest loudest giggles and laughs of enjoyment!  It is out of this world amazing to say the least!

But I sit here breast feeding little H baby, enjoying my dandelion latte while dads(because mums wouldn't squat behind a tree at their local park)* take their little kids and themselves to the edge of the bush land behind a tree to go to the toilet, I mean because there is no toilet!!!! Its one thing to be one with nature but come on, A new kids park with no toilet, what were they thinking??? 

Cass x x x

* hilarious!!!! 


Feeding babies can be such a controversial topic of conversation. We always get told breast is best and we know this. Breast milk is created by us mums to give our babies the best start to life out of the woom, it is filled with all the good stuff that our baby need and it is made especially for that little individual, know one else. If mum gets sick, she will produce antibodies in her milk to boost the immunity of her baby to fight of that specific bug, it is incredible!

We also know that breast feeding isn't easy (I struggled!!!) for everyone and sometimes it just doesn't work! And thats why formula was created; to feed the babies that couldn't be fed. I was lucky enough to be able to feed my little P until she was 15 months old when she down right refused my mummy milk and forcefully told me she didn't need it anymore. She considered herself a big girl and was ready to move onto the big wide world of the bottle, a cup and lots of food. I wasn't ready for cows milk (i'm still not ready, you can read more here.), so we searched the internet for something that was both nourishing and natural and this great recipe from PURE MAMAS blog popped up. It just sounded right for us so little P drank it on occasion in between water and lots of food. She loved it! I have asked Juli to share this recipe with you because I want mums to know that there are other options to look into if breast feeding isn't an option. Juli is NOT a doctor, but a mum who is passionate about nourishing and feeding her children with REAL FOOD! Please consult her health professional before giving this a go. So I will hand you over to Juli....

Store-bought powdered cows-milk AND soy formulas are not the healthiest option for your child. Many woman, for many different reasons, cannot breastfeed. So they are stuck with buying these overly-processed powders that aren't even real food.

I, and many other doctors, fathers and woman, would rather know exactly what their child is drinking than have to deal with recalls, bugs, soy, and other toxic chemicals added.

And if you know me at all {and my need to create everything that I eat, as opposed to BUY it} you wouldn't be surprised that I wanted to investigate a way to make fresh, homemade formula.

There is a lot of controversy over powdered formula vs breast milk, goats milk versus cows milk, etc. After much research and my own health expertise, what I finally concluded was that goats milk was the best for my son. It is molecularly the closest to breast milk and often doesn't cause the phlegm that cows does. But I realize it's lacking enough carbohydrates and also nutrients like DHA, folic acid and B vitamins when compared to breast milk. So, I asked my midwives AND pediatrician about this and what I decided to do was a mix of goats milk, carrot juice, water, b vitamins and flax oil {DHA}. When my son became old enough, I supplemented with other things as well, like green juice and apple juice {fresh squeezed}, a little young coconut water, and all sorts of omegas and probiotics as well.

It's been the best decision I've made as a mother. Despite some negative comments here and there, it's at least one choice I've made as a new mom that I am very proud of and wouldn't change for the world. I think FRESH, REAL food will ALWAYS be better than anything powdered and overly-processed!

Important and GOOD side note: a pediatrician in town actually confirmed it a "suitable and healthy breast milk alternative." Doctor Mercola also recommends a similar formula, so I have learned. 


4 oz Goats Milk
2 oz Carrot Juice
2 oz Water
a few drops Flax Oil (EFAs) with DHA
1/4tsp nutritional yeast {for the folic acid and b12 boost that goats milk lacks}

OH and Dr Mercola recommends giving your child that is solely on this type of formula some egg yolks starting at age 4 months. By this I mean giving it to him separately. Steamed. Not raw in the formula. 

note: there is no BETTER food for infants than breastmilk. It is still better than this formula...if you CAN and are able to breastfeed, do that first and foremost. This recipe makes a great ALTERNATIVE to formula or supplemental/emergency feeds. If you choose formula - then that's okay too. Just do what you feel safest and most best doing. I'm just sharing information here with you that I have learned through my journies. 

My son LOVED it and I hope your baby does too!!!!!

Also, here is a great link that a friend passed along to me. Another recipe, that is similar but even more in depth. 

Good Luck. And if your child is older than a year, try making this healthy beverage alternative at home for him! You can put it right in his/her bottle. 

ABOUT JULI: Juli Novotny is a mom of 2 young boys - just 12 months apart - her enthusiasm for CLEAN, healthy, organic food and her passion for children has been the vision for her PUREmamas blog.
In highschool...Juli was the head pastry chef at a popular pastry shop near her house. 
By age 24...A few years after she graduated from UCLA, she started a vegan health food company, Kookie Karma, in Santa Monica, CA where she resided for over 8 years. She also studied to get her masters in holistic nutrition while simultaneously running her business. 
Now 33...Juli lives in San Diego as a full-time mom of two little rascal boys: Pierce and Roman! A few years into motherhood, Juli decided that Kookie Karma {a labor of love} needed more attention and care than she could give it. She and her family spend their days at the pool, at the beach, at the park or watching mommy cook while eating yummy food in the kitchen which then she blogs about.

You can find Juli @ 
instagram: @julinovotny
Twitter: @julinovotny

Monday, 3 June 2013


Firstly, who doesnt love to dream? What mum doesn't love an amazing long, deep sleep in between feeds? Who doesnt like when baby comes unwrapped? Who cant for the life of them work out how to wrap a baby up properly and comfortably? If this is you, then you need to give the Love to dream products a try. There is no confusion, just pop your baby in the swaddle and zip it up and baby is cozy, allowing a little bit of movement but not too much for them to startle themselves to wake.

H baby has been lucky enough to be snuggling up in the 'love to swaddle up organic swaddle' made from beautiful soft organic fabric with the warmth of the new 'layer on' made from 100% Australian grown, 17.5 microfine Merino Wool. These breathable layers keep baby snug and are perfectly gentle for babies pure skin. No excess bedding or blankets are needed so there is no risk of anything getting tangled and baby cant kick off their blankets as they snooze. Arms up also gives baby less risk of rolling on their tummies as well helps to self sooth. I never had anything like this for little P, but trying it with H baby, I am definitely sold and dont know how I lived with it. You can leave them in it out and about, transferring them in and out of the car, they are too easy and keep baby so snug.

I am super excited because the lovely people at LOVE TO DREAM want to give you a chance to WIN 2 of their fabulous products in the size of your choice including:

- 1 x LOVE TO SWADDLE UP - ORGANIC (valued at $41.95)

- 1 x LOVE TO LAYER ON - MERINO (valued at $59.95)

All you have to do to enter is; Simply leave a comment below telling me why you would like a love to dream swaddle???

For extra entries:

  • Be a follower of Choose life, live it, do it via Google Friend connect just on the right of our site.
  • Like Choose life, live it, do it on Facebook
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  • Like @chooselife_liveit_doit on instagram.
  • Share this give away on any of your social media platforms (instagram/facebook/twitter/pinterest)

Leave a comment for each! The lucky winner will be announced one week from now on Wednesday the 12th June, 2013! GOOD LUCK!

Terms: This giveaway is open to all Australian followers of Choose life, live it, do it. All entrants must provide a first name along with your comment entry and ensure I can contact you via your blog/social media or email (you can subscribe via email if you don't want to list your contact details publicly) . Once the giveaway has ended and winner is chosen they will be contacted via email and put in touch with the sponsors. Giveaway items are not distributed by Choose life, live it, do it, alot of them are directly distributed to the winners by the sponsors themselves. 
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