Monday, 24 June 2013

WEARING: Family, Friends and Sunset nights

Well, we are on our little family holiday break down on the far south coast. We are being blessed with having a few sleep-ins; having my lovely mum around to help. Life is good.

Not coming down here for a while, we have lots of friends and family we want to catch up with and show off our brand new addition; the boy. This particular night, we were off to a friends house that I hadnt seen since uni for homemade pizza and wine. Times have sure changed since then; its not just me I have to get ready and out the door... It's me and my entourage and I'm in bed by 9pm.
It's freezing down here to say the least so I wore my favourite boots, a pair of tights I picked up in Kmart*, a blazer from my mums* wardrobe, a must-wear-something-to-cover-my-huge-boobs scarf and carried my new favourite KINTINKANTAN tote* full of tricks that I cant leave the house without.
It was a fun night!!!

Cass xox

*Yes, i shop at Kmart... sometimes.
*Yes, i still wear my mums clothes... sometimes.
*This is the best bag EVER!!! You can win one on the blog this week. Just click here for more details.
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