Saturday, 15 June 2013

When my day starts at 5am...

New mums know that when you have a new baby, being up half the night is a given. Every few hours*, you hear a cry, you get up, you feed, change a nappy, then resettle and back to sleep you go... This process can take up to an hour or more each time so many moments are spent scrolling the Internet and checking Facebook on your phone (don't know what our mums did in the past without iPhones!). Just as you settle in back to sleep, you hear that cry again to start all over. It goes on all day and all night, but in the day time we are expected not to go back to sleep but to get things done, feed our other children, entertain them and get more things done! Those little moments you had to yourself dont exist. It just doesn't seem fair on our tired bodies, but its the way of life as a new mum and you have to make the most of it! Babies can wake any time, it can be so unpredictable and the cry to wake up again at any time of night is painful, I attempt to put the dummy in and cover my ears in the hope baby might send himself back to sleep again, just one more moment before i have to get out of my warm snuggly bed onto the cold floor boards would be bliss. It's true, waking to get up through the night in winter is not fair, it's freezing!!! 

Although when H baby wakes at 5am it's a good day; by the time I have fed and changed his nappy it could be 5.30- 6am, the house is quiet and it's morning. Did you hear me ? It's quiet! There's a full hour* for me to have a cup of tea BY MYSELF ! No toddler , no bouncing around, no noise... So today, it's happened, I'm up and I'm not going to try to fit in another half an hour of interrupted sleep, I will sit here and enjoy a coffee* while its hot... Because I deserve it !!!! 

*if your lucky
*if I'm lucky
*I will also put a load of washing on, because that never stops! 

Cass x x
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