Thursday, 11 July 2013

Back in the game

Morning sickness wasn't fun and the thought of straining little kefir grains through a siv was enough to make me heave so my culturing obsession has been on hold for the past 9 months. As upsetting as it was to not be getting my daily dose of natural prebiotic and probiotic goodness; it is safe to say I am back in the game. The past weekend in the retro kitchen was filled with good bugs and cultured food goodness! I have some kefir on the bench that I have been giving a little swirl hello as I walk past, as well as my big loves; Kimchi and Sauerkraut brewing! I am pumped to get back into it and get our little families guts smiling!

Check out this post I wrote after one of my first culturing courses I did with Stirring Change and why eating cultured food is so amazing for our insides and out!

Do you make any at home? Whats your favourite?

Cass xo

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