Saturday, 27 July 2013

Oh thats right, I put my life on the Internet...

I have been trying to get out and about alot lately in the attempt to save my sanity and tire out an over-excited-and-never-stops-for-a-breath toddler. We have been going to play groups, more play groups, little kickers, parks and more play dates. It's fun and I'm meeting lovely mums in my area.

When I meet people and they ask what I do, I usually just say I'm a stay at home mum, I sometimes tell people I have a little lifestyle shop and very rarely ever tell anyone I have a blog. I like to leave that part for the big wide world of the internet. 

To be honest, I get a little self conscious... I mean, if I were to tell them I had a blog then they might read it, how embarrassing!!!! My writing is very primary school, I don't write about many interesting things and I post up pictures of myself of what I was wearing on the weekend, oh and lots of kiddy pictures too...
Some could say I spend countless amount of hours writing about nothing. When I write this blog, I treat it as talking to a journal, not actual people. Actual people wouldn't be interested in my little blog!

So when people come up to me and tell me they have had a look at my little blog I get a little taken back; I get nervous, who am I kidding? I totally freak out inside. Then if they say nice things, I feel really awkward. What the hell am I meant to say? I don't take compliments very easily at the best of times. I usually go quiet and say; "ohhhh no, yeh, um, it's a bit of fun, you know..."
Its a funny feeling; the real fact that I am actually putting my life on the Internet for anyone to read.

It brings me to thinking what this blog really means to me and where it might be going. Really, I should be excited to hear when people have found my little nest of a blog and believe me, I am. So this week I am going to focus on the positive, not worry what people may think of what I write. I wont go quiet, I will just say; "Thank you!"

Do you have a blog? Put your link in the comments below... I want to have a browse! 

Cass x x x

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