Saturday, 31 August 2013


"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013."

Little P: Oh my cookie monster, if only you could stuff more than 1 cupcake in your mouth at a time you would! What fun you had at Sunny's yard party bouncing, running, jumping and eating, LOTS of eating! 

Sunny: What a perfect day we had for your special day you little sailor boy dressed in white! If only you slept without the need to be held, I would be alot more of a refreshed Mumma! 

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Cass xox

Monday, 26 August 2013



September is coming!!!! WOO!

It will all be happening over on instagram but I have something super special for all of you and you are the FIRST TO KNOW!!!!!

Sign up for our #sugarfreeseptember here >>>

AND we will send you a very special gift of a FREE FOOD JOURNAL to lead you through your journey! It gives you the whole run down of what you can have, what you cant have and has tips to get you through as well as guest recipes! 

It is brought to you by the wonderful people at Rawsome Foodsand us at Live it. Do it! HOORAY! Go get it! 

Cass xoxoxoxoox

A gardening date, every day!

I asked little P today what her and daddy were going to at when I popped out to the shops. She quite firmly replied; "In the garden! We play in the garden mummy!"

It's safe to say the Daddy of the house is totes obsessed with the gardening. I think it is his out, a bit of therapy pottering around in the garden for him. And a bit of an out for me too as Everyday, without fail he takes little P for a tour of the garden. They give some love to each and every plant, checking if the tomatoes have gone red, picking bugs off the kale, seeing if a strawberry has grown or a blue berry has gone blue yet. They take the compost out, stir the compost bin up, and move plants from one side of the yard to the other to get just the right sun light. 

And as the tour continues "Daddy" tells little P the real life story of how our garden grows showing her where food really comes from and how proud they both are. So much love goes into that garden from the two of them and their bonding is beautiful!

Today they were out in the garden in their comfy new threads; Andrew tells me these Witjuti clothes are so comfy (a great gift for Father's Day)

Andrew wears:

(He tells me they are so comfy! Not too late, Such an awesome present for dad for Father's Day!)

Little P wears:

Sunday, 25 August 2013


"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013."

Little P: Such a beautiful big sis and my flower picking princess... LOVEEEEEE your boots!

Sunny: We love your 10 little fingers and 10 little toes!

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Cass xox

We're on the un-wrap!

The wrap dilemma is a topic in the live it do it house hold at the moment.
Every night we put our Sunny boy cosy in his wrap me up swaddle. He is so snug and sleeps so well, it has been a life saver. On the occasion when the swaddle is in the wash we are guaranteed to have a wrest-less night. It kills me. He squirms around and gets all unwrapped, his fingers are freezing and he won't go back to sleep.

But now, the Sunny boy has learnt to roll. He's a strong little cookie and I'm not sure that swaddling will be a safe option for much longer. On the hunt for a solution this week we have moved onto the love to dream 50/50 swaddle. It is great as you can zip each arm hole off gradually to keep baby comfortable and transition from sleeping wrapped to unwrapped is his own time. With this little gem I'm confident we are going to have a smooth transition. So wish me luck!!!!
We're on the un-wrap!

At what age did your baby start sleeping unwrapped? 

Cass x x x

You can get all Love to Dream swaddle products from here>>>

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Seed swapping

Since moving into a house with a bigger yard at the end of last year we have had a great time playing in the garden. It is such an amazing feeling to watch something grow that we planted ourselves to then bring it into the kitchen to turn into something even more delicious! Or to just reach down and pick something out of the garden that we can have a chomp on. Its so rewarding!

When we moved in, we were given little gifts from friends to warm our pad and some of those gifts were seeds for our garden! Healthy seeds that our dear friends had harvested from the previous season that we could now, so very greatfully plant in our new patch! 

Everything that is now growing in our garden has either come from the seeds harvested by friends, a clipping from family, or we have sprouted it ourselves from our farmers market finds. It feels so good to know where our little garden is growing from! 

It's such a great gift of living food and I'm excited to be sharing the seeds from our garden at the end of each season with friends to get them started and growing a good patch! 

Do you swap seeds or clippings with friends? 

Cass x x

Monday, 19 August 2013

Tuesday Chats: Sorella & Me + a Chocolate Chia Cake RECIPE

  • Tell us a bit about yourself and your business. How did it all start? 

We are an organic sleep & loungewear label called sorella & me  
- the word ‘sorella’ is Italian for ‘sister’

Alisha & I are sisters and we started developing our designs in 2010.
It all came about when Alisha found there was limited maternity sleepwear available when she herself was pregnant – and instead she found herself resorting to ugly Nana nighties!  So that’s how the idea came about and we thought that maybe other women also felt like there were limited options.

We started with the maternity line but very quickly had so many women say they wanted to be able to wear the pieces too.  So we evolved, and the designs changed a little to be also suitable for everyday women too.  

And we are so excited to be adding a men’s line in a matter of weeks for all those fellas out there, and just in time all the Dad’s for Father’s Day!
  • What does organic clothing mean?

Our fabric is certified as organic by GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) and Oeko-Tex Standard 100 – both international bodies only provide certification after extensive testing on the yarn and dyed fabric to confirm organic status is maintained from the farm to the mill where it’s spun, knitted and dyed.

Without these certifications, you cannot be sure the cotton is organic.
  • Why organic?

It’s much more to us than organic cotton just being better for your skin – free from the toxic chemicals used in conventional cotton. 

For us, the importance of organic cotton also goes back to the stage of growing the crop. Why should a cotton farmer, the pickers, and the community living in close proximity to the farm suffer with exposure to unnecessary chemicals being sprayed which end up in their air and water? It doesn’t make sense when it’s simply not necessary to produce beautiful fabric.

(We encourage people to read the review by Choice which confirmed dangerous levels of chemicals are used in a lot of Australia’s imported clothing, and as such is not able to be returned to the origin country (like China for example) due to these high levels of chemicals. It’s very scary that the country that made the garment won’t accept it back! -  
  • Do you have any advice or inspiration to send out to any of our readers that are thinking about starting an organic way of living?

It can be hard to be completely organic but I always just try to look for an organic option, and if it’s not available, I don’t stress about it.

And the very least, check out the Dirty Dozen – a list of the 12 fruits and vegetables with the highest levels of pesticides. So this is a good place to start if you are going to try and eat more organic produce, definitely make sure it’s these ones as a priority:  
1. Apples
2. Strawberries
3. Grapes
4. Celery
5. Peaches
6. Spinach
7. Sweet Bell Peppers
8. Nectarines
9. Cucumbers
10. Potatoes
11. Cherry tomatoes
12. Hot peppers

  • Food; If you had half an hour to cook dinner and realised you didn’t have anything planned, what would you cook?

Nothing can beat a piece of fresh fish (sustainably farmed of course) with a sweet potato & coconut oil mash, and green beans. 

Growing up on the Sunshine Coast has resulted in a love of seafood but it always seems to be my go-to option when time (or brain power to be creative) is limited! 

  • What’s your favourite juice or smoothie?

I love to make a green based smoothie when I feel like I need a big vitamin and protein hit – I blend up heap of kale or spinach, 1/3 of an avocado, handful of frozen blueberries and raspberries, ½ a frozen banana, splash of coconut water, macca powder, and some protein powder. 

What is your favourite live by affirmation, mantra or quote?

“We create what we fear”

It’s a good reminder to live fearlessly…. It’s much easier said than done though!

  • Do you have a recipe you would like to share with us today?

I try to live a sugar free life – which is certainly hard when you have a sweet tooth!  I got this great recipe via the Nutrition Guru & the Chef’s blog ( and adapted it to be sugar and gluten free….  

Chocolate Chia Cake

4 tablespoons chia seeds, soaked in 1 cup of water for 15 minutes.
½ cup raw cocoa
125g softened butter*
5 medium to large eggs
1 cup (175g) almond meal
1 cup coconut palm sugar, or your choice of sugar **
Pinch salt
1 teaspoon bicarb soda
* I used ½ cup organic coconut oil – melted. The Nutrition Guru used ½ cup olive oil
**I used 3/4 cup Rice Malt Syrup – The Nutrition Guru used ¾ cup raw sugar. (Please note that Rice Malt Syrup is a grain based product and whilst it is gluten free, it is manufactured in many facilities that also use other gluten based grains in production, so please be careful with this one!)


Preheat oven to 180C.
Line a spring-form cake tin with non-stick baking paper.
Soak chia seeds in 1 cup of water for 15 minutes, stirring regularly. The seeds will absorb all the water and swell to form a gel. 
Place all the ingredients in a bowl.
Whisk to combine well & break up any lumps (at least 1 minute).
Pour into lined cake tin.
Bake in oven for 30-35 minutes or until it bounces back when pressed in middle.
Let the cake cool for 5-10 minutes in the tin.
Finish cooling on a wire cooling rack. 
  • Where can we find you?

Instagram: sorellaandme

  • Lastly, anything else you want to add? 

We are very excited to be announcing our organic Men’s collection. It seems a lot of our current customer’s partners were feeling jealous and wanted soft and comfy Pj’s too! So be watching our facebook page for the launch announcement… But here is a sneak peek for LIDI readers! …

Sunday, 18 August 2013


Fathers day is such a special time, its a time to celebrate the men in our lives and really show them how much we love them and appreciate what they do. Its one day to spoil them rotten! 

Father's day to me is a really nice time for me to remember my crazy, cruisey, funny, proud dad. He was such a proud dad. He may not be here to hug but I know he is up there looking down on our every step. I love him so very much!

I am really excited because I have teamed up with some fantastic brands to give 4 lucky dads some gifts for Father's day! Yes 4 prize packs! So here's what we have...

1. Kintinkantan Mens Wallet - All Kintinkantan products are made from genuine leather, sourced from West Java. They are hand-crafted by local Balinese leather craftsmen in Seminyak, the fashion centre of Bali. The quality of the craftsmanship is impeccable, with reinforced stitching and beautiful suede lining. These products are made to last. All original designs by Bridget Walker

See more at: 
(Value: $45 each)

2. The Buffalo Bamboo Sunglasses by WoodrozeThese Sunglasses represent Woodroze's passion for family, friends and good times. Guaranteed to sit perfect on anybody's face. To combine our passion for action sports and the love for the great outdoors with our deep respect for nature. Each pair of Woodroze sunglasses is unique! 

Polarized Polycarbonate Lens
100% UVA/UVB protection
Stainless Steel Spring Hinges
100% Water Resistant 
See more at:
(VALUE: $120.00)

3. Organic Gardener Magazine Subscription - The ABC’s Organic Gardener magazine presents practical, clearly written features and excellent photography on all aspects of organic gardening and living. It sticks to the principles of good, chemical-free gardening, which supports and works together with nature. The magazine explores eco-living issues such as organic food, renewable energy, permaculture, organic farmers’ markets, environmentally friendly home products, and eco-travel. It provides inspiration, information and practical how-to advice and solutions on all aspects of organic gardening and a holistic lifestyle.

Published bi-monthly, ABC’s Organic Gardener is an essential companion for anyone interested in organics, gardening and a healthy, balanced lifestyle.
See more at:
(VALUE: $47.70)

4. MAN TEA by Your TeaYour tea brings you a range of organic tea blends that are rich in flavour and love. MAN TEA is designed to enhance the growth of muscle mass and size, whilst promoting a lean, cut frame. Free of sugar, chemicals and preservatives – this blend is designed to not only compliment, but also enhance physical results.

To purchase or read more visit
(VALUE: $55.00)

5. Miod for Men Cleansing Gel and Soothing Aftershave Oil -
MiĆ³d Natural Skincare was born out of a passion for health and wellbeing, love of nature and desire for a simpler, healthier and more natural life. It is centred on a belief that simplifying, letting go and coming back to basics is better for our health, as well as being kinder to the environment.  To us less is definitely more.  Miod use a small number of carefully selected, high quality whole natural ingredients to create truly pure, clean and honest products which feed and nourish the skin.

Cleansing is an important step in preparation for shaving as it removes dirt and impurities which can build up around hair follicles, as well as helping to soften hair allowing for an easier and closer shave and reducing potential irritation.
The Soothing Aftershave oil is a highly nutritious oil with a light and easily absorbed texture.  It is great as a daily moisturiser to hydrate and balance the skin. Contains ingredients known for their anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, it will soothe and protect the skin after shaving.   
See more at:
(VALUE: $55)

6. Rawsome Food Raw Chocolate Hamper - No present for dad is complete without chocolate right?
Rawsome chocolate is a rich, healthy chocolate made using only the best organic ingredients to satisfy your tastes with pure indulgence.Perfect for people who have dietary intolerances. Taste the goodness in every bite as you join with people the world over who have turned to chocolate for ritual, medicine and sheer pleasure for over 4,000 years. Proudly Australian made with rawsome organic ingredients & no chemicals!

Gluten Free | Dairy Free | Soy Free | Nut Free | Sugar Cane Free | Agave Free | Organic ingredients | Low GI | Vegan Friendly | Diabetic Friendly!

Hamper includes Cruisy Coco, Coffee Crunch, Mighty Mint and Groovy Ginger flavour = YUMMO!

See more at:
And awesome pics on instagram at; @rawsomefoods
(VALUE: OVER $55.00)

So who wins what?

All of the above! HOORAY! Its the big kahuna including all 6 amazing goodies!

1 x Kintinkantan Leather Wallet
1 x Organic Gardener Magazine Subscription
1 x Man Tea

1 x Kintinkantan Leather Wallet
1 x Man Tea

1 x Man Tea

Pretty cool huh? I think so... GO GET ENTERING BELOW!!! You just need to answer the mandatory question to gain entry. Any troubles, just holler at me! 
There are lots of ways to gain extra entries too! Valid for Australian Postal addresses only (excluding the A.C.T.).

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Congratulations to Amber, Amanda, Kym and Rachel! I hope your special men in your life love their gifts this fathers day!!!! xoxo

Saturday, 17 August 2013


"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013."

Little P: The attitude wont get you anywhere my dear... But your still the most beautiful girl I know!

Sunny Boy: Those little rosy cheeks, I could squeeze them all day long!

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Cass xox

Friday, 16 August 2013

What an awesome week!

Wow! What a big week its been, a very busy week but a really fun one. Thought I would give you the run down in pictures... Got to love instagram!

1. Hooray! Finally had a chance to get my hair "fixed up"... It was nice to be pampered, even if I did have Sunny boy in tow. Love my hair dresser's at Organic Salon Dimensions and LOVE that I can take H baby along and NOT be scared that I am subjecting him to any harsh fumes or chemicals!

2. Loved having some sister time on wednesday night at the Lust have it's; Blogger's Busy and Beautiful night.

3. We were totally spoilt at the Busy and Beautiful night in the city with Frangelico cocktails and yummy canape's. Was awesome to meet the amazing faces behind the brands; Inika natural cosmetics, Mobinails, Stylerocks and Lust have it.

4. And yes, we all got manicures by Mobinails... cool huh?

5. On with the night, I headed to the first Stirring Change "what to eat" course graduation party! What an amazing inspiring face, Georgia is such a great person and teacher, she knows her stuff! All the graduates were beaming with happiness and knowledge of traditional foods.

6. Spicy thai chicken soup shots anyone? Such a cool idea for a health party!

7. I. LOVE. GIFT. Bags! YAY! We were blessed with amazing goodies from some cool brands including honest to goodness, raw indulgence, and more... As Busy and beautiful night guest we also recieved a beautiful Inika cream eye shadow and a lust have it beauty box. Very cool goodies!

8. Friday morning I hurled the kids in the car and we went on a big adventure over the Harbour bridge to the east side to the OPENING of Cotton On Kids in Randwick for a beautiful bloggers morning tea. We got to meet the faces behind the brand and talked trends for kids this coming summer... Its all about being able to wear things from "party the playground" people. You better keep your eye on the Cotton On Kids store as there are some amazingly cute items coming out soon!

9. Finished it of with a chai latte and some retail therapy! Little P is now decked out with the coolest kids trends from Cotton On Kids. WOO!

FUN FUN FUN! What did you get up to this week???

Cass xox

WEARING: Abi and Joseph on the move


This week has taken me out into the sunshine a bit more and behind the pram. We are getting out when we can and I'm trying to use incidental exercise by power walking to playgroups and our activities. It feels good to be moving! Next step will be leaving the kiddies at home with Daddy to get back into some of the sports I love! I am really missing dancing so much!


View more wearing posts and fun maternity finds here.

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

RECIPE: 2 egg Omelette

Brekky is ready! So easy, so yummy! Try this for a super quick but delicious protein hit!


  • 2 eggs
  • 30 ml milk of choice
  • Salt / pepper


  • 1 small shallot, chopped
  • 2 Cherry tomatoes, quartered
  • Shaved Parmesan


  1. Into a bowl, whisk eggs, milk, salt and pepper
  2. Onto your hot non-toxic, non stick pan; add omelet mix, drop the heat to allow all the egg to cook.
  3. Around the 2 min mark add your shallots, tomato and Parmesan.
  4. Allow to sit on low heat for another 5 mins.
  5. When you are happy your omelette is cooked through, with a sharp edged scraper, (I use a wooded one) fold over your omelet half way, then shimmy your omelet onto your plate.


And if you want to win on of these amazing non-toxic, non stick Cookut Mypan Ceramic & Eco Frypan go here...

x x x

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Oldies but Goodies

There are friends that come and friends that go. Friends that stick around for a little while and friends that dont. There are friends that are like family and there are friends that you may never see but when you do, it's just like the last time you saw them was yesterday!

This week I got to spend time with one of those friends, a busy friend that I have known since school. We dont see each other often at all, she flys in and out but always makes some time for us. We chatted for hours*; she tells me about her exciting adventures and I share with her the joys and lack of sleep that motherhood brings. We built sand castles in the sunshine and drank chai latte's by the beach. So so so much to catch up on, so much fun we had, it was a great couple of days! 

It's these friends, we call great friends and we keep them close... 

Do you have a great friend you don't see very often? 

Cass Xox

*when we could get a word in around little P. 

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Making omelettes in the Cookut Mypan Ceramic & Eco Frypan + a healthy GIVEAWAY (Valued at $119.96)!

When we received this very bright, super cool looking fry pan from Grand Cucina I asked my husband what the best thing to cook in a non stick fry pan is... Without a breath he came straight out with; "Omelettes are the best!" This was a pretty exciting day for us, our family hasn't been near a non-stick fry pan for a long time now. The main reason being that they are totally toxic, they make our food toxic and thats not what we want for our family. We had come to the fact that we would never have the luxury of non-stick cook ware again. So you can imagine when we found this pan; a non-stick fry pan made from Ecological ceramic,  and TOXIC FREE! This pan features a 5mm heavy cast centre to guarantee even heat distribution, and a ceramic non-stick coating.
It is constructed using natural mineral materials making it good for the environment, and no harmful chemicals making it good for you. And I LOVE LOVE LOVE the colours! They have great range of colours which bring a bit of fun into the kitchen too... YAY! 
So we put it to the test this morning and made the perfect omlette. Yes, it was perfect! Can you believe we didn't need to use any oils and it came off clean??? Just check out the photo above. I will post the recipe soon but in the mean time, I would love to give you the opportunity of winning one of these babies for yourself!

Aluminium body, ceramic coating
Ideal for induction, gas, vitro and electric 
4 x lighter than comparable pans
100% natural (no PFOA or PTFE)
Its easy to enter through rafflecopter below. You must answer the mandatory question to gain entry. If you have any troubles, just sing out!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

CONGRATULATIONS Charlie Sedanayasa!!! YOU WON!
Look out from an email from us to claim your prize.
Now make sure Head over to Grand Cucina ( to check out the great range they have, so many cool things to get you cooking! 

Cass xox

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Joining in on the 52 project - Better late than never...

"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013."

I stumbled across the 52 project a little while ago over on Che and Fidel. The beautiful moments that have been captured of precious little souls as they grow and find themselves is just so sweet to watch. To make a year book of photos of your children, just one a week to help hold onto memories forever is just too beautiful for me not to join in. Memories of our little ones to last a life time and tell a story. I'm in!
So here it is, my first post of my (better to start late than never) 52 project, my babies; just being them.


Little P: You cheeky little thing that makes my heart sing and laugh and cry all at the same time. You are a true character and I love you more than chocolate!*

H baby: My Sunny boy; those big bright eyes and your soft little smiles, so hard to crack but so much light our lives.

Are you in on the action? Share you link below... I would love to have a look. I've linked up with Jodi Here.

Cass xox

* My younger sister has been teaching little P lots of sayings lately and "I love you more than chocolate" is her favourite... And she means the dark raw version, only type she's tried. 

Thursday, 8 August 2013

New gear means new motivation right?

Loving Abi and Joseph active wear this season. 
The first few months after having a baby are the most exciting, amazing, tiring and crazy times in our lives. A new life is such a beautiful thing and to watch him grow and know you made him is such an amazing feeling! But what can come with this joyous bundle of fabulous-ness is a big butt, huge love handles, a non-exsistant waist, a saggy chest and flabby arms... Some are blessed enough with only one or two of these extras, some with none... me? I was blessed with all five, lucky huh?*

After little P was born I was out pelting the pavement 2 weeks post birth, it was summer time, it was hot and it felt good. This time around, its been different. It's winter, its cold and I have a toddler around. I have somehow found every excuse in the book NOT to get out and exercise and as I catch a glimpse of my floppy arms in the mirror, I feel like crap! 
Yes, crap! Exercise is the most important thing for health and wellness, especially the emotional side of things. Its wakes us up and gives us a hit of upbeat endorphins that I have been missing. I need to get moving. I have been doing the odd walk but I need more. I need that hit! I need some motivation! 

So what does one do when they feel like a pick-me-up? Go shopping of course!!!
It was time to let go of my old runners with holes through to the soles and sagging tights that are almost see-through and get online and get myself a new get up. I am feeling fresh and ready to move it, move it! 

This week I will be struggling up a few hills pushing a 14 kg double pram and 2 children... What will you be doing to move your butt???

Cass xox

Check out Abi and Joseph's active wear! They have a huge range of clothes for yoga, Pilates, the gym and the couch. No stripes, no big labels, just a beautiful, simple range of clothing that works with every body. It is FAB and they are giving a mad 10% Off to all Live it, Do it readers! Just enter the code “Choose10” on checkout and you will receive 10% off across the entire abi and joseph range. YAY!

*not so much


FUNNY FACES: Green Smoothie mo and all! LOL!

Fun idea that arrived in my inbox this morning from the veggie mama herself. Its nice to stop for a moment and NOT think so here goes...

Making : Raw Chocolate
Cooking : Leak and Sweet potato Soup
Drinking : Lemon tea
Reading: Wholefood for Children, By Jude Blereau
Wanting: To get a full nights sleep
Looking: Forward to some sunshine
Playing: Lego with little P.
Wasting: Time on the internet
Sewing: Nothing at the moment... But next on the list is hemming H babies curtains that have been cut off. 
Wishing: I could have half an hour everyday for me.
Enjoying: the big smiles from my H baby.
Waiting: For my husband to take the compost out.
Liking: How my blog is going right now
Wondering: Where we will be in 10 years
Loving: My family so so much!
Hoping: For my little P to not have to wear nappies to bed for much longer.
Marvelling: at how my babies are growing and changing. So beautiful!
Needing: Sleep
Smelling: The beautiful flowers a great friend gave me from her garden.
Wearing: Bambi PJ's
Following: So many cool peeps over on instagram.
Noticing: How late it is...
Knowing: That I will need to be up again soon...
Thinking: ALL-THE-TIME!!
Feeling: Excited for what is to come.
Bookmarking: Love this lady;
Opening: A parcel of awesome new fitness gear from Abi and Joseph
Giggling: at little P when she sings!
Feeling: So grateful for everything that I have been blessed with.

I want to know what your up to... Fill it in and give me your the link in the comments below. 

Cass xoxo
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