Thursday, 3 October 2013

My ray of Sunshine... I couldn't call him anything else.

From the minute a baby is born, there is so much pressure on the parents to gift them the perfect name. A name that sits just right and should be announced within moments of them being born into the world. This can be a huge weight on any parents shoulders and when friends and family are hassling the parents to share the name of their new baby, things can be rushed. 

Why is there so much pressure for the name to be announced? I understand everyone is excited and want to know what to call the new addition to the world but names are a huge thing, their with our children forever and as parents we want it to fit to perfection. Personally I just dont get how people can decide on a name before they meet their baby, I need to see the precious one and get to know he or she. In a wonderful world, I believe every parent should be given weeks of time to bond and get to know their baby to really find out from them what is the name that should be theirs forever! And in hind site, that's what we did. 

When our beautiful baby was born, we were overflowed with love and emotion, but names, we were stuck! Why? Because we were in total shock that we had a boy, I mean, I still have to pinch myself that I have a boy. We always pictured our family to be filled with little women, simply because my husband is a diver and divers are known to have girl babies.* I even had the message ready to announce the birth to all our friends and   family with the name of what I thought was our little girl; EVE CECELIA MICHELIN.
I always just imagined my husband to be trying to manage a bunch of hormonal girls so when we were so blessed with a little boy, it threw a spanner in the works. 
We struggled for 24 hours discussing the 3 boys names that we had in our notes ending with me asking over and over; "Are you sure its right?" and my husband saying "Yes, it's fine, just name him already"... So we named him Harley; a name I loved and that was that. 
I wanted him to have an old fashioned but unique name that was coastal and happy and I thought that was It... But as the days went on, it just never sat right. It just wasn't him, it just wasn't us.

And then, the name began popping up everywhere. It started to haunt me, I mean everywhere I went I ran into another baby Harley and not all boys, So many little girls too!!! And its a beautiful name for a girl. People then started relating him to Harley Davidson's and that is just not my little boy. As his personality began to show, the more bubbly and happy little boy he became and not a hardcore bikey Harley Davidson. It's then, we started calling him our Sunny boy. Our happy little boy full of sunshine. Sunny is a name that I have always loved and thought it would be a great nickname but as we fell in love with it and his little personality was shining more light into our lives we decided to do it, we decided to change it, officially change our darling boys name to Sunny! People have asked us why??? And the answer is simply; "Because we like it!"
We are those people everyone talks about, we officially changed our boys name at 4 months old.  If nothing else, it will be a great story to tell in the future. 

So that's it, his name is now Sunny, short for sunshine!*

Do you know anyone that's changed their babies name? Would love to hear any stories! X

*google it; there's lots of research behind it. 
* TOTALLY JOKING! It's just Sunny, not short for anything. 

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