Thursday, 5 September 2013

Struggle street...

Well, I am struggling...

Struggling because I am not used to (and dont want to get used to) the over weight post baby body I am in.
Struggling because the weight is not falling off me like everyone says it will when breast feeding.
Struggling because everyone around me is shrinking back to their pre-baby bodies and I am not.
Struggling because my house is a filth bomb.
Struggling because my big girl loves my little boy way to much and cant help but cuddle, pick up, drop,  and smother him.
Struggling because my baby is rolling and starting to move off his mat and I am not ready for mobility.
Struggling because we only have one kitchen sink and no dishwasher.
Struggling to get any washing folded and put away.
Struggling to think my husband is going to be working pretty far away from home next year and that means he wont be home some nights.
Struggling that the floor is always dirty.
Struggling that I don't have any time for me.
Struggling with the never ending winge and wine of a 2 year old.
Struggling with the fact that I feel like I'm struggling.

Although I am so blessed with:

Great friends
Supportive mums
A handy Husband
Beautiful, Healthy Children
Loving family
A great place to live
And so much more!

So I will plan for tomorrow. It will bring a brand new day of sunshine and I hope to struggle a little less with the simple things of the everyday life of a mother and appreciate and enjoy the big things that I am so very lucky to have in my life!

Do you get caught up in the mother madness? What do you do for you?

Cass xo

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