Friday, 20 September 2013

WEARING: Dressing my feet for Spring

Lately I have been wearing some what of a uniform; the same pants, same boring T shirts and sandals. The main reason is that I have a very limited wardrobe that fits me in this post baby faze of my life and I refuse to give in too much to buying any clothes to make myself too comfortable.
SO I have been swapping between my big harem pants and these jeans. Switching between a few different tops, mostly black in the attempt to disguise the huge chest that I have been (not-so) blessed with as of late.

One part of my body that hasn't changed too much is my feet! So instead of getting bored in the slump of the same I thought I would pretty my feet up with some bright Spring shoes from Ziera! HOORAY! I have to tell you that Ziera shoes have it right when it comes to fitting feet, they want you to look good as well as feel amazing and they will not let you leave their store with a shoe that doesn't fit to perfection. By providing you with the perfect fit they are looking after your hips, back and body as a whole, most of their shoes can even fit orthotics. This is a win for my (very) wide feet that aren't easy to fit.

Whats very cool is that Ziera Shoes has teamed up with not-for-profit Dress for Success, Ziera will donate $1 from every pair of shoes sold or $10K – whichever is higher – to Dress for Success from today; September 21 until October 4. Awesome!

I think thats a great reason to put some new Spring time soles on those feet of yours! Hope your having a lovely saturday!

Cass xo


Bradford Shoe c|o Ziera Shoes
Faith Design Necklace c|o FAITH DESIGN
Boyfriend Jeans | Cotton on 
Black Top | Country Road
Sunglasses c|o Proof Eyewear

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