Tuesday, 15 October 2013

I am grateful...

This week has brought another stretch of weekday widow-dom... Mr A (my husband) is back on a promotion course for a month with work where he will only be home on the weekends. From the beginning of our relationship, he has been back and forth away with work; jobs that are dangerous and jobs that are not so dangerous. Thats the thing with being in the military, you never really know what the next job is and you never really know where the next place you will be living. I have always been so independent so him being away has never affected me too bad. That was until we had children; with kids, it is very different. It's nice to have someone to share the day with, help feed and bath the kids and get them into bed. It's a kind of sanity relief. And Toddlers don't quite understand where daddy is and why he is not home. Its exhausting!

This year, I won't lie, it has been really hard!!! We have moved house, then almost moved to Perth. I had complications with my pregnancy, a new baby that was suspected to be very sick, now transitioning to 2 children and totally struggling with my weight, life is a roller coaster ride.

Not having too much family around, I have lent on some of the amazing people around me, they are mums and I am so grateful to have you around!
I am grateful for my mum, my best bud mums. I am grateful for the playgroup mums, the park mums and the mums that just call me up to see if I'm ok. All of you are amazing and I thank you for being you!

How do you go on your own? 

Cass x x
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