Thursday, 22 May 2014

On the Road Again

This post is supported by Aus Post Car insurance

A few weeks ago my husband was lucky enough to get some time off work. This doesn’t happen very often so Mr Live it, Do it was a little bit excited and phoned me straight away to tell me that we would be heading off to visit our family down the coast in 3 days and gave me a list of jobs to do in true Commando Andrew style. We hadn’t been away for months and months and the simple things like servicing the car and checking our car insurance was up to date were high on the to-do-list. 3 days; 2 Thermomix demonstrations, 3 articles to write, 2 kids to feed and look after and cleaning and packing the car for all of us while my husband had the luxury of being at work; I couldn’t help but have a few words with him… Are you serious? You’re giving me a huge list of “man” jobs to do on top of all the other jobs that I already have? With a bit of negotiation we agreed that I would start with the car insurance, which would be the most important, and then everything else could come later. If there is one thing I am very good at, it’s letting our monthly payments lapse and being dropped from policies without even knowing. Terrible I know!!!! Insurance stuff can be quite overwhelming; I am the first to admit that I have never really had to take the responsibility for much and I would rather call my mum to do the quoting for me, haha! But I knew it was time to put on my big girl pants and do some calling around myself. It’s not the most fun job in the world but it is a necessity when there’s no room in the budget for anything to go wrong.

Budget is a huge thing for us so we always want the biggest bang for our buck.
Searching around online; I was introduced to Australia Post Car Insurance; I felt like I was in the right place with them as they are a brand that everyone knows and trusts. Getting the comprehensive quote from Australia Post Car Insurance online was really quick and super simple, it only took me two minutes from start to finish; that’s pretty unheard of, right? What made my absolute day though was that they were, and still are, having 20% off online. Such a bonus! It was a big job done super quickly and that made my husband more than happy and we could feel safe for our trip down the coast.
We had such a great time away and the $224 that we saved on our car insurance quote by doing it online ahead of June 30th (the 20% discount period), covered our petrol for the trip and a heap of extra treats including a yummy dinner out! We ended up getting to spend such quality time together (this NEVER happens!) going on family fishing adventures and walks along the boardwalk. With Andrew away so much with work, it was time that we really needed together. Such special family memories we will have with us forever.
What is on the top of your to-do-list when you plan for a family trip?

Monday, 19 May 2014


"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2014."

Quiet Time...

Little P: P P you make me laugh out loud my dear!

Sunshine: Shhhhhh!!! Asleep... Just the way we like you! x x x

Are you taking part in the 52 project? I would love to see!!! 

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Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Its time to take a deep Breathe!

A couple of weeks ago; we celebrated our little Sunshine turning 1. We sung Happy Birthday, opened presents and I stood up in front of a very small group of our closest friends and family to thank them for being there for us as we travelled through a year that I really thought I would never make it through.  It's not a secret that this past year has been the hardest year of my life; I have been exhausted physically, mentally and emotionally... Our baby boy has brought so much light and love into our lives and really made our amazing family complete but every day has been a struggle. And the time has come to realise that that is not alright... I have been an over tired, uninspired, weight gaining machine this past year and it had came a time when I finally realised that enough is enough. Eating the way I do shouldnt cause the things that are going on inside me physically and mentally and this brought me to a place that I knew I shouldn't be... My biggest battle is the motivation that I have lacked to get up and move and then the self doubt when I cant understand why I have become what I have become; this person that cant sleep all night and wants to sleep all day is far from the person that I am. 
There have been many days that I have taken myself to bed at 4pm and my husband has to pick up the pieces of the day. 

The problem with being a mum; is that there is always something that you can put yourself down about; why cant I keep the house clean? Why cant I get the clean washing back into the cupboards? Why cant I be happy with the amazing life that I have? Why cant I get off my butt and lose some weight? What is wrong with me??? Why cant I do it all!?!? The truth is; we simply cant! Its not in our biochemistry!

The biggest confusion for me was that I eat the way I do and just keep putting on weight (alot of weight!); it just didn't make sense, I was stumped so it came the point when I knew I had to go to see someone so I called my local holistic GP... And I am so grateful that I did! A couple of weeks on, no anti depressants and every blood test you can imagine; I have answers! Simple answers that so many mums don't get before they are prescribed some sort of mood enhancing medication. How can anyone be happy, motivated or lose weight if they are overworked, stressed up to the eye balls, nutrient deficient and so hormonally unbalanced that anyone coming near them may be bombarded with psycho-ness? And if your wondering who I'm talking about, yes that would be me! But so many mums are feeling this exact way too! It shouldn't be about masking the symptoms, we need to treat the actual problem and that lies in our insides... Did you know that depression in itself can be a mixture of nutrient deficiencies and hormonal imbalance brought on by stress, food or toxicity? I really don't know how I missed the signs and symptoms and didn't get my big butt to the doctor earlier instead of wasting all this time feeling so miserable. One of the biggest concerns is that I was eating well but when the stress hormone kicks in its really hard for the body to respond and take in any goodness and my thyroid is just not doing its job. It is a common problem and can be an uphill battle as any exhausted mum, but for me; I now have a whole heap of answers and hope on the horizon! It is so important for us, as mums to look after ourselves first. We are so important, we are so incredible so if we dont; the whole ship can sink.

If you are feeling tired, unmotivated, and down; Take yourself to a Holistic Doctor or Naturopath and get yourself checked out. Look for someone that has studied nutrition and get some blood tests. Life is about feeling good!

I've started a bunch of supplements, extra green smoothies, regular meals and being more active at stopping to just Breathe. I am starting to feel better every day. I'll keep you updated on the journey. In the mean time; make sure you watch the above recording of the incredible message from Dr Libby on TEDx; its a must watch for Mumma's! Lets save Womens health and remember just how amazing we really are!


Monday, 12 May 2014

Jo whittons quirky cook book is here!

Source; @jowhitton
Source; @jowhitton

I've been a little bit, well ALOT excited about this for a while now; Jo whittons quirky cook book is here! 

I met Jo over Instagram a couple of years ago when I launched my first year of Sugar Free September. She was one of my very first supporters of this challenge and I am so very grateful. Since then; I have loved watching her AMAZING recipes pop up in my newsfeed and we have commented away over the big wide web of social media. All Jo's recipes just screamed at me to hurry up and go and get myself a thermomix; so a couple of months ago that's what I did. Best purchase I've ever made!!!

A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to be invited to the long awaited "QUIRKY COOKING" book launch so my ever so clingy baby Sunshine and I took the adventure into the city. It was so lovely to finally meet some of the incredible "super mums" that I have been blog following for years; including the beautiful Collette from Cut out the Crap, Amanda from Pink Farm, Alex Stuart and Brenda Janschek. It's a crazy thing meeting someone in "real life" that you feel like you know everything about online!!! But so amazing! Being in a room with these AMAZING AMAZING passionate real foodies was just such fun. Jo got up and demonstrated some of her incredible recipes and showed everyone really how easy using a thermomix is to create delicious real food. It was a great day!

The Quirky Cooking book is just gorgeous; all the pictures are beautiful and the recipes are out of this world. All the recipes are super easy, so tasty and super nutritious which is what I love for my little family. I would highly recommend adding this book to your collection; you will use it daily! And if you dont have a thermomix; this book is sure to make you NEED one. Its the best!

I would love you to share any recipes you make from the Quirky cook book with me. And if you haven't already; be sure to check out Jo's wonderful blog; Quirky Cooking... Make sure you make yourself a tea; its great! 

Cass xo

Sunday, 11 May 2014


"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2014."


Little P: The expolorer!

Sunshine: The clinger! Baby wearing all day long; this babe has been under the weather and feels safest right there with his Mumma. 

Are you taking part in the 52 project? I would love to see!!! 

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Friday, 9 May 2014

RECIPE: Roast Chicken

There's something so special about a family roast. Getting the family together to feast over such a hearty, nourishing meal is such an amazing thing to do and coming into winter I can see this coming a weekly tradition in our house.
What I love most about making a roast dinner is that it is so easy to throw together, yet so tasty and so unbelievable nourishing. There is not much in cutting up a heap of veggies and throwing it all in the oven for an hour or so. And whats better is that one chicken can go so far; making one great meal of a roast dinner to then making a delicious and super nourishing broth with the bones left over. Bone Broth is so warming for the body and really helps to fight off the flu season. A whole chicken really is a complete winter comfort food.

With Mothers day just in 2 sleeps now and the cooler weather coming in I wanted to share with you my absolute favourite roast dinner recipe for you to enjoy with your family on Sunday. Its a little different to your average roast chook recipe but let me tell you; it is so so delicious! This is what we will be devouring on Sunday. Give it a go and let me know what you think. 

1 Whole Chicken
2 Tbls Tamari Sauce
2 Tbls raw Honey
1 Onion; halved
2 cloves garlic
3 sprigs Rosemary

A heap of mixed veg for roasting including sweet potato, carrots, potatoes, pumpkin, Onions, etc.
2 Tbls Coconut oil

1. Switch oven onto 180 degrees. 
2. Stuff the chicken with 1 onion, halved and the garlic
3. Brush or massage the honey and Tamari Sauce all over the chicken skin.
4. Place whole Chook into a Steamer (I use the Thermomix sitting chicken in the Varoma but you can use a pot and basket with lid) and steam whole chook for 1 hour.
5. While chicken is steaming away; place all your chopped mixed veggie smothered in the coconut oil onto a baking tray and into the oven to get cooking.
6. Once chicken has been steaming for 1 hour; Transfer chicken to a baking tray and place into the oven with the veggies to crisp up for 10-15 minutes. Veggies should be just about done.
7. DELISH! Enjoy your Family Roast.
Steggles family roasts are available from Coles stores nationally.
·      Available from the meat department

Saturday, 3 May 2014

RECIPE: Berry Breakfast Smoothie

We are having such a nice time down the coast but the mornings are super early as the kids seem to wake up earlier and earlier. The main objective is to get their porridge made and into them so they have a good start to the long day ahead. As a mum, it can be easy to get lost in fixing up the food for the children and totally forgetting about myself so I've been trying to fit in a quick smoothie so I can get a hit of nutrients in the nick of time. This one is a goodie! 


1 cup (home made if possible) almond milk
1 scoop natural protein powder
1 handful frozen mixed berries
1 teaspoon tahini
1 teaspoon coconut oil
Small handful baby spinach


Throw it all in the thermomix of food processor and wizz it up. 

Enjoy straight away! 

So yummy! 

Cass x
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