Saturday, 30 August 2014


I'M CHALLENGING YOU ALL TO A SUGAR-FREE SEPTEMBER! Can you do it? Of course you can!! We are now coming up to our 3rd year of our Sugar Free September challenge and I am so excited for what we have in store for you!


To take part in our challenge:
  1. Join us on instagram (@liveitdoit) or facebook
  2. Post the above picture to your facebook or instagram... Share this with as many people as you can and get as many of your friends involved! You are committing to a huge group of people and yourself! It will be fun!  
  3. Don't eat any food containing refined sugar for 30 days starting at the beginning of September 2014.
  4. Post a refined-sugar free photo a day for each day of September from the list to instagram or facebook and hash tag #sugarfreeseptember so we can check out all the motivating sugar-free pics and keep focused.
  5. If you are having a hard day and need support or have a question please don't hesitate to get on our facebook page ... We are all here to support each other!
Why should you get involved? 
  • Because the Single Best Thing You Can Do For Your Health is to Stop Eating Sugar!!
  • To clean up your diet!
  • Improve your health!
  • Cravings will be beaten in Force in a supportive environment!
  • Drop a few kilo's and get that that brilliant body for summer... Its coming in full heat!
  • Pump up your energy levels and feel fabulous!
  • You will sleep better!
  • Get the glow back in your skin!
  • The best way to get your kids to cut back on their sugar intake is to be a good role model by scaling back on your own sugar consumption.
What makes this year so special is that we are putting together an amazing recipe book to help you along the way! This ebook is well underway and will be full of over 60 delicious recipes from a collaboration of health experts, whole food chefs and real foodies including Therese Kerr, Jo whitton from Quirky Cooking, Alexx Stuart, Georgia from Stirring Change, Chef Kate, Juli Novotny from Pure mamas, Colette from Cut out the Crap and many, many more! I'm excited!

This book is looking absolutely beautiful and I am so happy to share it with you soon! This is such an exciting time for us at Live it, Do it and we are so appreciative of all the support our loyal readers have given us over the years! So for a limited time only; if you sign up before the beginning of September, we will give you this amazing recipe book for FREE! YES, FREEEEEEEE!!!! So get pumped, get excited and lets take charge into September and change the way we look at food in Australia – one bite at a time!

to receive:
* Our amazing recipe ebook; "LIVE IT. DO IT. EAT IT" filled with over 60 refined sugar free recipes from health experts, wholefood chefs and real foodies to lead you through your #sugarfreeseptember FOR FREE!
* Gain access to our exclusive Sugar Free September support group on facebook.  


* indicates required

note: You will be the first to receive the "LIVE IT, DO IT, EAT IT" ebook via email as soon as it launches one the 24th August! WAHOOOOO!

A hangover of a different kind

haha. love this! {source}
I have been gluten free (again) for a few months now. Its something I have played around with time and time again as wheat and gluten has never really agreed with me but this time I am doing it for health reasons; to fix my gut and thyroid issues once and for all. I don't find it hard to stay off gluten when I'm focused. I love cooking and there are heaps of fun and healthy alternatives to keep me on track. BUTTTTT last week when we went to the snow; I was tired from being up late launching the ebook and the fluffy white stuff kept staring me in the face everywhere I went so I had a bit of a gluten binge... Nothing over the top, just had a nibble on some white sourdough here and there. It was pretty tasty but I could tell my body wasn't agreeing with it almost instantly, I felt a bit yuck in the stomach but let it go and got on with things. The next day was a different story; I was puffy, bloated and a complete psychopath... like really depressed!!! Not because I felt bad for eating it, I didn't at all, it was just my mood, it was what really showed me how much my body doesn't like gluten, food can affect us is such different ways and I was feeling like that most of the time when I was consuming the stuff. How did I not realise before that something so simple could make me feel so crap; tired, lethargic, depressed, down and all round yuck. Its definitely something I know now that I need to stay away from. Its nice to be aware of what works well and what doesn't, Its time to be more mindful in the way we all eat.

Chat soon. Cass x

Monday, 25 August 2014

REAL MUM REVIEW: A week off kitchen duty with Eat Fit Food.

Last week would of had to have been the busiest week in my blogging history; attending a few events, finalising my ebook, releasing it, having my hub coming and going and having 2 sick kid-lets on top of some other work I needed to get done. I was exhausted and really wondering if everything was going to get done on time until I received a lovely email from Eat Fit Food with a meal pack special; we jumped on it and got a weeks worth of lunches and dinners for the family. I am such a huge fan of Eat Fit food; the meals, their philosophies and their wonderful staff with such a passion for health and a vision for a clean eating world. All their food is 'REAL', no additives, no refined sugars, all ethically sourced and no crap! They know where its at and they give their customers a great service of beautifully presented, delicious meals, delivered to their door daily. That means nothing frozen, just real food ready to go. 
We enjoyed stir-fry chicken and cashew nuts, baked fish and vegetables, prawn noodle salads, lamb roasts and more! Its like having a personal chef cooking up meals that are restaurant quality but only full of goodness. These meals for the week meant that we ate; really! Haha we ate more that dippy eggs with chopped raw carrot as I just didn't have the time to be spending in the kitchen that I usually would. Eat Fit food gave me the little break I needed to get the work done and keep us all nourished and with very happy tummy's! 
I highly recommend checking out what they have to offer. You wont be disappointed!!! 

Sunday, 17 August 2014

WIN: 1 in 4 Zoggs kids swimming packs including Peppa Pig arm bands!

Look at those crazy kids above in their Zoggs gear; don't they just make you laugh? I love them! Theres so much happiness right there! 
Spring is coming and Zoggs wants to give you the chance to WIN one of four amazing kids swimming packs! Zoggs have a great range of swim products at affordable prices and they are the one and only swimwear company that create the fun with Peppa Pig! We love Zoggs at our house!

So we have 2 boys packs and 2 girls packs to giveaway including:

Zoggs Swimsuit 
Zoggs & Friends Cap 
Zoggs Goggles 
Peppa or George Pigs Armbands 

Enter through the rafflecopter app below and like Zoggs Australia and Zoggs New Zealand on Facebook page. 

Terms and conditions:
Available to Australian residents only
Swimwear and caps may vary 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Seriously, how cute is this kid??? HAH!

Sunday, 10 August 2014

REAL MUM REVIEW: PoshGrotz Waterproof Play wear

Firstly, how cute is my little guy in his PoshGrotz above??? Not only does he look absolutely gorgeous but he can play in the wet and til his hearts content because his outer layer is totally waterproof! Thats what PoshGrotz is all about, cute kids having the time of their lives without the worry of ruining there clothes. My biggest pet hate is washing and I am definitely one mother that can easily avoid the "dirty" situations, which is a bit sad as playing in the mud can be so much fun for a kid and it is actually really good for them to get dirty as it helps boost their immune system. You can imagine how happy this mum was when she found about this great new product; A onsie that you slip over any normal clothes and let your kids run around in rain or shine. It was love at first site!

Poshgrotz was created by a local Northern Beaches Mum of 3 who just loves to see her kids explore in the garden, beach or bushland. After realising that she was spending way too much time of laundry, she wanted to come up with “something to cover and protect them from getting damp, wet and dirty.” and thats where PoshGrotz Playwear evolved! PoshGrotz have a great range of waterproof playwear and awesome colours and prints. I would highly recommend this great product to any mum! My little boy has had so much wear and so much fun in his so far, its great!

Head over to PoshGrotz website to browse their great products here;
Stay connected with ProshGrotz to hear about upcoming promotions here; 


Saturday, 9 August 2014


"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2014."

Overgrown garden.

Little P: Full of 'tude and wont let go of that pink crystal...

Sunshine: Checking the cabbage (or eating the chicken manure) 

Are you taking part in the 52 project? I would love to see!!! 
I'm linking up with Jodi here. 

ps. very close to getting my camera back! hooray!

Friday, 8 August 2014

WEARING: Gypsy Dreamers

I have always been a little bare on the accessories front, simply because I can never find any that just go. You can imagine how I felt when I was gifted this amazing, out-there but totally gorgeous necklace from Gypsy Dreamers... Its was a happy day! I love the blue and white together and I love the big funky beads, I just love it! Gypsy dreamers is a new brand to hit the scenes but it is taking charge pretty quick with some beautiful peices to suit everyone and every budget! I'm really excited to do some further friends birthday shopping there thats for sure. Above are a couple of pics form before the Eat Fit food Health kit event. Such fun to get a little dressed up and head out with Mr Hub.


Necklace thanks to Gypsy Dreamers
Zuri Shift Black Dress thanks to Sahara Fleur (my new favourite, it has black lace sleeves, so gorgeous!)
Spliced Waterfall Jacket thanks to Sussan.

Struck down but not out...

What a week we had last week; I had just started pushing myself and staying up late working on our ebook that's launching soon. Then our hot water system blew up, flooded my office, and If that didn't stop me from getting on my computer then I was struck down with a huge dose of tonsilitis, spent 2 days in bed and then ended the week covered in hives... The body does work in mysterious ways and it seems that when we start to get some answers to some health mysteries, the body goes into a frenzy! Well that's the chat amoungst friends at the moment; I have a few friends going through some similar health explorations with our great holistic doctor but we all have similar complaints... Why aren't our results quick enough? Why does the storm get worse before the sunshine?

I'm not sure whether my couple of days spent in bed were due to the detox period or a reminder from my body to slow down and let myself heal, or a simple wake up call to make me listen to what's going on and sleep! What ever it was, it did make me stop... The simple fact is that nothing can heal if we don't allow it too! We need to chill and give the body time! 

Along with the rest, I dosed myself up with garlic, bone broth, onion and my million supplements that I've been prescribed and got back on my feet after a few days. So the battle continues to beat the bad bugs, build my gut up and have a fully functioning thyroid. 

So let me remind you that our body gives us signals, we need to listen to them! Simple. 

X x x

Sunday, 3 August 2014


"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2014."

Saturday Mornings.

Little P: fruit frappe on one leg; only way to drink it!

Sunshine: you made it to the top of the slide; what a Boss!

Are you taking part in the 52 project? I would love to see!!! 
I'm linking up with Jodi here. 

Saturday, 2 August 2014



What’s number one on your bucket list? – Online competition

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