Friday, 8 August 2014

Struck down but not out...

What a week we had last week; I had just started pushing myself and staying up late working on our ebook that's launching soon. Then our hot water system blew up, flooded my office, and If that didn't stop me from getting on my computer then I was struck down with a huge dose of tonsilitis, spent 2 days in bed and then ended the week covered in hives... The body does work in mysterious ways and it seems that when we start to get some answers to some health mysteries, the body goes into a frenzy! Well that's the chat amoungst friends at the moment; I have a few friends going through some similar health explorations with our great holistic doctor but we all have similar complaints... Why aren't our results quick enough? Why does the storm get worse before the sunshine?

I'm not sure whether my couple of days spent in bed were due to the detox period or a reminder from my body to slow down and let myself heal, or a simple wake up call to make me listen to what's going on and sleep! What ever it was, it did make me stop... The simple fact is that nothing can heal if we don't allow it too! We need to chill and give the body time! 

Along with the rest, I dosed myself up with garlic, bone broth, onion and my million supplements that I've been prescribed and got back on my feet after a few days. So the battle continues to beat the bad bugs, build my gut up and have a fully functioning thyroid. 

So let me remind you that our body gives us signals, we need to listen to them! Simple. 

X x x
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