Monday, 1 September 2014

Day 1 #sugarfreeseptember - I am overflowing with joy!

Wow! What an amazing day! I started the day with a nourishing breakfast of slow cooked lamb shoulder, avo, cultures and bone broth. Super tasty and gave me a good kick to start this challenge.

I have seriously been buzzing all day with excitement and pure joy to see so many people motivated and inspired to charge into a month of cutting out all refined sugars from their diet! When I got online this morning, I was so overwhelmed by all the positive energy over all of our social media platforms and in the Sugar Free September Facebook group I couldn't help but burst into tears (clearly I'm a mum!)!! It just made me so happy to see so many people that want to take their health into their own hands! Whatever the reason is behind you taking on this challenge, I know it is going to change a lot of lives and really empower you to make the best choices you can for your families! This is what this challenge is all about, opening up those eyes and really seeing what is in our food and making your own decision as to what you fuel your body with! 
I am so unbelievably encouraged by all of you and I am so excited for what this month holds. You are all a bunch of rock stars and only good things are going to rock! I danced in my kitchen with my kiddies all morning in celebration and I will keep dancing til the end, You are all going to shine! 

This challenge is not going to be easy for some of you, it is a massive step in the right direction but you need to focus on the simple things first in order to succeed... Keep things very simple. It's really important to start each day off with a nourishing breakfast full of protein and good fats and then take charge of each day one meal at a time. It's not a competition, it's a learning experience and you are learning what foods work best in your body so listen to what's going on inside you. If you are heading towards that late afternoon junk food binge session then be prepared to tackled it head on. Pack tasty snacks to curb cravings, drink some filtered water with a pinch of sea salt, have a nutrient packed lunch, and rest! If you are a late night snacker, do some relaxation exercises and get into bed early. It's important to put yourself first!
Head over to the #sugarfreeseptember Instagram hashtag for lots of delicious inspiration, it's full of amazing real food fun and it's going wild! I love it. Above are a few pics that made my mouth water and some great ideas to try this month. 

Keep up the good work guys! I love you all! 

Cass x x x

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