Wednesday, 24 September 2014

RECIPE: Winner Chicken Dinner


I'm very excited to share a recipe with you from a friend of mine; Lynsey. She is a woman about blogging town and she has taken on our Sugar Free September Challenge which I am thrilled baout. Here's her go to dinner for the fam; simple and delicious! Its definitely a winner.

A simple and heart warming meal for the whole family.
Ingredients: 4 chicken breasts 2 onions Handful of mushrooms 1 kg of Broccoli 8 baby potatoes 3 carrots 3 large oranges Handful of seasonal herbs 2 cups of chicken stock. 1 cup of water.
Roughly chop all ingredients and put into large casserole dish Pour stock into dish. Squeeze oranges over and then pop them in with skins. Cover with Tin foil & pop in oven for 90 min at 150 degrees. Check & stir after 30 minutes then recover and leave for another 30 min.
Depending on your oven you may have to leave longer. 
Serve steaming in bowls as a stew and enjoy with the family.  
Serves 5 with leftovers for lunch.

You can find more of what Lysney has to say along with her partner in crime Maraya with fun stuff for mums @

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