Friday, 26 December 2014

Guess the Price to Win a Nutribullet

Isn’t Christmas fun? We had such an incredible day with family, it was really lovely. What I love most about Christmas is giving; I love shopping for gifts, I love wrapping them, I love watching the family open them and I love watching the look on their faces when they unwrap their little perfectly wrapped parcels… The looks are priceless; they differ from “OMG! This is amazing!” to “yeh I could use this” to “Hmmmm I could take it or leave it” to “Really? What was she thinking?” …

When we give a gift we want that look of joy, we want them to love what we have given them whether we have put time into finding them the perfect gift or just thrown something together that was hanging out in the cupboard waiting to be gifted. That’s the problem isn’t it? Some people are really hard to buy for, others we don’t really care too much about. We may need a gift for kris kringle, a long lost relative or one of our closest friends; every sort of gift giving comes with different meaning.  So what do you do when we’re on the other side of things, you receive a gift that just isn’t right? It may be something you already own or something that you believe you would never use, or something just plain out wacky. Yesterday I was lucky enough to receive two Nutribullet’s thanks to Gumtree, the problem is that I have something very similar so really don’t need it. Luckily Gumtree are running an Unwanted Gifts competition where any user who posts their unwanted gifts tagging #UnwantedGifts in their Gumtree advertisement will go in the draw to win an iPad.
In the last year more than 50% of Australians have received out of the ordinary, odd or crazy gifts, while others deemed their gifts unwanted because; it wasn’t something they’d ever use (77%), they already had something similar (20%) or they hated it or thought it was hideous (18%). A bit sad really but its good to think that someone’s unwanted gift may be someone else’s treasure and instead of keeping things locked away in the cupboard we can pass it onto someone in need and earn a little cash to put towards something we love or save for a rainy day. The gift that keeps on giving seems to be a thing of the past as 70% of Australians admit to knowingly buying undesirable gifts at Christmas, leaving 20.3 million gifts up for grabs with a value of $520 million. That’s crazy!

Apparently those not selling unwanted presents online are re-gifting them, with 9.6 million Australians, that’s 66% guilty of offloading gifts to someone else. I can easily fall into this category at times. While women are more likely to re-gift than men, both appear to be getting away with it, as only 8% have been caught out – a surprisingly low result given some Australians have accidentally re-gifted to the person that gave them the present in the first place. Have you done this??? I did once and it was way too embarrassing! I don’t know how it even happened. I’ll blame it on baby brain. Eeeekkkk!

This year I won’t be letting that happen, I thought I would keep up the gift of giving and gift this amazing NUTRiBULLET to one of you. I will give it to one lucky reader who can guess the closest price that I have set for the value of this Nutribullet . All you need to do is answer the question through the rafflecopter link below and you in the running. FUN!

In addition if you enter the #UnwantedGifts competition on Gumtree you can have a second guess. If you are keen to upload your unwanted gifts on here are some tips:

1.         Be descriptive: Describe the product you’re selling, including its features, a brief history and reasons for selling the item. The more information you provide, the more likely you are to make a sale at the price you’re looking for.

2.         Make your ad visual: You will have more success with potential buyers if they can visualise the item you are selling, so it is very beneficial to include a range of images.

3.         Sell at a fair price: Don’t oversell the product or price it at more than it is worth. A great way to ensure your pricing is competitive is to research what similar products are selling for online.
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