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RECIPE: Fresh Turmeric and Ginger Coconut Latte

So many bugs going around and its freezing, this Winter we have all been feeling like something warm and comforting right? Ginger and Turmeric are superfoods in their own right, full of goodness and great to kick of bugs heading your way. The warmth of the coconut milk, honey and cinnamon make this drink delicious and the ginger gives it a bit of a kick. Sip it in a pretty tea cup or serve it up to your baby in their bottle, this one is one for everyone, the kids will love it as much as you do and its so good for their insides. Enjoy as an afternoon pick me up, a night cap or just because. Its surprisingly delicious!

Fresh Turmeric and Ginger Coconut Latte
Makes 2

2 cm fresh ginger, peeled
2 cm fresh Turmeric, peeled
500 ml coconut milk
1 tsp cinnamon 
2 tsp raw honey

In a high powdered blender, whiz ginger, turmeric and coconut milk like you would a smoothie. 
Pour mixture into a pot on the stove and bring to about 80 degrees, stirring constantly.
Add honey and mix through. 
Using a fine sieve; strain liquid into a jug or tea pot. Stir through the cinnamon and serve in your pretty tea cup.
Sprinkle with a little dried turmeric if you wish. 


I've talked about big boobs and bras before here and how it can be hard to find the perfect bra that fits. Recently I've been loving the triumph range of bras. This is because they make pretty bras that fit big chests. Gone are the days of only finally bras that make your boobs look pointy. 

Women with big breasts can find being active hard especially when their is not much around to keep the borders held down. I have been road testing the triaction® Performance sports bra by triumph and I love it. Sports bras for bigger breasts are usually madonna like; they can hold but they make your breasts look like they are pointing out to your favourite island. One of the great things about the triaction performance bra is that it has a nice round shape so if you are going straight from the gym, out and about you can feel comfortable that your chest looks 'normal'. 
Its no secret why this is one of Triumph;s best selling styles. 
When I first put on the bra it was really comfortable, it sits really well under the arms and holds fantastically over the shoulders. 

The real test is the bounce test right??? It's safe to say its firm minimising bounce, you feel very well supported. I actually love having it on and can see myself wearing it day to day even when not exercising. 

The triaction® Performance sports bra is not just for the big breasted, fitting cup sizes up to an F, it starts at a 10C and goes right up to a 22E, and it is designed so that your bust stays put during all kinds of activity. This triaction sports style is soft on the skin, provides freedom of movement during high level sport activity and has great fabric recovery power. Supportive and soft, the top cup panel has a rigid lining to significantly reduce breast bounce during sport activities. This triaction design also features innovative eco fabric with high shaping and recovery power to prolong the life of your sports bra. Once you try this bra on you'll be sold.

The amazing people at TRIUMPH have put together an awesome sports pack for one of our active readers.
All you need to do to enter is sign up to our newsletter and answer the question in the rafflecopter app below; What do you love to do to be active???

This giveaway is open to Australian postal address only and winner will be announced on Thursday the 6/8/2015. 

You can find out more about Triumph here: http://au.triumph.com

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10 Ways to Switch Off and Recharge

image source
10 Ways to Switch Off and Recharge
Guest post by Paul Cox, Solar Springs Life Coach

Many mums don’t allow themselves the luxury of switching off; however we need to view relaxing not as a luxury but as a necessity. Even taking just 5 to 10 minutes a day to relax can make a difference. We all relax and recharge in different ways. With that in mind here are 10 tips to quickly recharge – choose one and enjoy it!

1. Release. Take a pen and paper and write down your worries, your frustrations or any emotion you might be carrying around. Let it out onto the page. Effective stress management involves not just the ability to relax but also the ability to acknowledge feelings and release them.

2. Have some fun. When you have lots to do there is often a part of us that is craving some fun. You need to feed this part. Do something spontaneous that gives you a sense of enjoyment rather than just focusing on the next item on your to do list.

3. Meditate. Spend just 5 minutes meditating. You don’t have to get caught up in any complex methods or doing it perfectly (thoughts will pop in), simply follow your breathing in and out of your body, or as you exhale focus on a simple word such as ‘calm’. As thoughts come in, observe them and just return back to your breathing and/or word. Perform this as a daily ritual to get the subtle benefits that come from meditation.

4. Book yourself in. One of the ways to recharge mentally is to have something to look forward to. Take a few minutes out your day to schedule in a treat. It could be a massage, a manicure, a weekend away or a family holiday. Always have at least one thing to look forward to.

5. Acknowledge your efforts. Too often people get exhausted because they forever focus on the next thing to do, never satisfied with what they have done and expecting perfection from themselves. At least once a week, stop, and look back. Acknowledge what you have done, mentally pat yourself on the back and quietly acknowledge your achievements (nobody has to know). This is one of the ways to establish rapport with yourself and one of the ways to feed the ‘doer’ inside of you.

6. Do nothing. To get really good at relaxing you have to master the art of being lazy. This means scheduling some time in to do nothing, or to watch mindless T.V., or anything that is non-duty based and do to it without guilt. Often our energy comes from giving ourselves a deliberate rest (rather than waiting until we’re exhausted).

7. Relax the body. Take a few minutes to sit down comfortably at home and move your focus around your body. Notice the muscles around the eyes, the jaw, the neck and the shoulders, the stomach muscles and the arms and the legs. Allow your breathing to slow down a fraction. If your mind gets busy, just keep bring it back to your body. After a few minutes, open your eyes, coming back feeling refreshed.

8. Imagine. Choose a beautiful place to visit in your mind. It could be a beach, a garden, a tropical island, wherever you prefer. You’re only limited by your own imagination. Step into this place and explore it, take a walk, leave your worries behind, just be there and savour the experience. Utilise your senses. Notice what you can feel, hear, smell and see – make it as vivid as you can. Bring yourself back after a few minutes with a new perspective.

9. Be creative. Some people recharge by performing an activity that involves creativity. This is not for everybody but for some mums who are busy raising children, there may have a need to get their suppressed creative juices flowing. It may be writing, art, music, or simply doing an everyday activity differently. Breaking the normal routine can stimulate the brain and add spice to life.

10. Move your body. Mediation is not for everybody; in fact for some people exercise is their ideal way to relax. Performing a short burst of exercise such as a quick walk around the block, or even a fun physical activity with your children can be a great way to feel recharged.

About Paul Cox, Solar Springs Life Coach
Dip.Counselling, Dip.Clinical Hypnotherapy, NLP Practitioner, Cert IV Training and Assessment.
Paul has been a Life Coach, Counsellor, Hypnotherapist and Trainer since 1995, assisting people to achieve their goals, overcome obstacles and find balance in their lives. Paul has been the Life Coach at Solar Springs since 2006, as well as conducting the meditation classes on a weekly basis. As a trainer, Paul works with both Government and private organisations, specialising in using brain-based strategies to deliver workshops in Speed Reading, High Performance Memory and Study Skills, Stress Management and Business Communication.

Sunday, 26 July 2015


"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2015."

Snow Weekend At Thredbo
Not the highest quality images this week as they were taken with my iphone in a blizzard but they capture the moment perfectly and the fun we were all having together!

Little P: So proud of you and your little ski legs. First time at the snow and you were moved up a level on the first day in Thredboland. The instructors kept raving on about how great you are and how cute all your comments are. The snow was so much fun with you.

Sunshine: Oh little buddy, we can't stop laughing at you and with you. You are such a funny one and having so much fun dressed up like a big blue marshmallow on those tiny ski's that we couldn't get off you. Your a little ripper. x

Are you taking part in the 52 project? I would love to see!!! I'm linking up with Practising simplicity here

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Mud, Ballet and getting stuck in my own driveway...

A mothers worst nightmare...being stuck in my own front yard and a screaming girl upset that she may have to miss ballet!

Some people may say we live at the beach, some may say we live on a farm. I'm not sure which one to call it these days but lately I'm feeling like I may aswell live in the bush. I have always said we were lucky to find a house to live in that has such a big yard so close to the beach. Our house is set quite far back from the road and the front yard is kind of ridiculous. Think, no fense at the front and a long yard that is scattered with a chicken coop, homegrown veggie patches, chicken poo everywhere and mud that could possibly come up to your knees. It's a mess. Yep, we are currently suffering from unloved 'muddy front yard' syndrome. You can laugh all you want but its really not good. This ongoing wet weather and us all driving on the grass is killing the yard and on a daily basis I walk with my gum boots on just get to my car thats only a few feet away. And if your unlucky, you don't actually make it to your car because the mud takes you for a slide and you plunge into it for a bath like a pig. It's not funny, this is real time.

On a morning that felt good, I was up early, I had actually had a shower, the kids had their brekky and we were dressed, we looked good, it was one of those mornings when you feel like your winning on the whole parenting thing. Snacks were packed and we drove my Mazda down to the service centre to get it serviced. You see, I had been given a brand new Ford Kuga MkII  to play with for 6 whole weeks through the Kidspot voices awards so I only saw it fit that I would put mine in for a service as it was so far out from its service date due to me having complete Mummy overload. We drove my car down, walked back with the kids and got our things ready for ballet. I was proud to have my car finally in for a service and I was proud that we were ready so early to conquer the day.

This was it, it was time to get into this beautiful new car and put it into action. This gorgeous Ford Kuga titanium with full leather interia, huge sun room, and a sound system that makes you feel like your a DJ. We got in, kids in their seats and started the car with the smooth click of the button (so cool!!!)... What I hadn't taken note of was the fact that I had parked this brand new car right up against the fence the night before, in the slippery mud bath. I didn't want to move forward or back, I was nervous, this brand new car wasn't mine and I wasn't about to run it into the fence. And I had a 4 year old screaming at me telling me how upset she was that she may miss ballet. I screamed, I called a friend, I cried and I then I took a deep breath. With some wise words from my husband I decided to look up some of the amazing features.

Ford Kuga MkII reversing camera in action

I didn't need the Emergency Assistance feature (which sounds incredible by the way!) but the reversing camera was definitely going to come in handy. This feature is brilliant, I love the fact that the camera shows such a broad view so you don't miss anything and the car beats when you get close to anything to alert you to slow down or stop. With the assitance of my husband and the reversing camera, we were able to manoeuvre it out of the mud and back onto the driveway where I should of parked it in the first place. It was a lesson learnt not to park off the driveway, it was a way for me to put this Ford Kuga MkII into real action.

We packed up the car again and took ourselves off to little P's Ballet lesson, we put the inbuilt nav man on, put our favourite songs on loud and sung as loud as we could with the sun roof open. Stepping into the Ford Kuga is kind of like stepping into a time machine, the reversing camera is just the small of it. To be honest, it was a little overwhelming at first with all the features, the more we drive it the more we find out. Think driving handsfree staying at least 3 cars behind the car in front of you and never going outside the lines...well thats a story for another day!

Disclaimer: I have been gifted this car for 6 weeks to road test as part of kidspot voices 2015. All words, comments are my own. x

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

RECIPE: Simple Chicken broth and Vegetable Soup

In the midst of this freezing cold weather and in motivation to fight all the horrible bugs around; I have been doing a lot of batch cooking and incorporating as much bone broth into the weekly menu as possible. As a mum, I feel time poor during the week so I like to cook up as much as I can on the weekends when my husband is home. This simple chicken soup is something I like to make and have on hand for myself as a quick lunch. I love it, this recipe makes a lot, its creates its own broth as it cooks, it's tasty and full of all the good stuff! Enjoy. 

Simple Chicken and veg soup

1 whole organic chicken
2 stalks celery, diced
4 carrots, diced
4 zucchini, diced 
1.5 cup mushrooms, sliced
3 parsnips, diced
1 sweet potato, diced 
2 bay leaves
Spring of Rosemary
2.5 cups dry soup mix, soaked overnight
Big pinch salt 
1 tsp peppercorns
Dash of tamari sauce
Dash apple cider vinegar
Big pot
Water to fill

1. Place all ingredients into the big pot (or slow cooker). Bring to boil and then set to low and place lid on. 
2. Allow to cook on low heat for 6 hours. 
3. Pull chicken out gently and tear away all chicken meat off the bones. Discard the bones and pull chicken into strips. 
4. Place chicken back into pot and stir. 
5. Serve. Enjoy! 

You will have lots of left overs so freeze down or share with a mummy friend. 


image source

If you have been feeling overweight, lacking in motivation and waking un- refreshed this winter, believe me you’re not alone.

With the lack of warming sunlight in those cold winter months, in most cases winter is that season where we gain a couple of kilos for that extra and insulation we think we need. But do we need that extra body fat to keep us warm? Can't we just put on a few more layers of clothing rather than body fat?

If you are doing Dry July, giving yourself a break from booze for the whole 31 days, congratulations! It's a huge and worthwhile commitment that will take your health and vitality to a new level and keep you trim at the same time.

If however you have been considering detoxing for a while, but are after some encouragement here are 6 motivating benefits happy cleansers vouch for, after embarking on Smart Cleanse.

1. Flatter tummy because bloating disappears

When you detox you support the system that is entirely responsible for your overall health… your digestive system! And it’s your amazing gut microbiome (gut flora) that supports, protects and nourishes your gut wall, and your digestive process. There are about 100 trillion microbes in your gut…. So that’s an astonishing number of friends you didn’t know you had, and that you need to take care of!

With enhanced nutrient absorption due to improved functioning of your gut flora, gut wall and your villi (finger-like projections in your small intestine that absorb nutrients), bloating disappears because food is being broken down more efficiently, and there is less chance of opportunistic flora fermenting your food.

On top of that when you avoid sugar and processed carbohydrates you not only retain less excess water, you minimise the production of gases due to sugar fermentation, which also reduces bloating.

Another thing that miraculously happens too is that stress hormones, usually interfering with digestion, take a vacation so blood and nourishment diverts back to your digestive system, smooth muscle (that usually traps wind) completely relaxes, and digestion goes back to optimum functioning. What does this all mean? Flatter tummy!

2. Overall digestion improves and energy increases

Your digestive system is your main source of energy. Its role is to assimilate and absorb all the nutrients from the food you eat and the beverages you drink. Its job later is also to efficiently eliminate the left over toxins and wastes from this process.

Detox supports your digestion as it enhances elimination, weeds out unfriendly gut flora, seeds in the beneficial gut flora, strengthens your gut wall, and cleanses and supports your liver.
And what does this all mean for you? Your digestive system produces abundant energy levels for you!

Your mitochondria (energy producing factories inside every single cell in your body that produce ATP) are also responsible for your energy levels. In cases of excess toxicity, energy usually declines. This is because your mitochondria are profoundly affected by chemicals, toxins, and oxidative stress, from free radicals.

Detoxification mops up these free radicals providing a steady supply of antioxidants and reduces mitochondrial toxicity. All these factors greatly ad to your overall energy potential!

3. Sleep is deeper and they wake refreshed

When it comes to investigating which villans are responsible for robbing you of a deep and refreshing sleep, you can almost be 100 percent certain that stress hormones adrenalin and cortisol are the suspects, along with chemicals especially caffeine and alcohol.

The beauty about detox is that it reduces your stress hormone levels, while having you avoid caffeine and alcohol, among the many other toxins that interrupt your sleep.

It also allows maximum secretion of a human growth hormone (HGH). HGH has magical benefits such as breaking down fat stores over night, building muscle, tissue regeneration, cellular repair in every system, liver regeneration, blood sugar regulation and healthy ageing.

Sound sleep also reduces anxiety and depression. In a study in the Journal of Biological Psychiatry, complaints of 2 weeks or more of insomnia was found to be a useful marker of major depression (1).

8 hours of sleep every night that you will experience on Smart Cleanse, pardon the pun, cannot be “stressed” enough!

4. Love handles melt away almost effortlessly 

Toxins are fat-soluble and are stored within your fat cells. Put simply, the more toxins in your body, the more fat cells your body produces.

This is because when you are toxic your body cleverly zips up toxins in fat cells to protect other organs and tissues form toxic exposure. The toxins are safer inside your fat cell than floating freely in your system.

However, if by chance your fat cells become to “full” or overloaded, inflammation can manifest as a result of your immune system attacking the toxic fat cell. This is another reason why is so unhealthy to be overweight or obese and latest statistics show that 63 percent of Australians are. That’s quite concerning for our Nation.

Smart Cleanse addresses this and will put you into a state of fat burning after 72 hours, lowering your excess blood sugar levels and and minimising the levels of your fat storing hormone insulin. This allows glucagon, your opposing fat burning hormone, to increase and do its job of melting fat away and turning it into energy.

All this along with healthy digestion, a restored gut flora community, and a liver that burns fat as it should makes Smart Cleanse’s detox routine, with its low GI plan, a double edged sword for weight loss!

5. Feel clearer, happier and sharper in the mind 

With over 90% of your brains serotonin manufactured in your gut its is any wonder that during and after a detox your feel calmer and happier. Serotonin is your “feel good” neurotransmitter that prevents depression, regulates sleep, appetite and body temperature, and also repairs damaged liver and lung cells.

Dopamine and GABA, two of your other neurotransmitters that elevate mood and make you feel calm are also manufactured in your gut adding to your mental clarity and calm.

Also, when your gut microbiome is dominant in beneficial microbes, opportunistic gut flora is under very tight control and there is minimal release of their exotoxins and endotoxins (toxins produced by these pathogenic microbes), that cause inflammation once your immune system destroys them.

A detox like Smart Cleanse prevents these microbial toxins, which become neurotoxins (brain toxins) from entering and harming your brain which allows you to feel bright and happy.

6. Libido increases

Detox gives you energy, elevates your mood, rests your adrenal glands and minimises stress. All of these ingredients are known to put you in the mood for sex.

When stressed and upset you of course tend to lose interest in sex. Have you ever experienced that? But if you were to lay on a massage table and stimulate your relaxation response you would definitely change your mind!

You see when you are faced with a stressor and stimulate your fight or flight response (stress response), your sex hormone hormonal axis shuts down and levels begin to decline. This is because reproducing has a high energy cost and is one of the most optimistic things you can do with your body. When you are in fight or fight mode or under a perceived threat avoiding becoming “someone’s lunch” the last thing you need energy for is procreating!

So the secret to a healthy libido is rest, relaxation and vitality and all this is part of the Smart Cleanse master plan.

My Partner and I have just finished your Detox …. We feel like new people, thank you so much! We both lost 3kgs and feel younger and healthier with more energy – Kate Johnson NSW

I'm three weeks since the start of my cleanse and 6.5 kgs down. My whole approach to food and what I'm putting into my body has changed! Its the kick start I needed. My goal was to lose 10 kg and I'm more than well on the way. Just wanted to thank you for such a great product am planning this being at least a bi-yearly or 3 times a year program so will be in touch. Thanks again.. Natalie Gaul - QLD

Well finished Smart Cleanse on Saturday. I have lost 3 kgs (weight loss being one of the motivators to start this detox),  have more energy, not needing my "nanna naps" and I feel a lot lighter through my digestive system. I am very happy with the weight loss and will still concentrate on loosing 3/4 more kgs but more so  this detox has re-educated me in eating correctly and I intend to continue this way eliminating the nasties or greatly reducing them. Thank you for this product Savannah and I will recommend to my friends – Kathleen Stephenson NSW

Available now online at :  www.smartcleanse.com.au

Savannah Daisley
Naturopath, Founder, Director of Research and Development

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"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2015."

Globber Scooters

Little P: So a ease cruising.

Sunshine: Attitude is what you do best, Lucky the cuteness overload beams through it. ;)

Are you taking part in the 52 project? I would love to see!!! I'm linking up with Practising simplicity here

PLUS! Don't forget to enter, we have a giveaway to win your little one a GLOBBER scooter of their own over here>>> http://www.liveitdoit.com.au/2015/07/win-globber-my-free-scooter.html

RECIPE: Onion Braised Beef Brisket

I'm excited to let you know that Harris Farm has launched a campaign called Curious Cuts.
It’s a food waste initiative that aims to help Aussie farmers, help Aussie shoppers and help the environment.
How? Harris Farm are introducing a range of meat into their stores that have are not currently stocked in major supermarkets. Australian’s currently have an obsession with the so called ‘premium meat cuts’ i.e. the fillet steak, scotch fillet etc. Because of this skewed popularity, the majority of the beef is sold offshore in export markets for way below market price, or ground into dog food. This is bad for farmers as the whole beast isn’t correctly valued, bad for shoppers because the premium cuts are so expensive (they’ve risen 30% in the past 6 months) and bad for the environment due to the fossil fuels expended in air travel overseas and wasted production resources.
I would highly recommend getting into stores and trying out the Curious Cuts – the range includes beef bavette, beef tri tip, beef chuck ribs, beef brisket and pork oyster shoulder.
Check out the video here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4u_9QpIn9Q4

And in the mean time, try this delicious recipe of Onion Braised Beef Brisket by Harris Farm Markets, a cut of beef that is usually looked over but if cooked correctly is better than all the rest! Trust me on this one.

This is a delicious mouth watering dish, beef brisket is perfect cooked low & slow in this tasty onion braise.

1 x Brisket leaving fat on (approx. 800g)
1 heaped tbsp sea salt
1 tsp ground pepper
1 tbsp plain flour (optional)
Extra virgin olive oil
2 to 3 onions
2 tbsps tomato paste
2 cloves garlic
2 to 3 carrots
4 Sebago potatoes
300g Jap pumpkin
3 parsnips
1 bunch dutch carrots
2 sprigs rosemary

1. Preheat oven to 180°C.
2. Season the brisket on both sides with salt and pepper. Lightly dust with the flour, then shake
and turn to coat evenly.
3. Cover a roasting pan or cast iron pot with oil and heat over medium-high heat. Add the brisket
to the pan and sear on both sides until surface appears crusty brown (approx. 5 to 7 mins per
4. Transfer the brisket to a platter, add 3 tbsps olive oil and the onions to the pot and stir
constantly with a wooden spoon. Cook until onions are caramelised, about 15 mins.
5. Turn off the heat and place the brisket, fatty side up, plus any accumulated juices on top of the
onions. Spread the tomato paste evenly over the brisket, then scatter the garlic and carrots around the edges of the pot. Cover the pot very tightly with aluminium foil or a lid, then transfer to the oven and cook for 1 1⁄2 hrs).
6. Transfer brisket to a cutting board and, using a very sharp knife, slice the meat across the grain into 1⁄2 cm slices.
7. Return the slices to the pot. Check the seasonings and correct if necessary. If the sauce appears dry, add 2 to 3 tsps of water to the pot. Cover pot tightly and return to the oven.
8. Lower heat to 160°C and cook brisket until it is fork-tender, 2 1⁄2 hrs, or longer if necessary. Check once or twice during cooking to make sure liquid is not bubbling away. If it is, add a few more tsps of water - but no more. Each time you check, spoon liquid on top of the roast so that it drips down between the slices.
9. Heat oven to 180°C. Prepare vegetables by chopping into small pieces. Combine potato with 2 tsp olive oil on a large roasting tray and roast for 30 mins. Combine pumpkin with remaining oil and roast for 15 mins, then place parsnips on another lined tray season with salt, pepper and garlic to taste, roast for 30-45 mins. All vegetables should be tender and golden. Add rosemary
at final 5 mins.
10. Serve beef brisket with roast potato, pumpkin & parsnips.

Disclaimer: This recipe by Harris Farm. It is so delicious, I just had to share it with you!

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

10 Tips for Healthy Kids this Winter

Last week, we were invited to a lovely mums morning tea at Taronga Zoo for kids Prospan to learn more about this natural herbal product to assist in beating coughs this winter and talk to Gerald Quigly, the Kids Prospan Spokesperson, pharmacist and medical herbalist. He was amazing to listen to as he's so passionate about keeping families healthy and fighting the dreaded winter bugs naturally! He is aligned with what I am so passionate about and I am thrilled to be able to share these tips that he shared with us on the day, with you for keeping your kids healthy all year round! 

Tips for healthy kids:

1. Allow time for exploring and understanding their environment. Don’t restrict developing children, allow them to be “uninhibited” as much as possible. Bearing in mind their own safety, allow them to explore, understand, touch and feel. Recent research even shows that using household furniture to help them stand, climb and develop their spatial awareness plays as vital a role as fancy, modern developmental tools within the house or yard.

2. Encourage adequate hydration (water is best).

3. Allow development of the immune system. A temperature isn’t always a bad thing it’s a self-protective mechanism initiated by the body’s own immune response to fight viral infections. Temperature is a sign of a healthy immune response - raising body temperature by a small amount is often sufficient to remove a viral infection.

4. Develop good gut health. Using natural products such as yogurt to support healthy gut bacteria – which is the seat of a healthy immune function.

5. Expose taste buds to a variety of food textures and tastes, eating a healthy well rounded diet is vital for children’s health.

6. Adequate sleep is important for growth and development, but remember each child is individual so while 8-9 hours might be the ideal number not all children will sleep that long. Some might benefit from rests during the day and then a smaller amount of sleep at night, it’s all about understanding each child’s needs.

7. Social interaction with others helps develop personality. Being able to mix and share with other children encourages them to develop more understanding towards others as they grow older.

8. A runny nose can actually be a sign of good health. Runny noses need to be supported and controlled rather than suppressed to help children with the decongestion of their nasal passages.

9. Never underestimate the value of the old fashion techniques (ask your mum or grandmother). For example chest rub to clear a blocked nose or letting children play outside were things our parents and their parents did to help boost health.

10. Dirt, it doesn’t hurt! Let your kids explore and grow outside!

If you would like to find out more about kids Prospan, click here: http://biorevive.com/product/kids-prospan-cough-relief-100ml/
some of the great products by bio revive 

My crazy boy!

Mums group morning tea with prospan

Monday, 13 July 2015

REAL MUM REVIEW: Road testing the GLOBBER My FREE Scooter (Plus your chance to WIN one)

If you’re looking for a scooter for your young child that looks great, is safe, comfortable and will grow with your child, you’ve just found it. Globber has taken Europe by storm and is now available in Australia.

My little people have had the chance to road test the My FREE Globber scooters for the past couple of weeks and they are absolutely in love asking to go to the park for a ride EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.
Its been fun watching them zip around the bike paths, learning to steer and get around as fast as they can.

What I love about the Globber My FREE is that it doesn’t just look stylish; but it has been designed with safe learning in mind. A button on the front of the scooter locks the steering system, so your little one can master the straight line and balancing before attempting to turn. The rear brake design not only provides better breaking, but helps protect the back wheel too. They are great Scooters, the best I've seen around as they ride well, are safe and the scooter grows with your child.

As parents we all love products that our children don’t outgrow too quickly. The handlebars on the Globber My FREE can be adjusted to three height positions so as your child grows their scooter can too. WIN!

This My FREE's deck is strong with a 50Kg weight rating, the highest you will find for this type of scooter. It has a great assisted steering system too; kids push the handlebars to the left or right to turn. This is fun to watch as they learn to lean their little bodies as they turn.

The Globber My FREE is also extremely comfortable. The handlebar grips are soft and easy to hold. The deck is low which makes riding easier.  The high quality wheels make for a very smooth ride.

With six bright colours in the range; blue, red, orange, green, pink and purple, there’s sure to be a ‘favourite’ colour for every kid.

The Globber My FREE is designed for children three years + so my Princess P is in her element on her My FREE.

If you want your child to be mobile younger I would recommend the My FREE 4 in 1. Perfect for those 12 months+ this scooter comes with a seat and handle that parents can push. As the child gets older the handle can be removed allowing your child to sit and push themselves along. As they grow the seat can be removed and the handle can be inserted transforming it into a traditional scooter they can use for years. It really is very clever.
Sunny has been road testing this one, riding around the house on the seat he loves although he is right into just getting on the scooter and getting going. He's 2 years younger, but secretly he could be better at it than my big girl. He was walking at 9 months, I can't stop him!!!

I can highly recommend either of the Globber My FREE or the Globber My Free 4 in 1 to get your little ones active and moving on a scooter. They are brilliant!

So to get your kid onto the coolest ride in town; we are giving one lucky reader the chance to win one of these babies in the colour of your choice; Red, Pink, Blue, Orange, or Green. All you need to do  to is enter your details through the rafflecopter app below and answer the question. The winner will be announced next week. GOOD LUCK!!!!

Find out more info about GLOBBER here: www.globber.com.au.

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8 tips for photographing kids (Guest post by Robyn De beer @ Mrs D plus 3)

I am excited to hand you over to my Mummy Blogging friend; Robyn from Mrs D plus 3. A fellow Northern Beaches Mumma and superstar on the camera; here are her tips for photographing kids...

I’m not a professional photographer but I do LOVE taking photos and I have had a whole heap of practice with my own three kids.

Over the years I have learnt a few simple techniques that really help to get that perfect shot.

When it comes to photographing kids, patience really is the key.  If you try to force them into a pose, it will never work.  They’ll either refuse to do, or they’ll get cranky and upset.  Unfortunately a child’s eyes never lie either, so even if you do manage to get a smile out of them, if they’re not happy about it, their eyes will show it.   

2.  MOVE
So many times I’ve seen parents give their kids instruction on where to stand and where to look.  Kids are so temperamental and very rarely do what they’re asked.  If you want them to be in a certain position for a photograph, then YOU have to move around them until you get it.

Clutter free backgrounds always make the best photos.  Unless you’re a Photoshop expert and can remove the clutter, it can totally ruin your shot.  If you are somewhere where there are a people in the background, just wait for them to move or move yourself to get an angle where the background is clear.  If you can’t avoid a busy background try to make sure that your subject is going to stand out.

Don’t always shoot straight on.  Try getting down on their level, or shooting up or down.  It can give an ordinary photo a much more ‘wow’ look.

Natural light is the best kind of light to photograph in.  Just make sure that your child is not facing directly into the sun.  It will make them squint and believe me they will complain about it.  A little trick I do is to make them turn around in a circle slowly and stop when the light is not hurting their eyes.  That will be your perfect angle and prefect light.

The very best time of the day to shoot is the golden hour of light, which is early in the morning and late afternoon (about an hour after sunrise and an hour before sunset).

6.  EYES
In my opinion if you can make a child’s eyes ‘pop’ in a photo, it will always be a good one.  When you’re selecting your focus, always try to focus on the child’s eyes. 

Don’t always place your subject in the middle of the frame.  Divide the frame into three and have the subject in one of those thirds.  It makes the photo far more eye catching and interesting.

Don’t let photo taking ever become stressful when there are kids involved.  Have fun with it and even embrace the mess.

Robyn De beer is a thirty something, British, stay-at home-mum of three, living on Sydney's beautiful Northern Beaches. She couldn't live without her Thermomix (sad but true) and she never leaves the house without her camera. She loves rainbows and drinks way too much tea. Check out her blog; Mrs D plus 3 for some honest & amusing stories about motherhood, Thermomixing, photography, surviving the school run, camping with kids and just about everything in-between.

Sunday, 12 July 2015


 "A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2015."

Wildlife Zoo Sydney

Little P: So gentle and full of kindness; the butterflies flock to you!

Sunshine: Yes, thats a Koala. And no, you cannot hold it. :)

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Thursday, 9 July 2015

RECIPE: Caramelised Onion, Mushroom and Sun Dried Tomato tarts

Caramelised Onion, Mushroom and Sun Dried Tomato Tarts


350 g Almond meal
2 tbsp Linseeds, ground
2 tbsp Chia seeds, ground
2 Eggs
3 tbsp oil
Big pinch salt

500 grams Mushrooms
4 Onions, chopped
1 tbsp Ghee
Hand ful Sundried tomatoes
4 Eggs, whisked
Goats feta (optional)
Pinch salt and pepper

1. Preheat oven to 180 degrees. 

2. Combine all base ingredients in a large bowl. Use your hands to mix together well and form a dough. 

3. Line a large tart tin or 4 small tart tins with baking paper. Push dough into tin with your fingers, making it even thickness all around. 

4. Heat ghee in frying pan and then fry off the onions, cooking until they are tender and browning well. 

5. Add in the mushrooms and fry on low to medium heat unt cooked well. 

6. Sprinkle your filling ingredients into your bases. I start with the onion/mushroom mix, Sundried tomatoes and then a drizzle of the egg mix, with a sprinkle of salt and pepper. 

7. Place tarts into the oven and cook for 30 minutes or until cooked through and base is golden brown. 

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