Thursday, 28 January 2016

Time for A Technology Detox: 5 reasons you should put down the phoneand be more mindful

Time for A Technology Detox:
5 reasons you should put down the phone and be more mindful
By Blackmores Influencer and Director of Yoga at Flow Athletic Kate Kendall.

Thinking of a technology detox? It seems so easy to put the phone down, yet I am just as guilty as the next person to go straight to my phone or laptop at any chance I get. Here are my top reasons to put your phone down and start embracing your life to the fullest

1. You can live in the now 
I believe it is important to implement a personal technology detox at least once a week to help remind us to connect and engage fully with those around us and be present in the moment. I try and encourage people (myself included) to put the phone or laptop down and engage in a conversation, or just be still and reflect. Drink in what is around you – you will be so surprised how it makes you feel (once you get over the initial separation anxiety from your phone!).

2. You can take a break from social media
One of the best things about putting down the phone is that you get to have a break from social media. I feel like some women have already compared themselves to 15 other women whilst scrolling on Instagram before they get out of bed in the morning - and that’s not healthy. If you’re holding the phone and feeling yourself contract, it’s probably a good idea to put down your phone, breathe, re-expand and just have a break from it. 

3. You will enjoy your meals more
When you’re eating you should, eat slowly and savour each mouthful. Not only will you be less likely to over eat but your digestive system will thank you. Eating or drinking without checking your phone allows you to completely focus on the meal in front of you and will help you to enjoy your food and feel more satisfied once you are finished.

4. You’ll reap the benefits of being mindful
Putting the phone down gives us time to embrace stillness. believe we need to create more space in our lives to simply be still. Sure, we may be still when we’re watching TV or reading a book, but I’m talking about real stillness, where you’re lying back or sitting in meditation and just digesting your stuff. 

5. You’ll have more time to commit to your fitness routine 
So many people say they don’t have time to exercise but will spend 30 minutes or an hour scrolling through social media on the lounge at home. I run two to three times a week, for around 20 to 30 minutes at a time. My run is always outside; it gives me a nature hit - anything to get me out in the fresh air away from buildings. I’m able to go on these runs because I put down my phone and use my time in a way that benefits me more. 

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Tuesday, 26 January 2016

REAL MUM REVIEW: BRIO Travel Switching Set from childsmart brands

Well, it's safe to say that the kids LOVE a toy review and what honest little reviewers they are. Their faces tell a thousand words and they will tell you just how it is, no funny business.

The BRIO Travel Switching Set is a Multilevel train track with a blue line train and a red line train. You can turn crank on the lift to move the passengers from one platform to the other. It comes with three posable figures, suitcase, warning signal, and bridge included.

When we opened the box of the BRIO Train travel switching set, both my children; Miss 5 years and Mr 2, faces lit up. They were eager to help open every piece and set up the track. As we opened the little trains and people, the excitement grew. The magnetic linking of the trains was a huge hit and the double story track was "just so cool"; honestly yelled out by Miss 5. It was super easy to put together and once it was up, we had 2 hours of play time. YES, 2 full hours of siblings playing TOGETHER, totally besotted with this new toy, the BRIO travel switching train set. I won't lie; we had a couple of disagreements over which pieces each of them would be playing with as they both wanted to be in charge as they were both so in love with it. Not a bad complaint to have as a mum.

The wooden look of the track is beautiful and the pieces fit together very neatly, they are easy to interchange and the bridge is a great addition, we hadn't seen anything like it before. The train station on the upper level is awesome, the kids loved taking turns of boarding the trains with their little people and the lift up to the train station is great, it works super smooth and it's fun. Both children absolutely loved how the little people could actually sit in the trains and how the trains roof lifts up of each carriage to put them in, the little people changed seats a lot, let me tell you. They loved it.

5 things we LOVE about the BRIO Travel switching set:

- The little people
- The magnetic trains that seat the little people.
- the double story track = very cool!
- The interchangeable track pieces.
- The easy change of direction corner track pieces.

What we didn't love:
- The kids fighting over the play pieces. Haha. So Nothing! This toy is a huge hit!

All is all, we give the BRIO Travel switching set a hug tick of approval. It's a great toy for both my children and I believe it would suit a very broad range in age as you can add pieces from the BRIO range as you wish and create your own track formations and little cities for different imaginative adventures. I highly recommend.

You can find out more at: 

Thursday, 21 January 2016

Q & A with Tarnya Cook - Business Mamas ambassador (Part 1)

Tarnya Cook is the Business Mamas Ambassador, she is passionate about helping mums find their niche in the world after kids and her role with Business Mamas is the perfect match.
Tarnya has worked for major corporates and in the public sector. After having her two children Tarnya started a kids clothing business whilst her children were still babies, this venture lead to a journey that taught Tarnya so many new learnings on starting, running and growing a business and lead to a path of self-discovery and lifelong learning. After a brief stint back in the corporate world Tarnya soon realised the long commutes and 9 – 5 grind wasn’t easy for a mum and she looked for another way to fulfil her passions and still have flexibility around her family. Tarnya began to run a networking group for women where she really began to understand her passion for helping women in business and helping them connect with others.  She also began to run an online magazine especially for women in business.

This journey of working and helping women in business led Tarnya to her current role with Business Mamas which enables her to really help many mums pursue their own passions.  Using her own experiences in business and personal development she can help guide you to find your niche in business or grow your current business.

Tarnya is able to provide a one to one personal coaching experience where you can explore your opportunities together and put a plan in place to achieve some of those goals using the Business Mamas educational hub to do so.

Business Mamas believes that women can ‘have it all’ – balancing their work life with their family life. Our Diploma of Business course provides a flexible training environment, working with Mums step-by-step to launch or grow their businesses.

We had a moment to sit down with Tarnya to ask her all those juicy questions that us aspiring business mums would love to know. Enjoy.

What is the best business decision you have ever made?

The best business decision I have ever made was to invest in myself through education, courses and most of all business coaching. Being in business is a never ending learning curve so the more you invest in your own learning the better the outcome will be.

What is the worst business decision you have ever made and what lesson did you get from it?

To do it all on my own and not seek out any help, no-one can have all the skills required to start or grow a successful business, we all have some gaps in our knowledge and skills so thinking you can do it all yourself is not a great idea.

What was the tipping point for you to start a business – did something happen that was the final vote of encouragement?

My very first business was born out of necessity, I had two babies in very quick succession of each other and the idea of going back to a 9 -5 role was just not my idea of living, so I decided to go into business and allow myself the flexibility to follow my dreams.

What motto resonates with you?

Our motto at Business Mamas is to “live your best life” and that definitely resonates with me, because I love having the power to work out what MY best life looks like and then design my life around that.

3 things a business mum needs to succeed in business

Education, support and continual action

Is there ever such thing as the right time to start a business?

I think if you have the inkling to start a business then it’s all about taking action towards it, doesn’t matter if they are just baby steps but always be taking action toward achieving your dream and building the business.

Sit tight, as we will share the second half of the interview next week. 

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Wednesday, 20 January 2016


Dad, 11 years has passed and you still flood our memories. I still remember the morning that you said good bye to earth like it was yesterday, it wasn't a good one for us but I know it was time. Those weeks before weren't nice for anyone, they were hard for everyone involved. You were a trooper though, you tried and you didn't give up. You always said you would live a full, happy life and you would never be an old man. "Old" would never suit you. You were right, you weren't ever meant to be old on this earth, you were never going to become frail and needy. You came on earth to rock it, enjoy it, love it, and leave with a bang. Just like any hugely loved guy would want to be remembered. 

As a dad, you filled our hearts with love and pride daily. You always gave us compliments and encouragement, you built us up and told us we were amazing.
How lucky we were to of had you in our lives. I had just turned 18 and my sister only 10 years old; It was never going to be long enough and our hearts have ached since you've been gone but we know you are always with us in our hearts.

I never quite understand why people make a big deal of their loved ones lost on the anniversary of their death, it's never a happy day, wouldn't we rather celebrate their birthday or a day that we all enjoyed. I know you'd agree.

Today, we will remember you Dad, just like any other day but we will swim in the ocean, like we always do on this day, because we believe that's a true part of you. Xxx

 #weMissYouDad #longboarder #surfingLegend ✌🏼️

Thursday, 14 January 2016

New year, make a healthy choice for your body

This post is supported by FRANKiE4 Footwear

With all the buzz of the New Year and making new healthy choices, it's all hype and focus on food and fitness; detox, eat clean, go to gym, get healthy. It is what our body needs to function well from the inside, these things also help emotionally but what about the everyday choices we make with how we support our bodies physically?

Pregnancy really brings these questions up as our body grows; we look for ways to keep ourselves as comfortable as possible. At this phase of our lives, we are looking for support in all different areas that we hadn't thought of previously when running around without that huge bowling ball weighing down our mid section. Everything shifts out in the most attractive ways, hips widen, boobs explode and feet broaden. It's a fun time in our lives, you know, growing another human! Ughhhhh...

Currently entering the third trimester myself, as we enter the new year, I’m experiencing all that fun stuff first hand, my hips are beginning to ache, my back is not at it's prime and having a extra wide feet already, they just seem to melt out over the floor as I walk. One thing I am focusing on this New Year, is making healthy choices for my feet, wearing shoes that are supportive in every way to, in turn, support my ever growing and expanding body. If we start from the ground up, our arches are supported, which look after our ankles, which look after our knees, up to our hips and so on. Being pregnant in Summer time definitely gives you that urge to live bare foot or in thongs, this is really not good for our bodies. Believe me, I've done it twice before, your feet swell, your legs ache, your hips live uncomfortably and they just don't look very nice. 

If you are yet to hear about Frankie4 Footwear already, let me open you up to a whole new world of good looking, supportive and comfortable footwear that your body will thank you for. They have a range of beautiful shoes that are created by a podiatrist and physiotherapist with health, support and fashion in mind. They offer a range of shoes from beautiful dainty sandals to high heals and closed in sport luxe style. They are a true revolution in footwear. 

My absolute favourite part about Frankie4 shoes is that they fit my feet and they feel good. They are so supportive and comfortable yet look lovely with anything. It's safe to say that I am a huge fan as I have been living in Frankie4 Footwear for over a year now, from work, to play, to heading out the beach, they have been my besties. Here are some shots of their latest range; with me, and my big tum. 

THE JENNI – Lasting comfort and support

THE LAUREN – Relaxed 

THE JAMiE (last season but coming back in some new colours in March) – Beachy Bohemian

I highly recommend having a look at the FRANKiE4 Footwear website to browse their latest range and learn more about shoes for good health this new year. 
Remember that we need to look after our bodies first and foremost so they can look after us. 

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Monday, 11 January 2016

Energy Rehab - 5 Tips To Getting Your Mojo Back

GUEST POST By Stephen Eddey Principal of Health Schools Australia QLD and qualified Nutritionist and Naturopath

As the end of the day approaches, many of us are familiar with that dreaded feeling of fatigue and exhaustion. Now, after 10 years of research, Japanese scientists have discovered a super antioxidant secret found naturally in our bodies which may be the secret to help maintain longer lasting energy.

Ubiquinol is seen to be one of the most powerful antioxidants and it is responsible for helping to sustain sufficient energy production in some cells of the body, particularly in our main organs including the heart, liver, lungs and kidneys.

Essential antioxidants can become depleted from stress, low level fatigue and over exertion, so if you are struggling to bounce back from fatigue, your Ubiquinol levels may be low.

So if you are one of the people who suffer from the dreaded 3pm slump, here are some tips for you:

1. Sleep Well
You should aim to achieve at least eight hours of sleep per night. A restful sleep allows your body to restore energy and heal for the coming day. No amount of coffee will ever be as effective as a good night’s sleep, and in the long run may have detrimental effects in regards to your health.

2. Get up early
Rising at least half an hour earlier than your set wake up time will benefit you enormously throughout the day. Go for a walk or a run to get the blood pumping through your body. This in turn will help awaken your cells so they are able to generate energy to last you through your day.

3. Hydrate
Have a bottle of water on hand at your desk at all times. Taking small sips consistently throughout the day will ensure that digestion, circulation of blood, and body temperature control all occurs naturally and effectively. Without this hydration, your body has to work harder to regulate these functions, which in turn depletes our natural energy sources as the day wears on.

4. Eat a nutritious lunch
If you’re busy and you’re feeling tempted to skip lunch, you may want to reconsider your decision. Not allowing yourself a substantial and nutritious lunch will lead to feelings of lethargy and fatigue before the day is up. Include some protein such as eggs, beans, fish, chicken, and some leafy green vegetables: Spinach, kale, or broccoli. These vegetables assist in enhancing Vitamin C and Iron in the body, two minerals that are essential in the energy production process.

5. Nutritional support
If you are lacking energy, you  may well be low in Ubiquinol, a key antioxidant which helps support energy production in the body. Ubiquinol, the active form of CoQ10 is responsible for 90% of the energy in our plasma and it works directly in the body to help produce optimal energy.

Instead of grabbing an energy drink check, your CoQ10/Ubiquinol levels. While Ubiquinol is present in foods such as spinach and tuna, excessive amounts would need to be consumed to get the best possible benefits. Ubiquinol is available in a softgel form through Australian leading supplement brands.

Consult your healthcare practitioner on strategies for your health.

About Stephen Eddey
Stephen Eddey is a qualified Nutritionist and Naturopath and is the Principal of Australia’s longest established natural medicine college, Health Schools Australia. He has completed a Bachelor of Complementary Medicine as well as a Masters in Health Science and PhD in Nutritional Medicine.

RECIPE: Sweet Chilli Chicken Skewers

The store bought sweet chilli sauce is filled with sugar and packed with additives, it is something you really want to steer clear of. This is why these little babies are brilliant. So simple and so tasty that your guests wont have a clue that they are healthy.

Preparation time: 20 minutes
Cooking Time:  15 minutes
Servings: Serves 4

1 brown onion cut into quarters
3-4 cloves garlic
½ cup flat leaf parsley
2 fresh chillies (more if you like it super hot)
2 tablespoons coconut oil
2 tablespoon Natvia
2 tablespoons tamari sauce
Pinch of sea salt
500 grams chicken thighs cut into strips


1.     Place onion, garlic, parsley, chillies, natvia, tamari, salt and 2 tablespoons of coconut oil into a food processor and process until all chopped finely and combine.

2.     Put the chicken into a glass bowl and then cover with the sweet chilli mixture. Use your hands to massage the chicken with the mix to make sure it is all covered well. Cover and put in the fridge, leave to marinate for a least an hour.

3.     Cook on an oiled BBQ or grill until golden brown all over and cooked through.

4.     Serve with a yummy summer salad

Sunday, 3 January 2016




New Year’s resolutions can often be hard to stick to. That’s why it is important to set realizable goals when it comes to healthy life changes in the New Year.

Keep reading for the most achievable changes you can make in 2016.

1. Drink More Water

An easy change that you can make in the New Year is to drink more water. Hydration is really important to keep a balance within your body. Daily activities such as spending time in the sun and exercise can dehydrate you so it is recommended that you drink around 8 glasses of water each day. If this seems un-achievable, there are some easy tricks to try. Get in the habit of having a glass with every meal as well as when you wake up in the morning and before bed.

2. Be More Active

Exercise is an important element in keeping healthy, although sometimes it is hard to get motivated. This New Year, find the type of exercise that suits your body and your schedule. Set some realistic and achievable fitness goals (i.e. go for a morning walk every Monday Wednesday and Friday ) so you can move forward into the New Year with a fun regular exercise plan.

3. Get More Sleep

Not only is exercise important but so is making sure you are well rested afterwards. It is recommended that you have at least 8 hours of sleep a night to be the most revitalised you can be in the morning. To ensure a restful night’s sleep and make my muscles relax, I like to take some magnesium with a glass of water before bed.

4. Eat Healthier

Eating healthier doesn’t have to be hard and there are a few simple steps you can take to make your diet healthier. Make it a priority to eat more fruit and vegetables as well as healthy snack alternatives. If you’re physically active and finding you’re always hungry you may like to increase your protein intake. Try a sprinkle over your breakfast or in a smoothie each morning to keep you fuelled throughout the day.

5. Reduce your Alcohol intake

This doesn’t mean that you have to cut it out completely but it is simple to reduce the amount that you are drinking. Set a monthly limit on drinks and try to drink in moderation. Too much alcohol can make you demotivated to make it to training the next morning and eating healthily. Drink less and train more – you’re body and mind will thank you for it!

6. Cut your stress

All of the above changes will help you decrease any stress in your life. Simple things such as lack of sleep, a poor diet and no exercise can increase your stress levels. Take time out of your day to relax,  try a weekly yoga practice, massage  or daily meditation.  Less stress means less toxins in your body and you’ll feel and look better too.

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