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Pure Hair Food’s Ambassador Ziyad Nicolas explains how to get Margot Robbie’s chic and effortless Red Carpet Hair waves.

Step 1: Apply Pure Hair Food Smooth Your Hair to damp hair to smooth any frizz and cut down on drying time. Apply Plump Your Hair to add natural fullness to your strands.

Step 2: Part the damp hair down the middle and separate into four sections twisting away from the face. Then wrap the hair in a hair net until completely dried off.

Step 3: Once dried, the hair is then finished by re-spraying Plump Your Hair into the mid and ends for extra hold and thickness. Continue lightly drying the hair on cool, until the shape is set. The cool air will keep the hair glossy and frizz free.

Smooth Your Hair Anti-Frizz Cream RRP: $28.90
Plump Your Hair Volume Spray RRP: $28.90
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Sunday, 28 February 2016

Cancer... I hate you

It's easy to distance yourself from real stuff when your running the race of your own life, kids get you busy and it's all about looking after them and the real life stuff can turn into a bit of a blur around you. I'm good at living in my own little world and not worrying about much outside my bubble. I easily switch off from the bad outside as it's like a coping mechanism, if I don't think it, it's not there. I think the death of my dad didn't hit me until years later when I realised he couldn't be at the big life events that I really need him at!
Call me selfish, call me busy, but my brain will work the way it does.

A big thing I switch off from is real sickness, I worry about my own little kids; a little cold, a cough, a fever, I worry that they need so much more of me than I can physically give, I worry about silly stuff! I try to keep my own kids healthy, I try, I hope and I pray... I live in my bubble of striving wellness, and sickness of others comes in and out of my ears but rarely reaches the insides of my thoughts or worries because our focus is on us.

When I hear of someone having cancer, I shake my head with the thought of someone else being struck down but there's distance in really knowing what's going on. There's some love and good healing vibes sent their way but such a barrier between the thoughts and what's real. You can't see someone going through having cancer through a verbal message that someone has it, it's a simple way of knowing and not giving the full throttle emotional support that you may be able to give.

The past couple of months has reminded me what sickness really is and what it can actually do and I want to shout to the roof tops; Cancer I hate you!

Recently, an inspirational leader in wellness; Jess Ainscough passed on over and I cried through the computer screen. I cried because I remember receiving the first email from a friend telling me about this great new blog that was Jess's, I remember most of her blog posts and inspiration and I loved getting enthralled in the information that she shared. It was shock and it was real.

Fast forward a month and I hear news from my hometown that a local in our age bracket that we all know and love had passed away from the big C. A battle he so badly fought for many years had got him and it brought the town together like no other. It hit everyone and reminded us that it can be anyone.

And then, just last week, I walk into the supermarket bumping into a childhood friend who is fighting this same battle and I look at her in the face and I ask her how she is. Really? How is she? She looks tired, run down, and helpless. Cancer is stripping her of everything she’s got and I ask her how she is. But what DO you say? I was totally stuck for words; I wanted to grab her and hug her and tell her everything was going to be ok but I didn’t know if that was true. I stood there nodding my head like an idiot fighting back the tears as she stood holding onto something, puffing for breath to just keep going. I got in the car and I cried.

This is when I really remembered how shit cancer is and this is the moment when the memories start rolling back in of my dad. Within one month, cancer and chemo took away his ability to stand, chew or even hold a conversation. It was hard to breath and hard to get to the toilet. We couldn’t talk to him because he couldn’t stand sound, we couldn’t open the blinds because he couldn’t cope with any light. He didn’t enjoy it, he didn’t soak up the attention, he just wanted to be out of pain and be him, the way he was before.  

Now, I have allowed my emotions to grieve, I also think of the Belle Gibson crazy-ness and that makes me angry, to think that someone could pretend they had this disease and milk it for what it is was worth makes me angry, sad and horrified! This is real, Cancer is real, sickness is real, death is real. Preventative health goals are great but if someone is struck down, we need to remember to support them the best way we can.  

I’m not sure where this post is going or what my real point is but what I can say is; CANCER I HATE YOU!

Let's be there for family and friends, love each other and support each other, not just in sickness but every single day. We need to try to live with minimal stress, put good things in our bodies and have a good time socially. Life is a precious so let's enjoy the little things and appreciate what we have when we have it. 

Thursday, 18 February 2016

Pregnancy: The second trimester round up - Where has this cluck come from?

As you turn around in my tummy, I take time out from the chaos, I wonder...who you are and what your going to be. Are you going to be a boisterous boy or a gentle girl, a tom boy, a ballerina or a book worm? Are you going to look up to your sister, get taken a drift by your crazy brother? Are you going to bring more mayhem, more love? Are we going to survive this crazy ride as a soon to be family of 5? Are you going to be our last baby?

I sit and wonder; as my hips are aching and my back is sore. I sit and look at our family as it is right now, at peace with each other and in love and I ponder at the thoughts of what is to come, the cyclone that you may create, the sleepless nights that you will bring on us, and the stress that may put on our relationship.

The second trimester of this pregnancy has been nice; amongst the daily chaos of our normal, I've been able to settle into just 'being' and enjoying bits that I may not have taken the time to enjoy before. Moving to the South coast has definitely slowed me down and given me time to love this part of the journey.

Here's a few things that have hit me throughout the Second trimester:

The exhaustion: I am tired but I've found energy to work and look after my little people. I really don't deal with tired very well, it turns me into a ferocious monster but this semester has been ok and I think I have coped quite well.

The cravings: PIZZA! Well, anything that resembles bread and is covered in cheese, yep anything like that I'm really great at shoving in my face. My body is definitely not loving the weight gain from my gluten and dairy binges though.

The mornings sickness: Gone by week 15. WOO!

The bloat: It's a vicious cycle; I eat bread, I get bloated... its the name of the game.

The working and looking after 2 little kids while brewing a baby: We're surviving...that is all.

New things

Baby flutters and kicks: All the movement started building up by 20 weeks, the daily flutters and little kicks are great to put this momma at ease that everything is going ok and baby is happy!

Nurturing myself: This pregnancy, I'm trying to give myself more time to look after myself emotionally and physically. Weekly yoga with my buddy Rikai has been a must throughout this trimester and I've even been lucky enough to have a couple of facial's with my star beauty therapist friend; Chloe at Tranquil Beauty.

Supplements I'm taking:
- Bioceuticals pregnancy probiotic
- Folate
- magnesium
- Pregnancy multi vitamin
- Nordic Naturals pregnancy fish oils

Where I'm hurting: I just don't remember my body hurting in these ways with my first 2 pregnancies. It's like your muscles are strong first time around, and even the second, to hold you up in the way we are designed to be, full of energy. Third time around, my lower back is beginning to hurt, my hips are getting achy and I'm getting some nice pain that goes down my groin. The kind of pain that reminds you that you really are carrying a watermelon in between your legs. It's just aggravating when your in the same position for a long time. The muscles just aren't as good this time around.
I've also been lucky enough to get some varicose veins on the top of my thighs this time, oh the joys hey!

Body support:
I'm loving the fertile mind belly band and also SRC pregnancy compression leggings. They have been my saving grace. Although it is the middle of summer, I have been trying to wear the leggings while I do exercise as well as first thing in the morning and late afternoon when my back and hips are really setting into that aching feeling. They are so supportive, I love them!

Choosing where we will have the baby: 
The scary part right, getting the baby out. Well, after quite a bit of thought and chatting with GP about my previous births, we have decided to go back to my doctor in Sydney who delivered our little boy in the same private hospital. She really was an amazing support and so knowledgable. It is a great feeling to know we are being looked after by a doctor that also knows my full history and especially my previous pregnancy history. Don't get me wrong, I would love to be all 'ooh ahh' into home birthing and have the confidence that my baby will come into this world blissfully but reality is that it's not for everyone and I haven't had any fully "natural" births yet, I had an induction at 42 weeks with my first and a scheduled c-section for my second due to full placenta previa. Believe me when I say I tried for natural births, I did everything I knew possible to try to get my first to send me into labour and I also tried everything in the book to move my placenta out of the way so I could push my second out. Unfortunately going all hippy on birthing is not a good option for me as I want the support of western medicine in a big hospital with lots of resources at hand as I attempt a VBAC. As my holistic GP said; its your third baby, you need to do things properly, it's not all about you, it's about your family too. So for me, I am going in with faith that I can have a VBAC and I have the right support for me to do so. I am doing my research and also keeping an open mind to the whole process. I want a safe delivery and healthy baby, thats my priority right now. Its a nice feeling, I'm really excited for the baby moon and whats to come!

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This is a book about love, joy and happiness, community, authenticity and learning to sink into your femininity even when you're a ball-breaking businesswoman. Lisa's message is; you can be a traditionalist and a rebel, you can be a lover and a fighter, you can be vulnerable and invincible. Whether you're an entrepreneur, a lawyer, a mother, a wife, a student or a blend of all the above, this book will teach you how to wear your heart on your sleeve, embrace every side of yourself and still achieve more than you ever imagined!

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Sunday, 14 February 2016

Last chance to join the "What to eat" community; a program that you don't want to miss!

Remember Nutritionist and wholefoods chef Georgia Lienemann from Stirring Change? I interviewed Georgia back in 2013 and she’s been working hard behind the scenes over the last 12 months to bring us the long awaited online version of her ‘What To Eat’ program

If you’re looking for an easy way to transform your family’s health and rethinking the way you shop, cook and eat – this is it. 

I attended the program myself in 2014 and was blown away by the information that Georgia provided. After 3 months of fortnightly sessions, I left the program as an inspired ‘What To Eat graduate’, armed with new nutrition knowledge, recipe ideas, a whole bunch of resources and new friends that are part of Georgia’s ‘What to Eat’ online community. 

How would I sum up the program? Well, I couldn’t agree more with her introduction to it:

“Making sense of conflicting food and nutrition messages, tracking the origin of food and cutting through the spin around food labeling is like trying to grow carrots on the moon. The What To Eat program quiets the noise and shows you how to choose and prepare the best quality food for you and your family.”

I spoke to Georgia recently and she promised me that the 2016 program is the best one yet to come. If that’s true, we’re in for a ride!  ;)

The 9-week online program offers expert interviews with well-known faces such as Costa Georgiadis and Indira Naidoo; gut health and fermentation experts Kitsa from Kitsa’s Kitchen, Gillian Cultured Artisans and Shalani from Live Alive; as well as Alexx Stuart and Jo from Quirky Cooking! 

There’s practical, step-by-step recipe videos and tutorials on nutrition (to help you understand why you’re doing things); live Q&A sessions with Georgia and all the experts and of course a whole range of amazing resources including over 200 recipes! 

This year’s program starts this Tuesday (Feb 16) and registrations are only open for one more day. 

I will be back in the program myself to soak up the new information and get re-inspired. Why don’t you join me? Go to: You won't regret it!

Watch the video above and check out Georgia’s program here for more info.

Thursday, 11 February 2016

Q & A with Tarnya Cook - Business Mamas ambassador (Part 2)

A couple of weeks ago we had the pleasure of sitting down with Tarnya Cook and we picked her brain about all things business. You can see the first half of the interview here.
To re-cap; Tarnya Cook is the Business Mamas Ambassador, she is passionate about helping mums find their niche in the world after kids and her role with Business Mamas is the perfect match.
Tarnya has worked for major corporates and in the public sector. After having her two children Tarnya started a kids clothing business whilst her children were still babies, this venture lead to a journey that taught Tarnya so many new learnings on starting, running and growing a business and lead to a path of self-discovery and lifelong learning. After a brief stint back in the corporate world Tarnya soon realised the long commutes and 9 – 5 grind wasn’t easy for a mum and she looked for another way to fulfil her passions and still have flexibility around her family. Tarnya began to run a networking group for women where she really began to understand her passion for helping women in business and helping them connect with others.  She also began to run an online magazine especially for women in business.

This journey of working and helping women in business led Tarnya to her current role with Business Mamas which enables her to really help many mums pursue their own passions.  Using her own experiences in business and personal development she can help guide you to find your niche in business or grow your current business.

Tarnya is able to provide a one to one personal coaching experience where you can explore your opportunities together and put a plan in place to achieve some of those goals using the Business Mamas educational hub to do so.

Business Mamas believes that women can ‘have it all’ – balancing their work life with their family life. Our Diploma of Business course provides a flexible training environment, working with Mums step-by-step to launch or grow their businesses.

We had a moment to sit down with Tarnya to ask her all those juicy questions that us aspiring business mums would love to know. Enjoy.

  • Please provide 2 examples of Business Mamas that have really inspired/impressed you. (name, business, key achievement)

Our CEO Macala Squire is definitely on this list, her vision to create Business Mamas and provide Mamas out there with an amazing tool such as our Diploma of Business in definitely inspiring, so much so it made me align myself directly with the organisation.
The other would be my amazing friend Genine Howard from Littleone Magazine who had a dream to own her own magazine on the newsstands and actually made it happen. She also helped me in my journey of inspiring women to live their dreams.

  • What are your best time management tips to other mums who want to efficiently manage business and family

It’s not always easy to find the balance in these two but start from the end. Work out how you want your life to look and then work backwards to achieve this, we all too often just jump in and end up with a business that’s too big or too small because we didn’t work out how we wanted our life to look in the first place.

  • What are the most important skills you need to run a business

Skills can be learnt so a willingness to learn what you don’t know and seek help is probably the most important thing.

  • What advice would you give to a mum who has an idea for a business – what basic steps does she need to take to make it a reality

Again seeking help and learning are imperative to turning your ideas into a reality. Take action and find the resources you need to help you make the right moves.

  • How does having business skills, such as those taught in the Business Mamas course, help?

The Business Mamas course will teach you the skills that you need to set up a structurally sound business framework and develop your ideas or grow your existing business. And just as importantly will help implement those skills into your business as you go. This means you are always working on your business throughout the course.

  • Finish this sentence: “in 5 years from now Business Mamas….
will have helped thousands of Mums achieve their business success and be living the lives of their dreams ”

Reader Offer
Exclusively for our readers, Tarnya is available for a 30 minute complimentary phone consultation to chat about your business goals, brainstorm opportunities and what steps you can take to bring them to life.  To lock in a time with Tarnya, email

Take the first step to live happy, work happy, be happy! Visit Business Mama website or fill in this contact form. Business Mamas is an accredited online business school designed to help you launch your new business. Whether it be launching a micro business for extra cash or starting the next big business sensation, it’s all about you and your goals! Connect: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

“5 reasons why honey is more than just a sweetener” by Naturopath and author of ‘Digestive Solutions’ Michele Wolff.


“5 reasons why honey is more than just a sweetener” by Naturopath and author of ‘Digestive Solutions’ Michele Wolff.

When most people think of honey, they think of the sticky golden condiment that they use to sweeten cups of tea, breakfast and baked goods. What people may not realise is that natural honey, whether consumed or applied topically, has many unexpected health benefits.

1. It may provide eczema relief 
Medical grade Manuka honey is used in hospitals around the world as it has been clinically-proven to promote eczema wound healing (e.g. Comvita Medihoney Antibacterial Wound Gel™), reduce the risk of further infection and help to retain moisture while soothing the skin. The Comvita Medihoney Natural Eczema Cream contains medical grade Manuka honey to help relieve eczema skin irritations and flare ups, as well as soothe dry and itchy skin. 

2. It can help to boost energy
Honey is a natural sugar that’s easily absorbed by the body and a teaspoon of honey will give you a quick energy lift. To avoid your energy levels crashing soon after, aim to eat it coupled with slow burning complex carbohydrates such as a banana or a small bowl of porridge. 

3. It may aid digestion
Honey is so easy to digest because it has already been digested by a bee. If you have an upset stomach or are suffering from digestive problems, a mixture of honey, lemon and hot water may help to relieve those symptoms. If that doesn’t appeal to you, simply adding honey to your tea will usually provide the same relief. 

4. It helps your immune system
Honey can help protect your body from common colds and flus by supporting your immune system through it’s natural antibacterial and antioxidant properties. A hot drink with honey and lemon will also help to soothe a sore throat and relieve a constant tickling cough, and the vitamin C from the lemon will help to boost your immune system even further.

5. It’s great in face masks

Natural, raw honey is antibacterial and is often used as a mild antiseptic. In a face mask, honey can help to relieve acne symptoms and help prevent scarring, while also cleansing the skin from dirt and debris. It can be mixed with many different ingredients and has also been known to relieve dry skin and help prevent wrinkles, as it creates a moisture retaining barrier for the skin.

Monday, 8 February 2016

5 Things to look out for when choosing a ‘Healthy’ Snack

5 Things to look out for when choosing a ‘Healthy’ Snack

GUEST POST By Nutritionist and Dietician, Belinda Reynolds

1. Think about what you are eating… don’t just give into cravings

Sometimes it is all too easy to give into cravings but if you think about what you are eating, you can often find a healthy snack alternative that will be just as satisfying. For example, if you are craving potato chips try roasted chickpeas, zucchini chips or kale chips.

 2. Choose Small healthy snacks

Some people eat large enough snacks that they could be a meal. Try to keep quick small options on hand that you can easily grab if you’re really hungry and tempted to eat the wrong thing. For example:

- A small handful of raw almonds
- A small cup of natural yoghurt with berries
- A few wholegrain crackers with avocado
- Carrot sticks with hummus
- A boiled egg

 3. Snack on superfoods 

Superfoods get their name due to the fact they are high in nutrients. These are a great way to boost the nutrition in your diet, and can represent a great snack. Kale, maca and cacao are some well-known and currently popular superfoods, whilst the humble apple, avocado and blueberries all also represent great choices. If you are looking to snack on some superfoods, IsoWhey Wholefoods Superfood Snacks, which are a healthy but tasty option.

 4. Watch out for hidden sugar

Some pre-made snacks that you can buy are overly processed and contain hidden sugars. You may think that a snack like yoghurt with granola is healthy but often these ready-made yoghurt options contain lots of sugar. Make sure that you buy plain, full-fat, non-flavoured Greek yoghurt to avoid this. 

5. Remember not to snack too much

Some individuals can mis-interpret the message around “5 small meals a day”, and eat too much too often. Generally you shouldn’t be eating more regularly than every 3 hours, and you should avoid snacking out of boredom or habit. You will find that if you snack out of boredom you will be left feeling unsatisfied and also add to your calorie count. Instead choose a healthy snack that is high in protein and fibre and plan to eat it between your large meals.  
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