Thursday, 19 January 2017

An important message from a season lasts forever.

Mabel 9 months old

Last week I was at the end of my tether on the whole lack of sleep thing. We have had such an amazing holiday break and really having so much fun together...but the baby...she wants to feed all night long!

I also was over being a milk bar, it's hit 9 months of lending my body out for feeding every few hours and I felt done. For the first time in motherhood I wanted to pack up my boobs and say;
Well thats all folks. The shop is officially shut!
With my other two, I never had this, I really enjoyed breastfeeding. Well, I didn't love it but I didn't ever want to stop as I knew how good it was for my babies. I wanted to nourish them with the best. They self weaned, pretty early, around 12-15 months old but they just didn't want it anymore, I wanted them to feed longer, I tried to make them feed longer but they were done. This time, I want my baby to have the best but I also want to stop putting on weight and everything else that breastfeeding seems to bless me with. Yes, I am one of those mum that actually puts on weight while breastfeeding, there's only a few of us it happens to and I'm one of them. My hormones just go weird and hold onto every bit of fat in case of a famine and the fact I need to provide for my baby. Typical right?

Problem is that I'm just not the type of person to quit, I know that every time I made a bottle the guilt would eat me up inside for my selfishness. I mean, I should be appreciating the fact that I actually can breastfeed my baby as so many others can't. I really have tried to find every excuse to stop feeding but after baby check ups and doctors appointments; there really is none. I have great milk and lots of it! Guess what??? Breast milk is best for my baby! Can you believe it? ;) haha ohhhh the yearning to stop continued as I spoked to fellow mums, weaning... sharing with me their boost in energy, their sense of freedom as they claimed their boobs back!


It seemed that everyone I spoke to had started weaning, weaned or was about to start. I felt surrounded by Mothers of freedom!
That was until I caught up with a really good friend and I voiced my urge to stop. She's pro breast feeding and self weaning but she's also pro-awesome friend and inspiring being and she knew what to say to hit that nail on the head in very simple words that I just needed to hear...

"You're doing an amazing job & glowing. Remember no stage lasts forever, before you know it breast feeding will be over; so enjoying staring into those beautiful eyes, know that your her world & this is such special bonding time for you two."

Bottom line is that I want what is best for baby and I just can't put my needs before their's just yet...I mean she's only 9 months old, the least I can do is give her the same as what I offered her older Brother and Sister, the full 12 months! It's true; no season lasts forever, things change and we change. My baby WILL grow up and when she does, I'm sure I'll want her back in my arms. It's my time to chill and enjoy these special moments that will pass.

So to my bubba; I love you! I won't cut off your supply just yet, I'll stop complaining about the trivial things and enjoy our time together...

And to my friend; thank you! That is all. xx

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Farewell 2016... Hello 2017!

Hello so patient people ... I'm writing to say hello...remember me???

I'm still here. I've just been busy, you know? Busy with life, as a mum with 3 small children and a husband that spends at least 4 nights away from us a week for work...busy with a school aged child, a preschooler and a baby... How did life become so busy??

Yes, I've turned into that mum friend that is full of excuses for not keeping in touch enough. But I AM here and I feel like this year I'm back. I'm ready to get back onto the laptop and chatting about life, our food, our finds, fun times and our family.

2016 was a huge year, I was working a little as a casual teacher late in pregnancy, settling my big kid into big school, settling into our new town, having a new baby, running an online business, saying hello and good bye to my baby daddy as he went to work FIFO, appreciating our sleep when we got it, travelling up and back to Sydney for baby appointments, hip appointments, etc, and just living life happily full of energy, I really have had a great year! If you follow me on Instagram, I've shared a lot over there.

You see, after our Sunny boy was born in 2013, I absolutely ran myself into the ground staying up late blogging and trawling the internet; I was quietly an emotional and physical mess. This time, I didn't want that, haha. I wanted to enjoy my new baby, give time to my bigger kids and enjoy some sleep, so the blog has had to give a bit which I accepted. Although the last month or so I have really missed it and wanted to sit down to write, the busy had got in the way and every excuse has allowed me to keep the laptop closed. My moto for the past couple of months has been; "When January comes we can all take a deep breathe'
Well, it's now January, how silly I was...with 3 kids, we have to just make time for that deep breathe and keep going.

I'm excited now though, excited for the year to come and excited for new adventures. I'm excited for share more of life with you guys and more of our love of the South Coast. Our children are growing and they are so beautiful, their personalties are shining through like bright lights and they send my heart into explosions every day. Yes, there are hard days, just ask my mum when she pops in for a coffee in the morning as we're getting ready for school, the chaos runs high. But how amazing it's been to have my mum just down the road and not 7-9 hours away. I couldn't do life without her now, she even reminds me when I need to blog, when this space is looking unloved. ;)

Life has changed so much since we've moved down to our home town. To be completely honest, I was scared, I was really scared. I felt like I had life sorted up on the Northern Beaches; beautiful friends, great area, I was a very happy city/beaches mum. I just didn't know if I would enjoy the slow pace of life that country living brings and the fact that I wouldn't be able to go to the supermarket without seeing someone I knew...but I've now realised that's what I love the most! I love that there is no competition for things that have no meaning. I love that everyone knows one another. I love that everyone is connected in some sort of funny way. I love that everything seems so easy with small children. I love that we can drive to the beach and park almost on the sand WITHOUT having to pay!! I love that there are no crowds! I love that we can do things in nature without having to pay for simple things. I love that you can turn up to the beach and bump into people you know and have an amazing day/afternoon/night and not even have to plan it. I love the lack of plans!!! Haha and most of all I love that my husband is so happy here.

Living on the Far South Coast this past year has really brought to life that our lives are worth living ...EVERY DAY! And that's what this space has really always been about. Life is full of so many good vibes right now, we are chugging along as a family so nicely and agree daily that this could just be the happiest we've been in our lives. It's great. I feel like I've grown up a little, I've learned to stress less and enjoy small moments more. I am really looking forward to sharing 2017 with you all and I will write honestly and without pressure. This excited me too!

Bring on 2017 and more fun and crazy adventures!

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