Friday, 16 June 2017

My favourite Motherhood Moment

Sunny 4 months old

Being a mum is beautiful, fun, exciting, and full of love, mixed with lots of hard work, organising, cleaning, and craziness. You could call it a rollercoaster of emotions on a daily basis.

We have been trialling some of the new and not so new products from CurashTM Babycare and they have asked me to share with you all, my favourite motherhood moment. To be raw and honest, when I really sit and think about motherhood, my mind goes into a bit of a muddle. Do I really enjoy it? My automatic and truthful answer to that is of course I do, I absolutely love it. But then why cant I think of a favourite moment? Its like I have a million good and bad moments streaming into what I would call chaos. Being a mum is living in a life of chaos but loving it anyway. Its feeling guilty when your daughter is upset that you cant come into reading at school this week as you are working, its getting excited when your 4 year old son actually wants to unpack the dishwasher for you. Its how proud you are when your baby takes its very first steps. It is so many moments of every emotion jam packed into a life of trying your best to bring up little people the best way you possibly can, while wishing and hoping that you are doing it the rightway.

There are so many amazing moments; like when your 6 year old big school kid sits in assembly so straight and you can see her little face as she prays that her name is called out for an award and then when one day it does and the joy and pride beams from her face. It's priceless and so exciting to see your kids having fun and achieving, but not only that. It's just such a great feeling when you see how proud of themselves they are. 

So I think my favourite motherhood moment cant be timed or dated so isnt a moment in time but I believe my favourite part of motherhood is the feelings of joy that we experience on a regular basis and the pride we have for our children daily. I love that part of being a mum, the other stuff; like the chaos and feelings of doubt, they all get drowned out when those feelings of joy and pride shine through. It's just so great being a mum and it's so special having those little people look to us for all the love in the world and we want to give it to them. Theirs nothing like it!!! 

I also really wanted to share with you what Curash is up to lately too and how much Im loving their new water baby wipes. They are at a great affordable price point. CurashTM Babycare offers a complete range of products to care for baby's skin from top to bottom. Curash have been providing expert skincare for over 35 years.Using local expertise and in consultation with Australian mums, Curash has continued to develop the range from nappy rash treatments to shampoo, soap free bath washes, baby wipes and more.  

My favourite product of theirs are the wipes made with 99% water. I love that they are bringing a gentle product at such an affordable price and so accessible in our leading local stores. My kids have super sensitive skin and we've never had a problem with curash products. They have been great. 

I highly recommend checking the curash products out. 

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