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My new found passion for the life of my young family!

Hi there,

WELCOME TO MY BLOG and my very first blog post! I am full of inspiration and I want to share it with all of you!

I found my inspiration to pursue a life of natural living when I had my baby girl! She is amazing and I want to be able to give her everything, I want to be able to be a great parent! I want to provide her with the healthiest lifestyle ever!

So it all started with food… Where do you start and who do we listen to?

Formula verse breast?

When to start solids?

What to start with?

Who do we listen to?

And as I started asking these questions thats when I began my research! Who has all these answers? Ourselves!!! As a mother we should make these decisions for our children! Its know one else’s choice what our children eat! We are responsible for putting the food in our children’s mouth! We are responsible for putting the food into our mouths!! Dont we want the food that goes into us and our children’s mouth to benefit? Dont we want the food we eat to do good? Why are we listening to the marketing campaigns that tell us that formula is just as good as the real thing? That processed baby rice cereal is the best thing for our 4 month old baby? That low fat, sugar filled food will make us skinny? It is all complete crap!!!!  I’m not saying that I haven’t fallen for the latest fad diet, the marketing campaigns, all the bull! I totally have and has it worked?…. NEVER!

As parents and for humanity in general we need to do the research ourselves! Dont listen to the TV! Dont listen to the government! Listen to your gut !! Do the research yourself and Listen to how you feel… Listen to what you want to get out of life… LIVE IT!! DO IT!!

February 28, 2012