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Now lets start with a basics! It is recommended that we eat 5-6 servings of vegetables every day… that is 6 cups of veges… who does that? It hard to do! We live in a processed society where most people eat out of a packet… We have become accustomed to a life where short cuts are made as its the easy root… take away, fast food, restaurants, packaged food – this food is made to taste good, to make us come back for more! Alot of the time it contains high amounts of sugar and chemically enhance flavours, colours and all the rest. Yes its easy and it tastes good but does it have the nutrients that we need to live? NO!

So if you are not finding enough time in the day to eat all these veges how can we get the nutrients we crave?? It is a scientific fact that when you are lacking well needed nutrients your body starts crying out for these by craving simple sugars and carbohydrates; aka the devil!…. We need to keep our body’s nutrient needs satisfied so that we don’t crave the bad guys!

So why not juice it?

  • A glass of juice counts as one serving. There is something about a raw, fresh juice… They are delicious and are packed full of all the good guys! If you have tried a home made juice you know what I am talking about! ARRRRRRRRRRRR_MAZING!  A Juice made from Raw fruits and vegetables (and we know that RAW is always best as it is packed with the highest nutrient content) is so delicious. Things that you would usually think to eat raw you can push through the juicer and enjoy! 
  • Juicing provides the body with vitamins, minerals, enzymes, carbohydrates, chlorophyll and countless other phytonutrients on a superhighway! 
  • These natural blends of nutrients boost our immunity! They dont just fight of coughs and colds but work to protect us from Cancer and cardiovascular disease too. 
  • These babies are powerhouses of antioxidants; These antioxidants contribute to fighting cancer, heart disease and aging. 
  • The green guys are full of chlorophyll which help to cleanse our bodies of all the toxicity we put into it everyday. 
  • A fresh juice drunk straight from the jug delivers the body the nutrients within minutes as it does not need to be digested which is quite slow. 
  • It fuels your body with energy!
  • Juices support your body’s natural way of cleansing and helps to fight off disease…
SO if you haven’t already try having a daily juice! I have given you some inspirational mixes below but really just try throwing anything (fruits and vegetables) you have from the fridge in the juicer and find your own favorite immunity maximizing blends!  GO ON… CHOOSE LIFE! LIVE IT! DO IT!

3 Carrots
1/2 beetroot
2 celery stick
2 large Kale Leaves 
1 thumb of Ginger

1 bunch fresh parsely
1 handful watercress
4 broccoli spears
1/2 pineapple

Some info taken from “the big book of Juices”. By Natalie Savona. Thank you!
February 29, 2012