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I have been um-ing and arr-ing about writing this post as I don’t want to offend anyone! I am a strong believer that know one should be judged and that its every mothers decision of how they choose to parent.

I CHOSE to breast feed my baby! Its a funny thing to say that “I chose'” as it is what our bodies are made to do so I don’t like that mums can now choose. I understand that there are many reasons why women cant breast feed and that is why formula was created. I believe it was created to feed the babies that couldn’t be fed. I also believe that if you can do it, then DO IT! Its so good for you baby and no formula could ever compare as formula is made in a lab to attempt to replicate the good stuff so why not just use the good stuff?
Now I’m not saying its easy… I am the first one to say that it is freaking hard work! When I was pregnant I never doubted that I would be able to breast feed. My mum did it… my mums mum did it… why couldn’t I do it? Well, when my little girl was born her mouth was small and. well, my feeding machines was enormous and I suffered from everything from 6 bouts of mastitis, severely cracked nipples, lots of bleeding, it was terrible and this went on for months! I tried lanolin, nipple shields, I was expressing every second feed to give them a break, I was alternating sides, I was attending classes… I tried absolutely everything and nothing was working… I was in tears almost every time I fed. Anyone I spoke to about it kept telling me; “its ok to quit Cass”. To me; it wasn’t ok to quit! Well I’m not a quitter and when I want something I will not stop until I get there. What kept me going was that I had so much milk and I didn’t want it to go to waste when their is just so much good I could give my baby. I think I got there at 7 months… And gosh it was a hard 7 months but when I got there there was no way I was stopping.

I think the average time that mums begin to let go of breast-feeding is around 6 – 9 months where mums are feeling tired and over it and want their boobs back. Babies start getting hungrier around this time and it gets harder to feed them but what mums don’t realise is that when you get past that hard part and your milk catches up again it becomes easier than before. I always said if I got to 1 year I would be happy and then I hit one year and thought why stop now?

So lately the talk has been about milk… how many milk feeds are our toddlers having? When are they having them?  After or before meals? How much are they drinking? etc, etc…
When I mention that I am still breast feeding the shock faces set in; “REALLY? ARE YOU? WHY?”
My reply is usually; “why not? Its just easy.”Or “It was so hard to get it, now I’ve got it why would  I want to stop?” or “I am thinking I will just keep going so I have milk for the next baby”… haha.
I am proud to be breast feeding my 15 month old!!!! Look I am not the mum that wips out her breast at a cafe or has a self serve milk bar. I take my hat off to those mums that have that confidence. We have set rules from the start as I have such an aggressive feeder it just doesn’t happen out now. We feed once or twice a day at home and we are happy with that.

So why is it so weird? Why do we breast feeding mums feel like we need to defend ourselves? I hate the stigma that goes with breast feeding a toddler when its such a natural thing.

Why am I ‘STILL’ breast feeding?

  • Breast milk is incredible! Breast milk contains some amazing immune boosting qualities! It is so cool that if a mother gets sick they will produce antibodies against that bug so that the baby doesn’t get sick too! That is truly AMAZING!
  • World health organisation recommend breast feeding until 2 years old.
  • I still have milk!
  • I would rather not move onto cows milk. For most, cows milk is the next step but I am not completely convinced that this is a good idea. I know that everyone is loving that you can now buy organic, unhomoginised cows milk… But its still pasturised which means it is flash heated and that is the issue that I have. A study was done by Weston A Price a long time ago with cats and pasturised milk. Groups of cats were analyzed. The group of cats that were fed pasturised milk were led to disease, birth defects and ended up infertile through the generations. I feel that that is happening in todays society; infertility. So I just cant bring myself to feed my baby pasturised milk as a staple food.
So my point is; don’t be shy to say you are a breast feeding mum! You are doing the absolute best for your baby! … Know what you are doing, what you choose to do is right! If you a breast feeding mum… YOU ARE A CHAMPION!  BE PROUD! 
March 14, 2012