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P’s Power Brekky!

As we all hear from every direction; Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! We know that this meal should be nutritious for us and especially for the growing bodies of our little ones.
So why are so many people feeding there kids so much crap? Its so easy to fall for all the marketing campaigns on the TV that tell us that all these bright coloured processed breakfast cereals are so beneficial  for our children! The marketing ploy of the moment is that they have added fibre! WOW! hmmmm…. not! Why do they need to add fibre? Shouldn’t fibre be part of the whole grain that the cereal was made with? You would think so wouldnt you? But what I understand happens when products are mass produced is that they strip the whole grain down to only leave the cheap part which has a very low nutrient content. The fibre and good bits that they strip off the whole grain they keep and sell in health food shops. Scary isnt it?

Another point to consider when buying processed cereal is that this cereal is made to taste good so kids love it and parents keep buying it… How do they make things taste good? They add SUGAR! Sugar is highly addictive and I will be writing a post about this soon… Other additives include colours and flavour enhancing chemicals. Even weet bix have sugar in them!

I have also learnt in a recent course I did that puffed grain is toxic to our bodies; anything flash heated… That includes cornflakes, rice cakes, rice bubbles, puffed wheat; all puffed grains! A study was taken that was never published studying 4 groups of subjects that were given different diets including puffed grains, vitamins, whole wheat and another group was given nothing at all. The group that ate a variety of puffed grains and vitamins died first within 2 weeks. The next group died after a month and they were fed nothing so it proved that the first group didn’t die of malnutrition. It is believed that the pressure of the puffing process may produce chemical changes in the proteins, which turn a nutritious grain into poison. Another study was done with cornflakes and also had a similar result. Although to add; the group that died first that ate the cornflakes also displayed schizophrenic behaviors which led to convulsions before they died. It sounds very scary so better to keep away from it if you can.

ROLLED GRAINS = absolutely fine!

Best advice I can give when it comes to breakfast is keep it simple, keep it unprocessed! Its not hard to throw a few things together to help you kick start the day.

What do we eat for breakfast in our house?

At the moment I am really addicted to smoothies and juices so after a herbal tea or lemon water I hit the juicer or blender and that keeps me going for a few hours.

I have always started my daughters day with some sort of porridge and fruit. When she was born I did fall for the baby rice cereals… I wasn’t convinced as I always try to make my own before i buy the packet but went with what everyone was telling me to do… I vaguely remember another mum mortified that I wasn’t adding rice cereal to every meal… “You have to as its got iron in it! They need the iron!” I have learnt alot since then and the next baby I will be eager and happy to make my own as its so easy and so much more nutritious; its highly unlikely that the boxed stuff would be made from whole grains, etc.

This website has some great easy recipes;


Once I ran out of my first box of baby rice cereal I was determined to never buy it again. I just started making porridge from organic rolled oats or quinoa flakes and mixing with fruit. We now just go with quinoa flakes as they are soooooooo easy and quick to cook or not cook. You can eat them either way. Quinoa is great as its gluten free and high in protein which keeps the growing body going. I like to add a few super foods as I want to know my babe is getting a good kick first thing in the morning! I add chia seeds; they are super easy to sprinkle on. Chia seeds are very high in nutrition that is essential for healthy diet including Omega 3, dietary fibre and protein as well as vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. We also add goji berries or blueberries or both which are also very high in nutrients and add to give a bit more of a taste.

Follow the recipe below or create your own power brekky! Double the batch and make some for yourself too if you like cereal. The recipe below might not be too tasty for everyone but I have the belief that our children dont know any different at such a young age as their tastes haven’t been manipulated by added sugars etc. If you need something extra for the taste add some raw honey or more fruit.


1/3 cup quinoa flakes
1 tbls chia seeds
1 tbls goji berries or blue berries or both
1/3 cup warm-boiling water
1 tbls organic natural yogurt

Mix quinoa, chia seeds, Berries and water and let sit for 2-10 mins. Mix in natural yogurt and enjoy! EASY!


March 8, 2012