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Stirring Change – Turn your food to medicine

Today I attended a course called Cultured run by Georgia at  Stirring change. If you have not heard of her… you must check her out at www.stirringchange.com

She is hands down one of the most passionate inspiring people I have ever met and she was actually the one to inspire me to start studying again. I first attended her “Get Cultured” course at college. She has done such an amazing amount of research into every diet possibly known to man! I learnt so much in one day I just wanted to know more and more so a couple of days later I enrolled in the advance diploma of naturopathy.

She explains that so much of our body is run by our guts and that if the bacteria is wrong it inters with everything. Unfortunately due to all the foods we eat most peoples bacteria in their belly’s is terrible and thats why so many people have digestive issues, allergies, etc. 70% of the body is run through the gut and if the bacteria isn’t right it screws everything else around. A very interesting fact is that when a baby is born their bellies are born sterile so they have absolutely no bacteria in there… that isn’t great as there is nothing in their little digestive system to fight off the bad guys. This is why natural birth and the gut health of the mother is so important. When a baby is born naturally; it enters the world through the birth canal opening its mouth on the way down. The baby takes the bacteria from the mothers birthing bits and that is its gut bacteria for the rest of its life. Scary I know but that is why through pregnancy mothers should try to keep the best bacteria they can in there systems.

How do we get the good guys back into our guts?

PROBIOTICS! A great way to have healthy gut bacteria is to take a probiotic every day. This does not mean you should be going out buying the little yogurt flavoured drinks in the supermarket that claim to contain loads of good bacteria. The truth is that these are filled with sugar which actually feed the bad bacteria and breed more symptoms of candida, etc.

If you are interested in taking a probiotic go to a good health food store or see a naturopath and they will lead you in the right direction.

Another way to get all these great good bacteria is to eat fermented food! Kim chi, Sauerkraut, real pot set yogurt, kombucha, Kefir. You dont need to buy these from the shops as most things sold in shops is mass produced and they dont have as high medicinal value. Making them also saves alot of money for people on a budget. Probiotics are expensive and only usually contain a few different strains of bacteria… These traditional fermented foods contain hundreds of thousands of different strains of natural bacteria. If you are interested in making these definitely check out Georgia’s website and book into a workshop. She is amazing! Its very hands on which makes the process alot less scary. Not only did I learn some amazing things but I took home 2 jars of fermented foods to brew over the next few days. I cant wait to try them!

I was so totally excited tonight on the way home I bought 2 young coconuts and have started brewing some coconut yogurt! I even opened a coconut with a knife for the first time (you dont know how many times I have tried and failed; usually only being able to put a whole in to get the water.). I cant wait to try it in 12 hours. I will let you know how it goes!

 In the mean time; BE INSPIRED!

March 4, 2012