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SUNSCREEN – What is really in it?

We are told every day to keep covered up and slip slop slap… The sun is bad! The sun will give you skin cancer! Don’t stay out too long!

For those of you who know me personally you know I am a bit of a sun addict, well a total sun addict! It is one of my favourite things in the world and for so many reasons! 

Ok so I know that the sun can give you skin cancer; I witnessed my dad coming home from the doctor or hospital on a regular basis all wrapped up in bandages from getting chunks taken out of him. He was diagnosed with a a few different types of skin cancers; one time having over 200 stitches in his head and wrapped up like Frankenstein. He over did it. He grew up in the era of not knowing any better and being a complete surfy dude he didn’t care. 
Does this make me scared of the sun? NO WAY! 
After all that, he still made it very clear to us that the vitamin D from the sun is so important and it is really something we cant live with out! What surprises me though is that in our sun filled, beachy country up to 80% of women and 70% of men are deficient in vitamin D. Why is this? Is it because we are too scared to get out in the sunshine in case we will get cancer?
We shouldn’t be!! There is nothing better than laying on the beach with a book and enjoying the sunshine. We know so much more now than what we did back when my dad was growing up. We know that its not a good idea to bake our bare bodies in the middle of the day or bake for hours on end. 
We are told to save ourselves by lathering up in sunscreen. So what is in sunscreen that is saving us? Most sunscreens are made up of chemicals that block or absorb UV-A and UV-B rays getting through to the skin which is said to prevent skin cancers. Unfortunately these chemicals also block Vitamin D; getting through to the skin which is contributing to cancer and promoting nutritional deficiencies.

Chemical sunscreens include the following ingredients:

  • Benzophenones (dixoybenzone, oxybenzone)
  • PABA and PABA esters (ethyl dihydroxy propyl PAB,  glyceryl PABA, p-aminobenzoic acid, padimate-O or octyl dimethyl PABA)
  • Cinnamates (cinoxate, ethylhexyl p-methoxycinnamate, octocrylene, octyl methoxycinnamate)
  • Salicylates (ethylhexyl salicylate, homosalate, octyl salicylate)
  • Digalloyl trioleate
  • Menthyl anthranilate
These chemical blockers create free radicals. These free radicals then react with other molecules that damage fats, proteins and DNA of the cells. This type of damage leads to aging and the development of cancer. CANCER?? Yes these chemical sunscreens can lead to cancer!!! 
Anything that you put onto your skin goes into your body and through your blood stream. The longer you leave them on your skin the worse it can be. Some researching doctors believe that chemical sunscreens actually cause more deaths of cancer than what they prevent. Others also believe that even though it is proven that chemical sunscreens prevent sunburn there is no scientific proof that they protect against Melanoma. 
Scarier still; alot of these sunscreen chemicals have estrogen like effects that increase likelihood of cancer, birth defects, lower sperm count among other things. The list goes on… it really does and just gets scarier and scarier! The health ranger from naturalnews.com says; “A typical sunscreen product is actually a chemical assault on your body.”
So what do we do?

  • COVER UP in the mid-day sun
  • Use a NATURAL sunscreen. Natural suncreens are Zinc based. Zinc is an amazing thing! It is used for many things and has alot of healing properties. It soothes irritated skin. It is used in nappy rash creams, to heal wounds, and my favourite it dries out pimples. Zinc is also used internally for immune support, fertility and many more great things. Its works in sunscreen as a UV absorber. click here to view the all natural WOT NOT sunscreen we stock.
  • Always read the ingredients and do your own research.
  • Most importantly; ENJOY THE SUNSHINE! 
March 9, 2012
March 14, 2012