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RECIPE – Whole food Pina Colada

Ok, so everyone has been asking me what was is our famous cocktails we were drinking in the coconuts at the launch party… Well they were the Choose life. Live it. Do it! whole-food pina coladas = A-MAZING!
We know that alcohol isn’t great for us all the time but you have to admit; we all deserve a cocktail every now and then…
You have to try this!
What you need:
3 cups of fresh coconut water
2 cups fresh coconut flesh
half a pineapple
1 vanilla bean
1 banana
1 cup of white rum (optional)
What to do:
Throw everything in a high speed food processor or blender like a vita-mix and wizz until smooth… 
Pour mixture back into the empty coconuts with a straw for the island look! 
Serves 6