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Easter – Tips to keep it REAL!!

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Easter is a time for family! It is also time with supermarkets full of crap… its all marketing and big brands want you to buy buy buy and eat eat eat!!! And they make it so tempting. They put all their bright coloured products in front of us as we enter and exit the supermarket. They draw our kids in with the bright colours and bunny shapes! They do a fantastic job! Its hard to say no to our children but that chocolate is not good for us, that chocolate is cooked so all nutrients are gone and full of flavour enhances, additives and sugar! How could we give it to our children and think it is ok??? I was reading the ingredients on the back on a hot cross bun packet yesterday and it was not only full of white processed flour but lots of sugar and addititives including raising agents, emulsifiers and lots of numbers and at choose life, live it, do it we always say NO to numbers! What I dont understand is why can all these companies make such a simple thing so complicated? A hot cross bun is basically bread with sultanas in it? Why do we need all the numbers? Well they have to last on the shelf and shelf life in the most important to these big bussinesses … NOT our health!
All this doesn’t mean we need to feel hard done by, we dont need to go with out anything. We just need to have fun with things, dont just buy off the shelf… Involve your kids and HAVE FUN! Here a few tips to keep it REAL!
  • Make your own raw chocolate easter eggs! We know that raw chocolate is good for us; it is made with cocao and it is a super food. When processed correctly it is very high is antioxidants, full of magnesium for the heart and brain and Cacao is a great source of serotonin, dopamine, anandamide and phenylethylamine (PEA), which are major mood elevators and anti depressants. Loving earth have some great raw chclate making kits this easter. Click here to purchase a kit. There are also some great raw chocolate recipes online, just google raw chocolate recipe.
  • Make your own healthy hot cross buns! I found this amazing recipe on the The Healthy Chef website for healthy hot cross buns… You definately wont feel like your missing out here, I made these today and they are amazing! This website is fantasitc and is full of some amazing healthy recipes! Alot of gluten free options! Choose life, live it, do it’s all round favourate recipe blog. Click here for recipe.
  • Experient with boiled eggs… Have a boiled egg hunt! Eggs are packed with protein and are so good for you! And if you are going to fill the kids with chocolate during the day then give them a boiled egg for breakfast first as it will help balance the sugar high.
  • Be creative! Hollow out some eggs and paint them with your kiddies! Crafts are fun!

Healthy Hot Cross Buns