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I pinky promise you I wont get CANCER!

 Source: thunderedby.tumblr.com
When you make a promise its a pretty scary thing, you are making a pact with someone that you will or wont do something… EVER! Its a an agreement that you are making for life that you shouldn’t break! If you broke it, then it wouldn’t be a promise would it?? 
Well, a few months ago I was standing in the kitchen with my little sister and she looked at me and said; “Will you promise me something?” I was a little confused, what was going on? Its not often you hear that. I actually thought it was going to be something really stupid and just looked at her and said, “Yehhhh, what?” Thats when she said; “Can you pinky promise me that you wont EVER get Cancer?” I stood there and my eyes welled with tears a little, got a bit annoyed at her and then said; “How can I do that?”… It is the unknown. In the back on my head I have always had this fear that everyone will get it at some stage. There have been so many people around me with Cancer that at a stage in my life I just felt it wasn’t if you got Cancer, it was when, as pretty much everyone gets it. Not everyone dies from it but they get it, don’t they? Well my sister, who is pretty amazing, kicked my negative attitude into gear told me where to go; “JUST DO IT!! PROMISE ME!!” So I did, we put our pinky’s together and pinky promised each other that we will not get cancer. It was pretty exhilarating! It felt great! Right then and there we made a pact that we would do everything in our power to fight the battle of getting the dreaded disease. In saying this, we weren’t just thinking we would cross our fingers and toes and pray every night not to get it… We were going to put this promise into action by eating the right foods and adopting a carcinogen free life wherever possible. We had already began with the good foods but it was time to get serious about everything else. Its not only what you eat but its what you put onto your skin, its the energies you have with you and its the lifestyle you live. Now, I truly believe it can be prevented and cured. We just need to stay away from all the chemicals in our lives and choose the clean choices! Eat organic where possible and use ALL natural products! HAVE A POSITIVE ATTITUDE! There is so much more we will learn about but lets start with the basics! 

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