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No, its not me… I dont smell!

To be honest I have never really smelt bad… Well, I thought I never really smelt bad. The truth is, I haven’t really worn deodorant for a few years until I had my baby and all my hormones went wacko… Turns out I smell… REAL BAD! I am also very active so I need something that lasts… Naturally!

When I was in high school I covered myself with the chemicals that everyone did. There was spray all through the locker room all day long and we were inhaling the not only toxic fumes but the awful scent of body sprays. Not because we smelt bad, but because it was the cool thing to do. So many brands out there are targeted at teenagers, most of them don’t even get rid of body oder, they are just perfume scents that mix with the smell and make things even worse than they started. But as teenagers, we didn’t know anything, we just wanted to smell good.

Then we get a bit older and we believe that our sweating isn’t attractive we listen to all the adds on TV that tell us that we need to buy an antiperspirant deodorant. What is an antiperspirant deodorant? Antiperspirant deodorant is one that stops smell and sweating. We buy it because it stops us sweating, but that is the problem right there! THE BODY SWEATS FOR A REASON!! The main reason; is to regulate temperature. When we get hot, our endocrine glands are stimulated forming a watery substance… Sweat. WAKE UP PEOPLE!! Sweating is not the end of the world!
The main ingredient to stop sweating is aluminum; it works by clogging, closing and blocking the pores so you cant release sweat. This, not only interferes with the bodies cooling process but it also traps the toxins that are trying to escape through sweat in your body. Could this be related to breast cancer?? Of cause it could!!! Women are applying these harmful chemicals to the glands and skin that leads to their breast area! Um… Hello?? Adds up perfectly to me… Everything you put on your skin goes straight into your body! Your skin is your largest organ and non-natural deodorants can contain up to 25% aluminum in each bottle! And aluminum is not the only thing we need to watch out for, there are many industrial minerals added to deodorant products that arn’t good for us.


Make the Switch!
Don’t wait until your deodorant runs out to make the switch. Do it now!
So many woman are worried when they think of trying a natural deodorant due the fact that alot of them don’t work! I agree, its a tuff one as I have been through a few lately. Most have such amazing smells and as a body spray are amazing but as a deodorant, they suck! We want something that takes the smell away. The first I tried looked great on the shelf; all natural, organic but when I put it on, it stung like crazy… I had to run to the bathroom and wash it off. Having sensitive skin, I need something alcohol free and I didn’t realise that an organic, natural deodorant would still have alcohol in it but its quite common as they use it as a preservative but my sensitive didn’t like it and it was put to the side. I tried a few more that smelt amazing, but best for use as a perfume/body spray and then I finally found what I had been looking for… FRESCA NATURAL DEODORANT! This stuff is awesome! I stumbled across it googling late one night and have now been using it for the last couple of weeks and it REALLY WORKS! It is 100% natural, organic and the best part is that it is handmade in Australia. A lovely lady in Western Australia hand-makes every bottle with food grade ingredients and the highest quality essential oils. Founder of Fresca Natural; Elda has a strong passion for making things right and she wants women to think, when putting anything on their skin.  Fresca Natural deodorants, not only smell amazing and have aromatherapy properties, but it really works! Have I said; it really works? 
It contains NO aluminium, NO alcohol, NO parabens, NO synthetics, NO nasty chemicals, NO artificial fragrances or preservatives. I just love it!

Spoken from Fresca Natural creator herself; 
 “Some of our key lymphatic stations are right under our armpits and people are just loading them up with chemicals every day. Why stop yourself perspiring? Let it happen. And now I have a product to give people that confidence to make that change.”… Elda Kingston; Founder of Fresca Naturals. Visit Fresca Naturals very passionate and informative website @ http://www.frescanatural.com.au

BUY IT FROM US HERE and receive 10% off your Fresca natural purchase with coupon code FRESCA123 .  My personal favorite is their beautiful scent; Valley Rose. Visit our online shop to browse the beautiful scents from Fresca Naturals.

source; www.frescanatural.com.au