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Happy Mothers Day!

“Mother is the home we come from. She is nature, soil, ocean.” – Erich Fromm, psychologist.

It’s mothers day! Yay! The second mothers day for me and I am currently in bed comfortably while I listen to my amazing husband and babe in the kitchen making me brekky! What a life… It’s the one day that all mothers can lay back and lap up some attention. The one day that we can say NO to changing the nappies, NO to picking up clothes off the floor, NO to washing, NO to washing up and NO WAY to winging kids! It’s the one day that we can say YES to sleeping in, YES to breakfast in bed, YES to flowers and YES to lots of cuddles from the ones we love!

Being a mum is such an unbelievably rewarding thing but it’s also a super tuff job too! Mum’s are the BEST so today put your feet up, let your children wait on you hand and foot and Enjoy it!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the amazing mums out there!!!!

Love Love Love x x x