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Teething Terrors – 3 things to calm your baby NATURALLY!

It seems that teething is the talk of the week! Late night escapades, running noses, winging, crying, nappy rash, dribble and lots of cuddles… TEETHING SUCKS! And it goes on forever… 

When our baby first began the teething journey my husband looked at me and said; “I thought teething only lasted 2 weeks.” Hmmmm, I cracked up in histerics. How many teeth do you think they get? How long is this going to take? Yes, kids really don’t finish getting all there teeth until about 12 years old, if they are lucky. And then right in the middle of the hardest part of high school they are hit in the face with the toughest ones, the wisdom teeth. It never ends for the poor little things and what can we do?? We can only do a few differnet things… We can cuddle them, calm them or drug them. Or all 3; What ever you choose as you are the parent.

For me, I chose not to drug them. As you can tell already I am into a more natural approach. Don’t get me wrong, I think there is a time and a place for everything and if your child is in absolute agony and you have tried everything to no avail then that might be the next step. We just haven’t reached that place yet, and I am so thankful for that. I dont know whether P is just an absolute trooper or whether I am a tuff mum but either way these are the 3 things that have worked absolutely amazingly for us. In 17 months we have conquered 9 teeth, 1 molar , minimal nappy rash, and 1 runny nose and I’m sure its because of these 3 things;

1. Amber Teething Necklace. At first I wasnt sure how this would work but a friend of mine, Emily @ My Life Bohemian  had one on her son and it seemed to be the thing to do so I bought a cheapy online here. From 6 months old I have never taken it off. It has been absolutely amazing! And I can’t shout more highly about it! I’m sure it has been the saviour of all teething woes. Amber is a natural analgenic and  it works as pain relief. So these arn’t just for babies; if you have a headache, wear one… If you get body aches, wear it all the time!

2. Brauers teething relief; I used this a few times but not too often. It is a very safe homeopathic remedy that you can purchase at the healthfood shop. I found it quite effective and still have it in the cupboard.

3. Healing concepts Children’s Infusion tea. I only found this herbal calming tea a couple of weeks ago and its great! The best thing is that it is made by a naturopath who is a mum and has designed a herbal blend specific to children. The herbs are safe, calming and soothing for tummy upsets, teething and crankiness. And it smells devine. I wont deny that I sipped on a cup the other night myself before bed. I have been giving this to P all week while her molars are coming through and It’s great! You can buy it here.

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