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Today I will become a gardener!

Ok so I have to admit I have spent many years uninterested in gardening, purely because gardening with my mum almost always consists of weeding and when I say weeding, I mean big weeds… Long hours of pulling weeds out and getting your hands dirty and to be honest, that kind of hard work isn’t for me! I do have some lovely memories of picking broad beans and snow peas with my dad when I was little in our garden, to think that we grew those yummy crispy little things to enjoy was so satisfying.
Then when we moved to our place on the beach it was more like a holiday resort with no room for planting veggies, but lots of room for weeds to grow through the palm trees! Thats when my fear of gardening set in! Why would you spend all your days weeding just for something to look good? Who cares? 
Then I met my husband Andrew and he is a keen gardener. As I’ve mentioned before, his wish is to live out on a property and be self sufficient; he would have his goat, chickens, bee hive and lots of babies… Well me? Nahhhhh… I am getting more used to the thought of the goat and the bee hive and the chickens but definitely not the “lots of babies” part and I need people around me! I need to be social! I love having all my friends on call for a play date and a chai. Maybe, I could live in an eco community on the beach as long as we had lots of dance parties! Haha 
Andrew is definitely the gardener of the family. I have always left it to him, he is great! We don’t have much of a yard and hardly any sunshine but he sprouts so many things on the kitchen bench and then does all the fun work in planting and bringing it to the dinner table. I do love his passion for it but never thought it would be my thing.
This week though, I have had an itch, something has finally clicked in me that wants to get down, get my hands dirty and plants some stuff! Today I was at the farmers markets and found some beautiful little organic sprouts of kale and english spinach and I couldn’t resist buying them. I am so excited to get them into the ground and grow my own little baby greens! So today, I WILL BECOME A GARDENER! I will put my Mimco bag to the side, I will take my jewelry off and I will get my work boots on and get my hands dirty! Today I will grow myself some greens! 
Choose life! Live it! Do it!
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